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how to size structural i beams

by:Mingfa Tech     2020-01-21
The names of the beams are because they are shaped like the letter \"I\" and there are two horizontal beams at the top of the vertical beam. Steel I-
Beams are usually used in large construction projects such as skyscrapers, or heavy load-bearing structures such as parking garages.
Calculate the right size I-
For the beams of the construction project, you need to know the load that the beam is expected to bear, determine the load that you plan to apply to the beam.
This should include the weight of the load placed in the building space, and the structural load of the rest of the building that the beam will support.
Reference standard I-
Beam table identifying approximate size I-
Beam in inches multiplied by pounds per foot according to the expected load.
Recognition of moment of inertia of approximate I-
I-beam size of \"area\" column inbeam table.
Moment of inertia specified in I-
Calculate the beam with the letter \"I.
Recognize the depth of the beam, also known as the Cross of the beam
Section height starting from the \"depth\" column in I-beam table.
Depth specified in I-
Calculate the beam with the letter \"D.
Identify bending moment of I-Size
Beam by reference shear diagram.
The position of the bending moment on this graph is equal to the support point of zero ~
The beam in the structure.
I-the bending moment is specified in
The beam calculation of the letter \"M.
To calculate a beam of the right size, solve the following equation for the letter \"F\": F /(D/2)
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