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Keeping your LED lights cool? Here's what you can do


Now is the era of LED lights and they have been known extensively compared to fluorescent lamps and bulbs. The challenge is, LEDs can wear out faster if not maintained in a proper way after installation. The fact is, overheating depreciates the lamp life, resulting in less lighting hours compared to the original time.


LED lights have already been replaced with big heating lamps in common lighting environments because LEDs are environmentally friendly and possess a better luminous efficiency. Proper usage of an aluminum heat sink can solve this issue of overheating.

 Mingfa Tech-Keeping Your Led Lights Cool Heres What You Can Do

LEDs are needed to be cool as they emit electrical energy continuously. In the process, the heat generated from the LED is required to be conducted away to maintain safety. Considering this, various heat maintenance technologies have come into existence, mainly the usage of LED coolers and LED heat sinks.


LED Coolers


The inclusion of air coolers in the LED cooling system is the most recent development. In this system, air from the cooler is forced on the light system, thus keeping it cool. Various combinations of heat sinks and coolers are also available.


LED Heat Sinks


Any mechanical system produces heat during its operation. Today's updated technology would fail if it is unable to manage heat emitted from mechanical/electrical systems. Usage of a heat sink has been the most important method that balances the functionality of various machines. Aluminum heat sinks have been widely used by many computing, engineering, cooling and electrical industry manufacturers.


In the LED manufacturing industry usage of aluminum heat sinks have played a significantly major role. The advanced heat management technologies are capable of reducing up to 50% of the heat produced.


Aluminum heat sinks, when compared to heat sinks made of other metals have various advantages that propose many benefits as mentioned below.


Light Weight - Aluminum alloys are light in weight and thus are preferable by most manufacturers than any other metal. This nature of an aluminum heat sink makes it easy to fit in various mechanical systems. Overall, the equipment becomes light in weight and the aluminum heat sinks are easy to carry and install.


Various Shapes - Aluminum heat sinks are available in various standard shapes and sizes suiting the needs of every industry. They are designed keeping in mind the highly efficient nature of the heat sinks.


Customized solutions - As a business owner, if you are looking for a customized heat sink design, it is possible to get it tailor-made to suit your requirement. You can approach a heat sink manufacturer with a blueprint and get the design custom made. Industrial grade heat sinks ensure durability and consistent functionality no matter whatever the shape or size is. You can decide the size, overall shape, no. of fins and more and get them bulk manufactured.


Easy further processing - In certain cases, aluminum heat sinks require further machining to achieve the required shape and fabrication. Aluminum alloy is a strong metal, providing convenience for the fabricators when further processing.


Applications in various industries - Aluminum is used in heat dissipation in various industries like automobiles, electrical and lighting, aviation equipment, communication setups, computers, etc. An aluminum heat sink is the most reliable option to achieve freedom and uninterrupted functionality from events like malfunctioning. It is proven that industrial applications run better when installed with aluminum heat sinks.


Durability and resistance to damage - Aluminum alloy is resistant to corrosion compared to other alloys irrespective of the weather conditions. Aluminum has a primary oxide layer that protects it from further oxidation. Plus the durability and the high tensile strength make it the best choice to be used in heat dissipation purpose.


Highly conductive nature - Aluminum being a good conductor of heat is capable of extracting out heat efficiently. This minimizes the risk of the equipment being overheated, thus saving it from being damaged extensively.


Affordable with Quality - Aluminum alloy as a material minimizes the manufacturing cost of the equipment. As a reason, businesses spend less on their heat sink equipment keeping in mind the quality of the overall product. They make sure that the quality of construction and design of the aluminum heat sink performs efficiently and flawlessly.


These qualities of an aluminum heat sink complement its usage in the LED light equipment making it usable at any given location or vicinity.

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