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how to speed up your computer

by:Mingfa Tech     2020-02-24
The slow speed of computers has been bothering all of our Windows users.
You get your new shinny computer and it will suddenly become slower and slower over time.
Today, we\'re going to see some cool tricks that you can use to speed up your computer and if you want to format your hard drive better it won\'t be like a new one, but it will definitely be faster than before.
There may be several factors that will reduce the speed of the computer, some of which may be physical and others may be logical (
Meaning software).
Heat is the main cause of physical factors.
There are a few things that need to be checked, first of all, the inside of your cabinet is not dirty and if so, you can get a can of compressed air and give it a good cleaning.
The first thing you have to clean up is the radiator of the CPU (or processor)
Grab the fan with one hand so it doesn\'t spin like crazy and the other grab the compressed air.
Please note that if you have never done this, or it has been a few years without proper cleaning, there will be a lot of dust in the radiator.
Apply air to all places, DVD units, hard drives, all motherboards, and any other peripherals such as graphics cards.
After that, verify that your radiator is properly connected to the motherboard and that it is correctly applying pressure to the CPU.
The first heating will charge the processor a quota to slow it down and after a while your computer will start turning off without notice.
If this is the case, paste the radiator and re-apply it to the processor.
Windows can be very tricky, your computer slows down can come from a lot of places, let\'s see that Windows is an open book for programmers to create and distribute malware and viruses, so you have to be aware of that, and be very careful about what you download and see on the Internet.
Microsoft is aware of this and has created its own antivirus software, Microsoft security.
In fact, their software is very good and does a great job of protecting your computer, it is even better than other high-priced options like Norton or McAfee, and most importantly it is free.
You can stop paying for an annual subscription (if you are)
Start to enjoy free protection;
This will require you to have a valid Windows license key, though.
For malware, I strongly recommend that you use another software called Malwarebytes Anti-malware.
This software can well eliminate malware and other threats such as Trojans or tracking cookies.
It has a paid version that enables real-time protection and other protection modules, but the free one is enough for us.
Several files have been created in your computer, such as web temp files and user session files.
However, these are not always needed, or can be removed without compromising the computer.
To do this, we will use a program called CCleaner.
This great software will clean up our computers by itself, which will lead to faster computers.
You have two options for this, the first is what the test will remove and the second is actually delete.
If you use Firefox\'s Chrome as a web browser and you have the option to save the tag you are using the next time you open the tag, go to the option and disable the erase session for each option, otherwise your tab will be lost.
The last booing of our computer will be the virtual memory of Windows.
You may ask yourself what virtual memory is very simple, let\'s say you have 2gb of RAM in your computer and you can use 2gb of RAM naturally.
Still, Windows uses the hard disk free space to create virtual RAM.
The standard setting is to let Windows decide the amount of virtual memory to use, but in this step we will set how much virtual memory Windows will allocate.
Go to computer properties (
Or windows pause)
Go to advanced system settings, it will be checked the Advanced tab by default, and select it if this is not the case.
On performance, click the Settings button.
This will bring a pop-up of performance options;
Click the Advanced tab again and below you will see virtual memory and click change \".
After that, you will get the virtual memory screen and uncheck \"manage the paging file size for all drives automatically \".
You must be cautious here.
Keep in mind that we have said that virtual memory comes from the hard drive, so you have to consider how much free space you have left.
Crazy to allocate 2GB if you have enough free space (2,000 MB)to 10GB (10,000MB)
, I usually set 5GB minimum and 10GB maximum.
If you don\'t have that much space, you have to set the lower space.
At the bottom you will see a allowed minimum size and a suggested size set your limit a little higher than this and you will do a good job.
Hopefully through this post, you\'ll be able to better understand why your computer is slowing down and how to fix it quickly.
As mentioned earlier, if you want it to be as original as the new one, formatting your computer is your best option.
If you encounter your slowdown due to physical devices and you want to replace them, then you can find more guidelines on the best hardware.
Please leave me a message if you need more specific advice and I will be happy to help.
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