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Is installation service provided for homemade heatsink ?
In addition to providing customers with homemade heatsink and alternatives, MingfaTech Manufacturing Limited also extends the offerings to installation services and other after-sales services. In order to solve problems quickly, we offer a variety of high-quality after-sales services to meet customers' personal inquiries and requirements. Our technical staff are experienced and will provide all their abilities and expertise.

With strong capability in offering a broad collection of active heat sink, MingfaTech is recognized as a pioneer who is professional and mature in this industry. According to the material, MingfaTech's products are divided into several categories, and Meng Lighting Housing is one of them. The housing of Mingfa Tech best track light kit is made of durable plastic materials which are shock- and heat resistance. These premium plastic materials make the product to be more reliable in use and users don't have to worry about the dropping. Its material helps minimize thermal resistance from the base to the fins. heat sink compound for led is made from excellent materials and is free of harmful substances and odor. It is excellent in stability and durability and is effective in resistance to wind, earthquake, high temperature, and corrosion. It is safer, more reliable and eco-friendly than other similar products.

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