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how to make an sd card extension

by:Mingfa Tech     2020-03-30
I have been looking for SD card extensions for a while.
There are not many existing ones, and they are expensive to sell.
So I have to do it myself!
I am an electronic workshop Workbench engineer during the day and one of my specialties is the handheld terminal.
Most devices have SD card slots.
I can take out an SD card slot from the scrapped huang PCB and use it as part of the extension.
I will modify an old SD card and connect it to the SD card slot with length re-
Ribbon cable for use.
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UkI is using the old hard drive IDE ribbon cable, the SD card holder for some old electronics, the unpopular 2 gb SD card and the fins for the old P4 radiator.
First of all, I need to remove the SD bracket from the old PCB.
To do this, I use soldering iron, some tin tape and a pair of tweezers to ease the separation of the joints.
The SD card was removed on the plastic weld.
You must be very careful to separate the two halves with a sharp knife.
I found the old SD card easier to split than the new one.
I wish I could use the inside of the SD card and simply cut off the end of the PCB where the contact is located, but that\'s not the case.
Finally, I gave up the PCB and decided to make the contacts myself.
First, the fins on the radiator fall off very well and a sharp tugboat falls off.
I will replace the contacts and enter the SD card housing from the copper sheet.
The only new component is some DuPont connectors.
I started with pin 9.
Details about SD pins-
Outs is on Wikipedia.
I cut a strap from the copper sheet and matched it to the aperture on the SD card.
The plastic partition between each contact hole does not look more than 1mm.
I have to put the edges of the contacts on top of them and make sure they don\'t touch each other!
At the moment, I have cut the rough shape and I do fine-tuning when I come to install the contacts permanently.
The two parts of the SD housing are very tightly combined because I need to connect to the contacts I made of plastic with some wires and add channels to the wires.
I have cut about 4mm pieces from the bottom of the card.
I need space later to connect the ribbon cable.
Once the back is installed, it will be a gap if the rear of the contact is not filled in.
I cut a piece of paper with a shape that matches the area behind the contact and then used super glue again and it got stuck.
I made a similar matching section for the second half of the card.
The last piece is glued to the other half of the SD card.
Before the two halves stick together, I put the SD card lock slider into the track.
It\'s important to make sure half the line
Stay right between each other.
If you make a mistake in bonding, then there is only a few seconds before the glue is set.
When the glue is set, the SD card is pressed together for about 5 minutes.
The extra wires can be trimmed once the glue is dry.
There are 9 pins on the SD card.
From the ribbon cable, I separate 9 wires as a strip.
I cut this one into two paragraphs.
About 2 cm from both ends of the two cables, I put some heatshrink. The heat-
Shrinking should stop the cables from being separated further than I expected.
To keep the cable flat while the heat shrink sleeve, I used the thick base of the P4 heat shrink sleeve
Press it on the heating.
Shrink when set.
The end of the cable is divided into separate wires, and the end of the wire is exposed to 2mm of the wires, and then tinplate paper with tin paste.
At one end of the longer cable, I placed 5mm HEAT of 2mm length-
Shrink tube on wire.
Attach a 9 2 strap to these wires.
54mm interval pin.
Heat when all pins are connected-
Move the shrink up to cover the connection and then heat to shrink the tube.
On the other end of the longer cable, I will connect the SD card.
To make it easier to see the wires, I slipped a bit of waste paper from behind the wires on the SD card.
This is a very tricky part.
Don\'t worry when soldering to SD card.
Make sure the card stays firm and check the alignment several times before committing to welding the joints.
Once all the connections were done, I woven a thin Kapton tape between the wires.
This should help any short termcircuits.
I placed a thin foam strip on the connection.
Then there\'s a heat. shrink. When the heat-
Shrink shrink it will compress the foam strip and help keep the connection safe.
It helps to press gently while heatingshrink sets.
The longer cable is now complete.
At one end of the short cable, connect the female DuPont connector to each wire.
There were 9 wires so I used 3
Fix the bare connector on the plastic case.
The other end of the connector will enter the SD card slot previously removed from the waste PCB.
Before welding any wires, be sure to check if the connection is in the correct order.
You should have two full lengths now.
The two men completed the extension together!
I put a connector in my extension because I have the specific purpose for it.
You don\'t need to separate the cable so you can use it as a separate part.
I have built an extension into the FishPi base-Station.
I have encountered a series of SD card damage and it has become painful to take out the card and turn the electronics back onimage it.
I will put the SD card slot into the plywood inspection cover in the base keyboard groove-Station.
The split in the extension cable is to allow me to remove the lid without removing the SD card.
All I have to do is disconnect the cable.
I opened a slightly larger hole on the lid than the SD card slot that was going in.
Screw from the back to the back plate on the lid. Double-
Double sided tape secure the slot on the back panel.
I do want to screw the slot to the back panel but there is not much room for the screws to fit.
I can\'t find anything small enough.
I will have to look for another solution if the tape is not enough.
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