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It has to be noted that the most important feature

by:Mingfa Tech     2020-05-31
We here at Lencocoolers have gone an extra mile ahead to ensure that we have partners with all the major manufacturers of engine and oil coolers. From mercury marine to Cummins with their latest version of Cummins 3910582 which has proved to serve all those who use it to the best, and has gained much props over the years. This comes hot on the heels of an ever rising demand for a reputable center for accessing replacement that is original in its make and additional service. A lot of changes have been implemented on some of the oil coolers to make them more enduring. The other new arrival of engine coolers that are known for their complexity and power, have arrived in the market with the likes of westerbeke 38300 and westerbeke 45528. Here at Lencocoolers, we are one of the few places globally that manufactures and stock these engine coolers especially the westerbeke model. This has not gone unnoticed to the client and the market at large and the response has been very positive not to mention the high level of service that comes with the replacement of the engine and oil coolers. An oil cooler is one of the most important units for an engine or generator for that matter, and the best quality and variant models can be found only here at Lenco coolers for top class engine coolers. We have made it our priority to stack all the recent models and additional parts in compliance with the manufacturers order and also conveying the sentiments of the clientele to manufacturer and address in the needs of the clients. This intermediary role has been played by us Lenco coolers more than 3 decades now and as a result it has seen the modification of some engine models like the universal 289818 into a more powerful engine with all the necessary coolers. Our reputation with all marine engine coolers, automotive oil coolers and heat exchangers, has led us to be recognized and be awarded for our service that supersedes us in every way known to date. The good rapport that exists and experience has led to greater innovations and improvements on existing engines, as pertains to their specific compartments like the cooling compartment. So as to comply with the need to be more enduring and to cope up with the race in technology, we are also trying to improve our services on a step by step basis, thereby providing the best output to our customers.
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