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how to fix a graphics card?

by:Mingfa Tech     2019-12-23
Is your graphics card dead?
Computer boot but no pictures?
Or after playing for a while. screen appears?
All this happens a few weeks after the warranty period?
Please follow this guide if the symptoms cause the graphics to fail.
This method works for each graphics card.
Even with a laptop(
I will install a laptop in the oven soon to make another note! )
There is an easy way to save a lot of money by solving the problem yourself!
Remember to try this fix in a well ventilated place.
Welding smoke is not something to smell for fun!
For this simple fix you need :-Heat gun-A screwdriver-Thermal paste-
In these four simple steps, you can have a working graphics card!
If possible, do so in ESD protected areas. ie.
Let your self be something that has a real foundation.
Keep in mind that you won\'t have anything lost if the graphics card is broken!
Remove the radiator from the graphics card. Nothing special.
Screw the screws off the bottom so the radiator will fall off.
Remember to remove the fan power cord.
In this case, the faulty part is a big gray slap in the middle of the card.
This is the graphics processor with hundreds of tiny welding points under it.
Some of this is broken due to heat caused by poor heat dissipation, mainly due to poor heat dissipation and dry hot paste or dusty fans. Or both.
To repair this bad welding, the main chip must be heated to the point where the welding is melted and reconnected to its own welding point.
Wipe the old dry hot paste with alcohol or borrow your special nail polish.
Use cotton swab and cotton cloth if possible.
Toilet paper is also good.
Clean the CHIP until the mark on the hot paste is clear.
Radiator can also be cleaned.
This is a key part of the fix.
How to heat the chip so it doesn\'t burn?
The chip has to heat nearly 200 * C, but can\'t exceed it.
The simple thing is to put the whole chip in the oven for 10 minutes under 200 * C, but with a hot gun you can\'t see the temperature on the chip.
Start heating the graphics chip with a hot gun.
Don\'t just put it on the main chip or it will burn.
Do a slow spin motion on the chip with a hot gun, starting at about 10 cm m on the card.
If you have extensive welding experience, you will know what it smells like when the solder melts.
For people who are not familiar with welding, the smell is like burnt glue and metal.
The smell of burnt \"glue\" comes from the flux in the solder.
Keep a keen eye on these scents while heating the chip to see if there is liquid welding.
This is when the heat is enough to fix the chip.
Do not heat at this point, otherwise the chip will burn.
After these smellshehe)
Let the chip cool for a while.
Do not touch the CHIP until it is completely cooled or the chip moves, because the solder paste is liquid and it will not work. EVER!
This is the part where you need patience.
Hurry here and forget the idea of a work card.
Now is the time to apply a new hot paste and assemble the radiator.
The hot paste I use is nexus TMP-
1000 witch is cheap and easy to find paste.
This paste is silver-based, so it has a very good thermal conductivity.
It won\'t dry easily either.
The factory paste can be completely dry for about a few months after applying it, but that won\'t.
I used to eat this sauce on heavy duty overclocking PC for a year and it is still liquid.
Paste is not the best in the market, but it does a very good job.
Apply a small paste ball in the middle of the main chip.
Use a proper amount of paste, otherwise the heat will not be allocated correctly.
Too much paste is the same as too little paste.
For the right amount of paste, it is easy to apply.
You can make the film from the paste on the chip, or make the film like I did.
Put a small ball about 3 yards-
The center diameter of the chip is 5mm and the radiator is pressed on it.
Pasting between the chip and the radiator forms a large circle and is evenly distributed.
Assembling the radiator is exactly the opposite of the previous steps.
This graphics card is my friend\'s old card and does not work after overheating.
So I had to test the cards on my own test platform.
In the first picture, you can see the fixed card on the table and my own card in the PC chassis.
In the next picture, I have taken out my own card and put the fixed card into the box.
Before removing anything, remember to remove the power cord from your PC.
Use ESD protection to prevent static impact on vulnerable parts of electronic products.
In the last picture, fixed (and working. Wohooo! )
The graphics card is in the PC chassis and my own graphics card is on the desk in front of the screen.
Install all drivers on the PC if needed and test it using Furmark or heaven benchmarks to make sure it works and the heat is at the normal level.
Link: Furmark and Heaven benchmarkBoth these are all free and made for testing graphics!
I hope you fixed your card with these simple steps! :)
A few days later, I\'ll make another note about fixing a dead laptop with an oven! Stay tuned!
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