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How many production lines does MingfaTech run?
MingfaTech Manufacturing Limited is capable of manufacture of led strip heat sink according to your needs. A production line is the sequential operations based at a factory. The line is backed by QC staff and R&D team.

With strong R&D capability in the field of 50w led heatsink, MingfaTech has many years of experience in customizing the products for customers. MingfaTech has created a number of successful series, and can light housing is one of them. heat sink compound for led, made from superior materials, has unique effects such as earthquake resistance, fire prevention, heat preservation, and heat insulation. It based on high utilization rate and re-usability makes a great contribution to environmental protection and energy saving. People will love its easy operating function. It does not require people to handle the complicated control interface or touching buttons. This product comes with water and dirt protection.

Both credit and reputation are pursuit goals of MingfaTech forever. Welcome to visit our factory!
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