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how to curl a heat resistant wig

by:Mingfa Tech     2020-01-07
First of all, we will list the materials we need: wigs: absolutely sure that the wig you want to curl is heat resistant.
With this guide, any regular synthetic wig will melt and your wig will need heat resistant synthetic fiber.
I have no experience with human wigs so I am not sure if this guide is for them.
Safer than sorry!
Curlers: I use foam rollers, but basically any type of curlers should work as long as the air can flow through.
Do not use curlers, which need to be cooled in place.
Hair dryer: A good hair dryer with multiple settings is the best!
Comb: of course, you need to comb your wig throughout the process.
Wig head: keep your wig when you design it.
I used a circular object of the same size as my head, which is not recommended, but you have to improvise if you don\'t (or buy one).
Now to the tutorial!
Credit: malicberry first of all, you want to put your wig on the head of the wig, or whatever way you hold it.
Gently comb/brush it as usual and get all the tangles out.
Before dividing the hair directly into blocks, you should visually divide it into blocks to make sure that what you get is uniform (
Or, if you don\'t want it to be uniform, imagine what you want it to be).
Larger blocks produce larger curls, which will take a little less weight and may even turn into waves instead of curls.
Smaller curls are more like bottle openers
Like, if you sort it out in some way, it becomes very fluffy (
It can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on your goal).
Credit: maliceberry then comb a portion of the hair and roll it up with a curler, be careful to make sure the hair is not wrapped too tightly or too loose.
If you roll it out of yourself, it also helps to prevent obvious dents from forming towards the top of your hair (see pic).
Keep in mind that when putting your hair into a curler, be sure to consider levels such as the top and bottom.
However, if you roll both layers into one layer, it will have a wave effect on the bottom of the wig and look cute.
Finally, we will talk about the good part.
Place the hair dryer at high temperature (
If your patient wants to be more careful, or lower calories)
Medium force.
High power can pull up wandering hair from the curlers and make wreaths anywhere in the future that will struggle.
Aim the hair dryer at the curler on the wig and keep it there until it feels hot.
This requires quite a bit of speculation. work.
Too much heat will make your curls tighter and too little heat will make them looser.
It takes a bit of trial and error to get the curls to what you want (
Although sometimes you may be lucky to get it right for the first time! ).
Make sure to heat all curls as evenly as possible.
You have to move the hair dryer to fully heat the other curls.
Now, we wait!
When the wig cools, you need to leave the curler in the wig.
This is why curlers are not as effective as curlers are heating.
Curls need to be cooled in the shape they are placed after heating.
No matter where you design a wig, you can put the wig on its stand or you can put it in a colder place and let it cool faster, either way
Check in regularly to see if they \'ve cooled down and get the curlers out once you think they\'re cool enough.
Does it look like you want it? Then you can stop there!
Curly hair is a bit too tight, maybe a bit too fluffy, put the hair dryer on it for a while to relax, but don\'t go too far, otherwise they may get too straight and you have to re-curl!
It\'s worth noting that you can also put wigs in the tub/bowl of hot water and try to relax them more, though it\'s a bit of a drastic effect.
Is the curly hair a little too relaxed, too wavy, not the kind of elastic curly hair you want, you should consider re-
Roll them up more than the last heating and repeat the above process.
Credit: once you wear the wig the way you want it, you can wear it!
In the photo on my right I actually had to relax my curls but I was over
Relax them and then have to re-Curl them again.
It\'s also important to note that I\'m wearing a clip
I also roll into a ponytail in this way, so this is also good for this style!
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