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how to build a computer

by:Mingfa Tech     2020-04-06
But before we start building, we need to say something about static electricity.
When you assemble your computer, most of the parts you will be dealing with are very sensitive to static shocks.
If you accumulate static electricity on your body and the electric shock is passed from your body to something like a CPU chip, then the CPU chip is dead.
You have to buy another one.
The way you eliminate static electricity is to make yourself grounded.
There are many ways to make yourself grounded, but the easiest way is probably to wear a ground bracelet on your wrist.
Then you attach the bracelet to something grounded (
Like a center screw on a copper tube or wall socket panel).
By connecting yourself to the ground, you eliminate the possibility of static shocks.
The combination of each part is unique.
But in general, you need to follow the following basic steps when assembling the machine: first, you need to turn on the motherboard and the microprocessor chip.
The chip will have a marking angle aligned with another marking angle of the socket on the motherboard.
Align the corners and put the microprocessor into the socket.
You don\'t need any pressure.
It should be in place if the alignment is correct.
Once you put it in, get it down with the lever arm.
Now you need to install the radiator.
The CPU box will contain a manual that tells you how to do it.
The radiator will contain the radiator sticker or radiator grease used when installed on the CPU.
Please install in strict accordance with the instructions.
To install our radiator, all we have to do is put it in place, press it tight with the flanges on both sides, and lock it up with a cam.
Connect the power lead of the radiator to the motherboard.
Next, you will install RAM.
Look for the slot marked \"one\" on the motherboard and keep the RAM module firmly in it.
To get RAM in place, it may take more pressure than you think.
Each side of the module should also have a rotary arm that locks the RAM down.
Now your motherboard is ready.
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