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LED is light-emitting diode, which is small and

by:Mingfa Tech     2020-05-31
Types of LED lights are- Miniature- Miniatures are mostly single-die LED's used in indicators of bikes. It is available in various sizes from 2 mm to 8 mm. It is generally simple in design; do not require any separate cooling body. Mid-Range- Mid range LED is a medium power LED is used when an output of a few lumen is needed. They sometimes have the diode mounted to four leads (two cathode leads, two anode leads) for better heat conduction and carry an integrated lens. High Power- These are high power LED, can drive current more than an ampere. It can emit over a thousand lumens. Light-emitting diode has many advantages such as efficiency, color, size, light up time, cycling, dimming, cool light, slow failure, lifetime, shock resistance, focus, etc. LED lights come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors which can makes it more exciting arrangements of lighting. It can be installed at shopping malls, night clubs and entertainment hubs. Another important feature is, they are safe and environmental friendly. It does not contain filament so there is no chance of burning out of bulbs. It is also energy efficient because it consumes less power and gives better output. Due to higher energy efficiency and low power consumption, LED lights have more life than any other bulbs. The Light Emitting Diode is an electronic light source that works by the consequence of electro luminescence. When a semiconductor diode is turned on electrons recombine with holes and energy is discharged as light. Most of the bulbs heats up when used, but LED light never becomes hot by using it for hours. Applications of LED lights are indicators, signs, lighting, cars and bikes front and back light, traffic light, night club lighting, shopping mall lighting, etc. These bulbs are capable of producing different colored lighting, as these lights produce color on a much narrower wavelength the color produced by them is much more consistent and richer. It also has the option to mix many colors.
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