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led tubes, fans, tvs to reduce energy usage | patna news - times of india

by:Mingfa Tech     2019-12-21
After starting the LED (light-emitting diode)
This year, the National Department of Energy plans to launch LED bulbs and TVs, except for 5-
According to the domestic efficient lighting program, star ratings the fans to reduce power consumption in the state.
Prataya Amit, chief secretary of the US National Energy Department, said fans and tubelights will be available by December --end.
When asked about the availability of the led TV, he said, \"I wouldn\'t be surprised if it came soon.
\"Energy Efficiency Services Co. , Ltd. brings subsidized LED tubelights and fans (EESL)
The company also sells LED bulbs to electricity consumers in the state. EESL manager (
Public Relations)
Neha Bhatnagar said that the Rs1150 will provide a fan of 50 watts, and the rs30 will provide a 20-watt LED tubeliight.
\"These are the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE)5-
Star-rated ceiling fans are 30% more energy efficient than traditional fans.
In addition, 20 w LED tubeliight is 50% more efficient than the traditional 40 w tubeliight, \"Bhatnagar said by email.
She also said that there will be no restrictions per person, and interested people can buy fans and LED tubelie by showing their ID in any electricity charge center and Power board office, like.
The Rs70 now has an LED bulb.
In the course of this year\'s release, it was sold for rs100.
The ratio was reduced to Rs85 in the medium termApril.
Manager of Om, India (
The agency distributes LED bulbs in Bihar and assigns tasks to fans and tubelights)
Anshu Kumar said, \"compared to other states, we feel that the response in Bihar is much better.
Patna sells more than 20,000 LED bulbs per day and more than one lakh in Bihar.
We believe that even fans and LED tubeli will have a lot of demand because they are cheaper than the market price.
Kumar said a 5-
In the open market, the cost of star fan exceeds Rs2, 000, and the cost of LED tubeliight is about rs1400.
He also assured that fans and tubelights were purchased from well-known brands.
Although officials denied providing a lot of information about led TV, a source related to the show said, the program will be sold at subsidized prices between Rs2, 000 and Rs2 and has already booked 500 sets and about a TV set like lakh.
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