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by:Mingfa Tech     2020-02-22
Red ring about death (RROD)
Red Ring of Death (RROD)
The red light sequence displayed on Xbox Jingdong\'s \"Ring of Life\" indicates the fault part.
Faulty parts are usually caused by the heat generated by the console, resulting in overheating of the hardware.
More than 40% of Xbox 360 consoles are destined to experience the ring of death, but the good news is that more than 90% of these consoles can be fixed without spending money on parts or new consoles.
The process of safely removing the Xbox 360 console for repair opening the Xbox 360 console is a bit tricky, but I wrote a HUB-in a period of time back-
Through the depth of this process.
\"Having the right tools to get the job done quickly\" is very important when taking apart the console.
Before I had the right tools, I tried various ways to solve the problem of spending a few dollars on the necessary tools.
Before you fix the console, you must take it apart.
If you are not sure how to disassemble the Xbox 360 console, check out the Xbox 360 hub I opened.
A penny pile of heat.
This fix for Sink and ventilation barrier is actually a \"penny fix \".
\"The process is to fix the RROD and prevent it from happening in the future.
Required items: hot glue gun (
Or hot compounds)
12 PenniesElectrical TapePennies is used to extend the enclosure from the motherboard and remove some heat from the microchip on the back of the motherboard.
A stack of 3 p coins provides the perfect height for the gap below the motherboard and proper air discharge.
What to do: take 3 p and put it on top of each other to form a stack.
Repeat it 3 more times so you have 4 stacks and 3 pence.
Wrap each stack of pennies with tape so that a penny is not shown.
You should be able to do this easily with two tape.
Flip your motherboard so heat
The sink is facing below and the bottom of the motherboard is facing you.
You should see two pieces of metal shaped like X.
These are called X clips that can hold your heat
Sink in place.
Around these X clips you will see 4 black chips.
Most consoles have sticky pads covering the chip, they are white and have a red layer on top.
These sticky pads need to be removed from the chip.
Once the sticky pad is removed and 4 black chips are exposed, you will add the penny stack as a replacement.
Put a nice drop of hot glue at the bottom of the Penny pile and put it on each chip.
Don\'t be too nervous because of the size of the glue point, just put enough glue in the center of the stack so that the excess glue doesn\'t penetrate into the chip and the actual motherboard.
Once each stack is placed on the chip, let the glue dry for 5 to 10 minutes.
Once you \'ve given the glue a dry time, pull each stack gently to make sure they\'re safe and don\'t fall off easily.
These Penny stacks are used as reinforced radiators for each chip to absorb the heat generated.
The stack works better than the sticky pads Microsoft put on the motherboard during manufacturing.
Penny also does not change the size, which allows the spacing between the metal housing of the chassis and the motherboard.
Please note: When you add the penny stack to the black chip, the space created is much larger than the space created with the sticky pad.
When you put the console back together, make sure you turn off the 8 black screws.
These 8 screws are the center screws of the metal housing of the case.
If you are trying to reinstall these with a penny stack, it may cause the motherboard to bend or break if the screw is in contact with the intended socket.
How to fix the Xbox 360 E74 bug and rrod sometimes a penny trick doesn\'t always fix the RROD.
Penny tips are strongly recommended to prevent further damage to the console, but RROD may also be present due to overheating of the graphics chip and processor.
This is usually due to the drying of hot compounds made.
Hot compounds should remain thick-
Gooy liquid, but overheating can cause it to dry and greatly reduce the efficiency of its heat transfer.
Items required: Hot (Arctic Silver -
People can shop in stores such as Radio Shack)Anti-Great solution (Googon -
Can be purchased in stores like Walmart)
A few pieces of clothing for rubbing alcohol toothpicks or toothpicks
The stick solution is used to remove the old hot compound, but it is not completely needed.
Rubbing alcohol is used to reverse resistance-
So that the new hot compound does not slide around.
A toothpick or gum scraping tool is used to help clear old hot compounds.
What to do: remove two X fixtures with a flat head screwdriver and gently pry/Twist four anchor points.
After removing the two X fixtures, remove the two heat-
Connect to the sink on the motherboard. (Heat-
The sink is a large metal piece located in the center of the console)Use the Anti-
Stick solution and rag wipe the old hot compound stuck to the hot bottomsinks.
Please feel free to use the scraping tool and can also help remove old compounds from high temperaturessinks.
Gently scrape the heat with your scratch tool-sinks rest on.
Simply scrape the compound and then pat it with a rag to remove loose particles.
It takes patience and precision to clean the chip. Anti-
Stick solutions can be used cautiously on the chip.
Spray the solution on the rag and use the rag on the chip.
Do not put the solution directly on the chip.
Once both chips are cleaned up, if you use the-
Stick the solution to the rag, rub it with alcohol, and gently pat the potato chips.
The more compounds removed from the chip, the greater the success of the repair.
Don\'t say anything.
Too much stick solution or rubbing alcohol can cause permanent damage.
Once the chip is cleaned and disinfected with rubbing alcohol, apply less than a dime of hot compounds on each chip.
You can also add a small compound to the heat-
But only when you know where the heat is.
The sink is in contact with the chip.
Using too many compounds causes it to penetrate into the motherboard, which will cause heat to be transferred to unwanted parts of the motherboard.
Once a new thermal compound has been applied, it will be hot-
Back in the right position.
You can try to reuse the X fixture, use the new X fixture you purchased, or use screws with plastic washers to fix the heat
Sink from the bottom of the motherboard. Congratz!
You have officially completed the repair.
All you have to do now is carefully recombine everything.
Through these two repair methods, it will cancel your warranty on the console.
Neither of these methods guarantees a permanent fix to your console, but the success rate is around 90%.
To get the best results, it is recommended to do both.
Through both methods, the success rate is greatly improved and more problems are prevented from appearing in the console.
When testing if your fix works, some consoles overheat in a short period of time, showing the RROD error code.
Close the console and turn it back on, it should work fine!
Fixes are sometimes delayed for some reason, causing the console to display incorrectly, but this is common.
After about 10 minutes, several of my consoles were overheating and flashing RROD.
I restarted it and let it run for about 10 hours with no problem.
Feel free to comment on this center if you have any questions or leave us a message! Goodluck!
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