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Indoor grow lights have been used by growers for years

by:Mingfa Tech     2020-07-16
Digital grow lights have completely changed the game for indoor grow lights. They offer a higher lumen (light energy) output than their magnetic counterparts, and at the same time use less energy. This just shows you how our technology can really improve equipment in all areas of life. With great technology like digital ballasts being produced, you can see that the trend is more output with less energy use. This is what makes me think electronic ballasts will soon replace all magnetic ballasts. Here are some of the top reasons why digital ballasts will overtake magnetic ballasts as the indoor grow light of tomorrow: -Electronic ballasts do not have the typical transformers, capacitors, or igniters. These are some of the components that make mechanical grow lights so much bigger and louder than digital. -Digital ballasts use electronic circuitry to accomplish the same thing as these other components but more efficiently, quieter, and by using less energy. -Electronic ballasts give off less heat than magnetic ones -Bulbs used with electronic lights last longer and continue emitting a higher level of light energy than magnetic ballasts after a year of use -You can use more digital ballasts on one circuit than magnetic. You never really know what technology will throw at you next. LED lights for example could very well start advancing at such a rate that they become the grow light of tomorrow. One thing is clear by the list above though, digital ballasts are certainly a more advanced option than magnetic ballasts. Ningbo Zhengjia Electric Appliance Co., Ltd is a professional R & D manufacturer and exporter of electronic ballasts for fluorescent lamps(FL) and Compact Fluorescent Lamps(PL). Our team has 15 years of Research & Development experiences and obtained patent technologies. We have 12 advanced production lines and various test equipments for safety, performance and on-site test. Meanwhile we have EMC testing system and our yearly capacity can reach to 10 -15 million electronic ballasts with brand 'ZJT' for fluorescent lamps.Our main products are high performance T8, T5, PL and 2D electronic ballasats for fluorescent lamps with brand 'ZJT'. We also got certifications of TUV, CE, CB, RoHS which are in exact accordance with EMC standard. With these good advantage, our products are more competitive in the international markets and they enjoy good reputation from our customers among EU, South America, Oceania and Southeast Asia.We regard quality as our life and customer is our foremost. We sincerely provide good quality products and better service to customers at home and abroad.
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