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Many things about LED lights


LEDs and Heat

A light-emitting diode (LED) is an electrical semiconductor light source that has a component with two terminals which conduct electricity when current flows through it. LED lights product as compared to incandescent light bulbs and CFL bulbs, produces greater light of approximately 90% and more efficient at turning energy into light. Hence, less of energy radiate from the bulb.

Thermal management is the overall single most significant factor in the LED for successful performance over its lifetime, the higher the temperature in the LED operation the more quickly the light being generated is degraded thus the shorter the usefulness of the LED products.

LED uses heat sinks to absorb the heat produced by the diode and dissipate it into the immediate environment. This is to keep it from overheating and burning. LEDs produce very unique and reliable heat sink design and configuration to help in heat management. However, the advancement in materials used to make LEDs has allowed manufacturers to produce and design the LED bulbs that match the shape and even the size of the other types of bulbs.

A heat sink is the most important constituents of LED bulbs. The quality and efficiency of the heat sink used in the LED impacts the overall function. Aluminum extruded heat sink is the most popular application used in many industries today.

Reasons why extruded heat sinks are popular:

High conductivity factor

The aluminum extruded heat sink is a good conductor of heat and specializes in removing out heat efficiently and effectively, hence quality and adequate heat dissipation are pledged. The chances of dangerous high temperature are minimal due to its conductivity factor.

Custom solutions

Extruded heat sink, allows tailor-made specification, thus the customers are able to create orders according to their desired design. Regardless of the shape variations available, it is possible to manufacture in bulk based on their requirements and the requirement can only be a number of fins, length of the fin and the overall shape of the sink.

Light in weight

The heat sink is bound to be light in weight to fit the mechanical system. Lightweight is one of the reasons why aluminum alloy is preferred by many companies. This is because the light aluminum alloy is easy to install and carry.

Comes in a variety of shapes

They come in different shapes and sizes depending on the heat absorption, usage, dissipation, and heat requirement to fit the needs of various industries in an efficient manner.

Durable materials

Aluminum is widely known and used materials in the applications of customers. Due to high durability, there are low chances of suffering practical mechanical damage.

Quality of construction

The quality of the construct depends on the manufacturer, the method and materials they use during the production. Aluminum heat sinks, an alloy, in particular, are considered to have great attention to the details on the equipment regards to the manufacturer.

Stability and greater performance

The naturally superior factor of aluminum heat sinks ensures flawless performance at all time. Even though the thermal conductivity of the aluminum is low, it is the perfect suit for most industrial applications. They should be opted to along with powder coating.

Resistance to damage

Aluminum is more resistance to any type of corrosion or rust even if they are exposed to a wet environmental condition. This happens because of the primary existing layer on the surface of aluminum, which is bound to prevent any further oxidation.


The favorable cost of the aluminum alloy as a material, help reduce the cost of manufacturing of extruded heat sink, this is the key reason why most businesses tend to like LED lighting, PCB, circuit board, electrical and automotive make from aluminum alloy material.

Bulk production is easy

The mass production of the aluminum heat sink is much easier and propositional, whether it is bulk quantities of anodized, non-anodized or powder coated heat sink variation and time can be achieved by manufacturers.

Easy for further machining

Aluminum heat sinks usually require additional modification to fit the shape and mounting holes, the fact that they are made of metal materials makes it convenient and easy for machining.

In conclusion, LEDs offers a tremendous opportunity for innovation of lighting by the use of lighting materials like a heat sink to fit the wider and larger breadth of modern application than a traditional lighting system.

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