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Knowing about Extrusion process


Generally, the production process of the heatsink product includes Extrusion, Forging, Die casting, Stamping, Casting,Spinning, CNC machining, etc., and the extrusion type is the most common one , which is extruded by aluminum alloy material and extruded. The most Commonly used aluminum for the heat sink products are AL6061, AL6063, AL6082 and other 6 series aluminum alloys. After the forming of the heat-dissipating product, the subsequent processing technology is required to be completed, such as cutting, punching, drilling, milling, and Engine lathe. Commonly used surface treatments include grinding, engraving, anode, fuel injection, wire drawing, silk screen printing, sand blasting, baking, polishing, cleaning, dusting, electroplating, laser, sandblasting anode, complex acid salt, etc..


Surface treatment color

Natural, black, blue, red, purple, gold, and other custom colors. Natural and black are the most commonly used.

(But in the anode process, white is not possible. But it can be presented in the form of baking, dusting, and spraying)



Now take EtraLED series products as an example to introduce this production process in detail.

Mingfa Tech-Knowing About Extrusion Process, Mingfatech Manufacturing Limited

Mingfa Tech-Knowing About Extrusion Process, Mingfatech Manufacturing Limited-1

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