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how to get rid of a stinky sink

by:Mingfa Tech     2020-01-18
Kitchen or bathroom sink is an ideal playground
Smell bacteria
Food pellets and other waste can be trapped in the sink drain, causing the room to be filled with bad smells even at home.
In order to avoid the embarrassment and discomfort of the smelly sink, regular sink cleaning scheme is helpful.
The solution to this problem can be found in the kitchen pantry.
Remove all food particles, hair and other debris from the sink and sink drain.
This step can use a simple mixture of soap and water.
The dirty sink creates a bad smell of the sink, so clean it thoroughly.
Run the hot water down each dirty sink drain for three to five minutes.
If the temperature is hot enough, hot water will release the grease clot and kill the bacteria.
When the water is flowing, cut a whole slice of lemon and squeeze the juice out of the drain.
Put 1/2 cups of baking soda and 1/4 cups of salt in the sink near the drain.
Let the mixture be placed in the sink for three to five minutes, giving the baking soda time to neutralize the smell of the sink.
Put 1/2 cups of vinegar in the microwave
Safe container, heated in microwave until warm.
Pour the heated vinegar into the drain.
The combination of vinegar and baking soda should start foaming and blistering.
Allow the mixture to be activated within the sink drain for 15 minutes.
Rinse the vinegar and baking soda mixture with more hot water.
Let the hot water last for three to five minutes.
Squeeze the remaining half of the lemon out of the sink if needed.
The dirty sink should be clean now, and the smell of the smelly sink should be gone.
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