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How long can high power led heatsink be used?
Our high power led heatsink has a relatively longer life than other similar products on the market. It is exquisitely made by professional technicians and advanced technology to ensure the quality of the products. During the warranty period, you can also contact our staff who are willing to solve any problems at any time.

MingfaTech Manufacturing Limited has fast become a dynamic and fast-moving company in the research, development, manufacturing, marketing of best track light kit and has proven itself to be one of the market leaders. MingfaTech has created a number of successful series, and Meng Lighting Housing is one of them. Before heading to fixture assembly, the LED boards of Mingfa Tech copper heat sink are inspected with high-speed automated camera systems and are functionally tested. Customized requirements for hole positions, CNC machining, surface treatment, etc. are acceptable. People can use this product to decrease energy expenses and respond to the financial impact of unpredictable sharp energy price increases that could happen in the years to come. It can be designed for applications whether indoor or outdoor, commercial or industrial.

Winning the market of led heat sink has been what Mingfa Tech strives for. Get info!
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