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john aldridge: \'heat is about to be turned up on man city and i can see pep\'s men slipping up\'

by:Mingfa Tech     2020-01-08
Manchester City must feel the heat because they will create or break their season in a month and I feel like Guardiola\'s team will make a mistake.
In one night, three of England\'s remaining four delegates in the Champions League took center and I hope Liverpool can make positive results against Porto, they were torn apart in last season\'s game.
Memories of Liverpool 5-5
Tonight\'s 0 win in Portugal will definitely bring a huge psychological advantage to Jurgen Klopp\'s team, but another quarter --
The final between Tottenham and Manchester City is hard to play.
Even though the Carling Cup is already in their trophy cabinet, the FA Cup may come after they beat Brighton to the final at Wembley last weekend, against Tottenham, manchester City is under great pressure.
The Champions League is the game they want and need to win.
Manchester City has never been close to winning the Champions League, and in recent years, when they entered the later stages of the game, they looked like rabbits in the headlights.
They were smashed.
Liverpool\'s overall record last season
The final and the result left a lasting scar, ensuring that if the two best teams in the Premier League entered the final in Madrid in June 1, they would not like to play again.
However, before they start thinking about the final, they still have a big test, and history shows that Guardiola and his players will feel nervous on Europe\'s biggest stage.
To make city one of the real giants in the modern game, they need to win the Champions League on multiple occasions.
This is because when a \"sugar daddy\" joins in to fund some temporary success, they are still a lucky club.
When you see empty seats for the home game at the Etihad Stadium and read some stories that show that it is difficult for them to sell the relatively modest ticket allocation for the FA Cup semi-final last weekend --
Finally, it reminds us that this club is still a Mino club compared to some of their domestic and European competitors.
The money their boss put in helped them build a dream football team, but Manchester City has to wait a long time to get respect from clubs like Liverpool, Manchester United, and even their next rival, Tottenham.
I admire the way the Spurs have been reborn in recent years, building a magnificent new stadium and an excellent team on the budget, and the budget will not expand due to the owners pitching their own agenda.
That\'s why I think it would be bad for Manchester City to win the Champions League because it would be a win for a club, a few years ago, they followed the approach that Arsène Wenger correctly described as \"financial doping\" and were sought after.
Don\'t get me wrong. I\'m no different from Manchester City\'s traditional fans. they have been loyal to the club for many years. I used to like playing City games at their own Maine Road stadium.
However, the city has never been a team that will scare you, and this will only change when money rolls in from oil --
Rich Bosses use English football clubs they have barely heard of to boost tourism in their hometown.
If Manchester City were crowned European champions, they could be the dominant force in the game because they would use their inflated position to attract more top players, so the real football fans don\'t want to see this happen.
From Liverpool\'s point of view, I hope Manchester City can enter the Champions League semi-final.
In the end, two tough games against Juventus could lead to a loss in the Premier League.
However, Spurs have the ability to give them a real test in the first round of North London. if Manchester City loses, it will shake their confidence in a month, including another game against Tottenham in the Premier League.
In this charming season, we are about to reach a critical moment, and Guardiola and his players know that they are under all the pressure in the pursuit of history.
Let\'s see if they can handle it.
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