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how to make resin

by:Mingfa Tech     2020-01-20
Epoxy resin is a kind of plastic that starts with two parts and combines together to produce a substance.
Epoxy starts with liquid, but hardened over time, providing solid finishes in clear or multiple colors.
The resin manufacturing process is accurate because improper mixing of the two components can cause problems.
Preparation of resin manufacturing process using appropriate safety devices and oil wells
Ventilated working space.
Both resin and catalyst are irritating substances, so it is absolutely necessary to protect your skin and eyes.
Before you start, read carefully all the manufacturer\'s instructions for the product brand you are using.
Some resin products will not remain liquid for a long time, so be prepared in advance.
According to the manufacturer\'s instructions, measure the liquid resin into a measuring cup.
Your measurements should be as accurate as possible.
Measure the catalyst into a separate measuring cup.
Make sure the measurement is as accurate as possible, otherwise the epoxy may not be properly set up or cured.
Add the liquid catalyst to the measuring cup containing liquid epoxy resin and stir thoroughly until the liquid is completely clarified.
If you choose, add color or other additives at this point.
If any bubbles appear during this process, use the hot gun at low settings and place it on top of the resin to eliminate the bubbles.
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