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Let there be light! Light provides the nutrients

by:Mingfa Tech     2020-07-10
The Grow Panel Advantage Using a grow panel, indoor growers can place a plant under 24-hours of light from red and blue bulbs that create the same UV rays as the sun. LED lights also reproduce the ideal growing environment 365 days a year, mimicking the sun's wavelengths and heat seen on a typical summer day. The best aspect of a grow panel is that it allows a farmer to set a plant under 24-hours of sunlight to maximize a plant's growth, and no average outdoor plant can replicate this growth because of the limited amount of sunlight in a given day. Due to increased exposure to light, indoor plants make fruit faster, and this fruit looks healthier than what outdoor plants that get natural sunlight produce. Since LED lights use chips inside each bulb, they usually last longer than standard bulbs, and the best aspect is that each LED light tends to be brighter than a traditional bulb because of its LED chip. For a grower who decides to maximize a plant's growth, having a grow panel on-hand is helpful. Type of Grow Panel Indoor grow lights come in a variety of shapes, with some created specifically for larger or smaller grow setups. An example of a grow panel would be the SG 1250 HO panel that has an ideal coverage range of 4 feet by 4 feet, making it perfect for tiny to medium size plants. Most standard grow panels are often wide enough to accommodate most plants, but if you hope to grow various big plants, you may need to purchase a bigger panel. Aside from the size issue of each panel, you must also be cautious of the wattage and amps that each panel uses as these too will affect your electric bill. If you decide to get a head start on your summer crops, or just hope to grow plants indoors to avert nature, you may want to look into how a grow light panel can help you satisfy your garden goals.
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