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how heat sinks work

by:Mingfa Tech     2019-11-04
When you buy a computer, the radiator has been installed, whether it\'s Dell, Sony or HP.
However, if you are building your own computer, you must consider certain factors when choosing the right radiator.
Since you have so many choices when choosing a processor, please make sure that the thermal output of the processor you purchased matches the heat treatment capability of the radiator you purchased.
To determine the radiator performance you need for the processor you purchased, you need to know three things: the numbers should be in the user manual.
Once you have these, they can be inserted into a mathematical formula to determine the radiator your processor needs.
The rate at which the heat is transmitted from the processor to the air by the radiator is called the thermal resistance.
To find the thermal resistance required by the processor, you can subtract the maximum inlet temperature from the maximum chassis temperature and divide that number by the maximum power consumption of the processor.
The thermal resistance is at degrees Celsius per watt (C/W).
For example, suppose you purchased a processor with a maximum allowable housing temperature of 70 degrees Celsius (
158 degrees Fahrenheit).
Its maximum allowable inlet temperature is 36 degrees Celsius (96.
8 degrees Fahrenheit)
The maximum output power is 110.
The formula would be like this: R = (70-36)/ 110R = 0.
31 C/w therefore, when purchasing a radiator for this processor, it should be ensured that its thermal resistance is not higher than 0. 31.
The radiator using this processor is OK, and the thermal resistance of this processor is less than 0. 31.
This will only improve cooling.
However, like any radiator, you should never buy a radiator with higher heat resistance than your processor requires.
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