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how liquid-cooled pcs work

by:Mingfa Tech     2020-01-23
Heat Sinks vs.
Most computers dissipate heat with radiators and fans.
The radiator is basically a piece of metal that provides a lot of surface area for air contact.
The chip heats the radiator, the radiator heats the air, and the fan removes the warm air from the PC chassis.
The system works most of the time, but sometimes electronic components generate more heat than a simple air cycle can eliminate. High-
A terminal chip with a lot of transistors can overwhelm the air. cooling system.
Therefore, the same can be done for chips that are overclocking or manually set to work at speeds higher than the default speed.
This is the reason for the water cooling.
The thermal conductivity of water is higher than that of air
It can move heat faster than air.
Water also has a higher specific heat capacity.
It can absorb more heat before it starts to feel hot.
There are two reasons a computer may need to improve the thermal conductivity and heat capacity of water: in other words, you may need to cool the computer with liquid instead of air for two reasons: Next, we will study the composition of the liquid
Cooling systems and how they work together.
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