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LED MR16 lamp is using LED light source as a hair

by:Mingfa Tech     2020-06-20
LED MR16 lamp is due in linfen by using solid hair light source way to shine, and therefore it is mainly depends on the life of LED light source and driving part of the heat. Temperature problems if can be solved, so the life of linfen city in LED MR16 lamp will be greatly increased. Generally speaking, the LED MR16 influencing factors include the lamps of the temperature of the heat and power. Linfen city in the light of the fever LED MR16 temperature below 50 more degree, but also have fever in about 60 degrees. If a light source of heat can smoothly through the shell scattered go, so lamp shell 60 degrees belong to the normal range. But if the light the heat generated by the fundamental can't carry on the shell, then 60 degrees is hard to say is normal, here need to analyze the LED MR16 heat channel. But if the fever LED MR16 temperature reaches 60 degree also need not worry too much about, because the temperature can select appropriate heat dissipation material to cool down, can make the temperature dropped to 50 degrees Celsius. In addition, the rf power can also affect the size of the linfen city in the light of the temperature LED MR16, small power LED MR16 because its power are small, all heat can through own lens pour out the temperature, is easy to solve. Heat for high power relative to is difficult, high power led lamp bead structure and small power lights bead is there a big difference between, so the cooling by high power to rely on outside force to solve, some enterprise is fixed in the high-power lamps bead aluminum plates, aluminum heat dissipation characteristics is better) by aluminum heat dissipation, like led MR16 lamp is linfen city in should be this way to solve the heat, the total power output of a general in more than 10 W above, besides using thermal conductivity aluminum plate to rely on the cooling fan. Adopted unique LED MR16 lamp of the whole lamp cooling design and built-in constant-current drive, not only the cooling performance is good, safe and reliable, and beautiful shape and easy, use convenient, lighting and decoration is the best choice.
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