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How many people in MingfaTech R&D department?
Cob heatsink R&D has been the core of our company from the beginning. We bring together a group of R&D talents to create trusted products, systems and services that help improve the quality of your business. Our development activities are closely related to our market concerns.

As a mature and reliable manufacturer, MingfaTech Manufacturing Limited have accumulated years of experience in the manufacturing of lighting housing. MingfaTech has created a number of successful series, and best LED heat sink is one of them. During the developing stage of Mingfa Tech extruded heat sink, the design apartment strives to achieve an ultra slim design with mature screen touch technology. It has good water resistance and fire resistance. Using this product to reduce greenhouse gas emission is a good way. It greatly contributes to slowing down climate change. It matches more than 90% of the commercial lighting design requirements.

MingfaTech is a company with lofty aspirations and great ideals to be a globally famous led heat dissipation module supplier. Check now!
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