LED heatsinks – Active Cooling

by / Friday, 16 March 2018 / Published in Company Blog

Recently, Tottenham Hotspur decided that LED lighting would be used at the competition venues and site of England Premier League club. It is reported that the venue can accommodate 61559 seats. “The roof is equipped with 324 LED moving lights that provide flood lighting for venues.” As LED lighting is becoming more widely used, but LED cooling is still the most important problem.

LED heatsinks

Active cooling is through the additional fan, water or heat pipe circuit, micro channel cooling, semiconductor cooling and other forced cooling method for cooling, which is characterized by high cooling efficiency, heatsinks with small size and compact structure.


Active cooling is very simple and through LED heatsinks to dissipate heat to the air, because it is natural heat, the effect is not very good, the cooling effect is proportional to the size of heatsinks. The cooling method is easy to combine with the lighting structure, the structure is relatively simple, but its biggest advantage is that no additional power consumption, and do not have to worry about the danger of a broken fan.


MingfaTech focused on R & D and produced a new series product of Active cooling, we called MTX-100、MTX-200、MTX-400, pin-fin heatsinks with self-powered Active cooling for high-wattage LED lighting applications. its more cooling than the same size and same weight passive heatsinks, it does not require DC power supply to power fan. Besides its silent with operation, extend over 100,000 hour life expectancy, and also can accommodates large COBs or SMD arrays.

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