LED Heat Sink Manufacturing

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Mingfa Tech Manufacturing Limited is a leading China manufacturer of LED thermal solution provider with the products of LED heat sinks and LED light fittings and integrated assembly for LED commercial lightings. Mingfa Techfocuses on the manufacturing process for LED cooling management to ensure high precision quality, cost-effective achievement, lead time acceleration to market for all clients.

Mingfa Tech Manuacturing Limited produces a variety of heat sinks in different sizes and shapes with different finishes and assmebly. The manuacturing capabilities include:

Aluminum extrusion- it is the most common method of manufacturing method. The aluminum profile is squeezed from a die by the mechanical or hyraulic pressure. After the extruded profile cool, it is cut into expected lengths which can be customized, then it is tapped, drilled, machined or wire EDM, finally it is under finish process to have optimal thermal performance.

Die casting – this is the manufacture method where aluminum or zinc (common metal) is injected into the tooling under high pressure after they are melted down. This results in a complex and accurate forms, more uniform shapes than using other methods such as extrusion. As the tooling charge by die casting is higher than extrusion, this is good for the high volume production to save cost.

Cold forging – it is a heat sinkmanufacturing process where aluminum alloy is squeezed into a tooling and the finished parts form the shape from this tool. This manufacture method is also called Cold Heading or cold forming which is a high speed forming economical process. The most common material for cold forged pin fin heat sinks is 1070.

Metal stamping – this is a typical production method to make heat sink fins in the past time, as well as used in the LED light fittings such as LED clips,LED clamps and brackets,LED enclosures,etc. The meterial commonly used for this field includes stainless steel, galvanized steel,spring steel,and so on. The custom metal stamping tools can be fabricated for quite precision LED lighting accessorices.

Plastic injection – many of the LED lighting OEM manufacturers use this producing process to make LED fittings because the parts can be as cheap as possible, the best way to minimize the plastic parts per unit, especially for high volume demand.

Mingfa Tech Manufacturing Limited provides heat sink prototyping solution by EDM as well for small volume, earned good reputation in specialities of the LED heatsink supply.

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