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how to fix or silence a noisy cpu fan

by:Mingfa Tech     2020-02-21
Noise from inside the computer many components may make noise inside the computer, for example cooling the fan, CD/DVD or any other disc drive you are using, hard drive, power supply, if the case is loose, especially the case of the clone computer.
The noise we are talking about here is the funny, irritating, shocking noise from your CPU fan, depending on the individual.
Excess heat generated by processor or CPU noise is usually a big noise like a vacuum cleaner, or a car accelerates, it only happens for a short time, and then it disappears, it will only happen again.
Sometimes the noise will continue without weakening.
Sometimes it\'s so loud and intense that you\'ll see people starring amazingly on the computer as if it would explode.
This noise usually occurs when your processor is overheating.
This overheating destroys the computer processor because there is no 100% contact between the CPU and the radiator.
This 100% contact is important because the excess heat generated by the processor must be absorbed by the radiator and then dissipated into the external environment.
The work of the CPU fan on your computer is to remove the hot air and introduce some cold air;
This cold air then actually cools the radiator and the radiator cools the processor again.
First of all, you have to make sure the fan is OK, which can be done by physical check.
This is because cooling fans sometimes fail.
After confirming that the CPU fan is OK, you need to buy hot paste. Yes!
This can also be done with hot paste, heat sink compound, hot gel, hot compound and other names.
This hot paste is a fluid substance (
Very similar to toothpaste)
, Used to enhance the thermal conductivity between the two heat conducting bodies.
This hot interface material fills the invisible gap between the CPU and the radiator, and because the hot paste is better than the air conduction heat, it ultimately greatly improves the heat conductivity of the processor.
Open the system unit cover to access the processor, you need to open the System unit cover.
This is after turning off the computer and removing the power cord from the wall socket.
I suggest you take this opportunity to blow or vacuum the dust that is piled up on your computer. . .
This is possible if you have not done any computer preventive maintenance recently.
Keep in mind that in order to avoid damage to the electronic components in the system unit, you must be careful with ESD precautions.
Due to the static charge generated by the human body, some electronic devices are vulnerable to damage.
These charges can be as high as 4000 volts, causing damage without being noticed.
When using potentially sensitive electronic components, you can use an anti-static wristband and an ESD pad.
ESD floor mats are also provided.
Remove the fan and radiator first to access the processor;
You have to remove the fan and radiator first.
The two are usually fixed together.
The radiators are usually fixed in place by clips, and a keen observation of how they are hooked before untying them.
There are some types that use screws.
You will be able to see your processor when it is finished;
You don\'t have to remove it unless you just want to take a look.
Wipe any previous radiator compound.
Evenly apply the paste to the surface of the processor.
You can use a small brush and you can improvise something if not.
After that, return your radiator and hook it back firmly.
Connect everything on the system back and power on.
If the boot is OK, it means that you have not disturbed your system and you have fixed the noisy CPU fan.
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