LED Cooling Kit

by / Friday, 16 March 2018 / Published in Company Blog

Aluminum is the best material for heat dissipation, but aluminum products are expensive and have a low frequency of use, and the process itself is greatly limited. Therefore, the style is little, and the long-term use of aluminum have limited the speed of development and renewal. The plastic is an insulator, and its heat dissipation performance is better and its price is a little lower. However, compared with metals, the heat dissipation performance is worse, and the innovative plastic aluminum has become the first choice for LED cooling.

After combining the advantages and disadvantages of heat dissipation performance of plastics and aluminum, the LED plastic-coated aluminum heatsink kit was developed and launched into the market, and received praise from the outside world. This kind of heat dissipation material is wrapped with plastic material on the outside, while the interior is made of aluminum for heat conduction. After combining the advantages and disadvantages, then the product performance is better, the thermal conductivity is strong and the cost is also controlled. In addition, the plastic is relatively easy to process and shape. Therefore, the shape and style of plastic-clad aluminum is still relatively abundant, and it also meets the needs of different places.

The cooling of plastic package aluminum has the advantage of being cheaper than aluminum, the cost is reduced to meet the market demand, but also allows businesses to better meet the production needs in production, but also can improve profits. In addition, this material is easier to shape and build, so it can be recycled, and it can save a lot of cost.

Plastic-clad aluminum combines the characteristics of plastic and aluminum to enhance the safety of thermal materials, and also enhances the practicality and aesthetics of the heat-dissipating kit. It also greatly reduces the cost of use. It is a safe heat-dissipating material that is worth promoting. And major material companies continue to research and develop more functions and applications of plastic-coated aluminum. Plastic-coated aluminum has clearly become the hottest and most durable and practical LED cooling kit.

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