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how does the original google daydream view compare to the 2017 version?

by:Mingfa Tech     2020-01-24
Unlike major pc vr headset manufacturers, Google has chosen an annual update schedule for its Daydream headset, which means it\'s important to consider whether the upgrade is worth it.
To figure out what makes 2017 Google Daydream View 2 much better than 2016 Daydream View 2, we compare the head to head.
Daydream View scope is Google\'s effort to provide an entry
Beyond some ultra-level VR headsetslow-
Budgets like Google Cardboard don\'t cost the world.
It does this by taking advantage of the expensive, display and processing technology that the user\'s smartphone offers VR headsets, while providing an attractive and comfortable head-mounted system.
With Daydream 2, it wants to make the experience better.
Looking at the spec, you will think that there is not much change between the two versions of the Daydream View, which can be forgiven.
The only real change in these numbers is a slight increase in size and weight of the 2017 model, a slight increase in field of view and a price increase of $20.
The controller is the same, the sensor kit is the same, and the color options are not that different.
However, the few digital differences that exist between the two generations of headphones do not account for the whole story.
With the release of Daydream 2, Google has also expanded the number of smartphones compatible with the platform.
While these phones should also be compatible with the original Daydream View headset, bringing phones like Google Pixel 2 to the desktop means the potential to improve the visual experience in Daydream VR.
On top of that, no matter what phone you\'re using, Google has taken steps to improve the look of the virtual world.
The new lens in Daydream View 2 is a custom fresnel design that Google claims to manufacture after running a lot of simulations to determine the ideal lens design (Press RoadtoVR).
Google Glass can provide an extra 10 degree view, which may not look much, but will have a big impact on the immersion of Daydream VR.
It represents a 11% increase in the field of vision, which is said to be an obvious difference in use.
It is also important that this makes the vision of Daydream comparable to that of Samsung Gear VR.
Another additional product that will not list the specifications is the new radiator built into Daydream View 2.
When in use, it helps to cool down the smartphone and allows high for long periods of time
Performance virtual reality before having to stop and let the smartphone cool.
While the effect of this radiator will depend on how easily your particular device is overheating, it should have a real impact on your VR experience, because it helps to avoid being forced out due to hardware issues.
Can be said to be the biggest change made to the second one
A generation of Daydream headphones in the comfort of the field.
While we found the original daydream to be a comfortable portable VR headset, not everyone is so lucky.
Some people find it too heavy on their cheekbones, and the facial shape seems to play a special role in how comfortable the user is finding it.
Google has launched its new Daydream view 2, a comprehensive overhaul of its foam liner to make it bigger and softer.
It is also reported to be tested on a larger number and a wider range of users.
This means that whether you are male or female, regardless of your facial structure, the new Daydream 2 should be more comfortable to wear for a longer period of time.
To further improve comfort and weight distribution, the new Daydream View comes with an excessivethe-top headstrap.
This may be a good idea, as the weight of Daydream 2 is slightly higher than its predecessor.
If you don\'t like the new strap though, Google has made it easy to remove.
Whether you use it or not, that strap now also has a small pocket at the back of the remote control, put it there instead of in front of the headset.
Although the new Daydream View 2 supports Google\'s new Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL smartphones, these are only part of the list of \"Daydream ready\" smartphones.
In this regard, Google doesn\'t distinguish between headphones, so compatible smartphones should be the same no matter what version of the view you have.
There are now 15 phones compatible with Daydream View headphones, and Google has listed all of them on its compatibility page.
So far, that\'s more than it expected.
They include: google Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel 2 XL, Samsung Galaxy S8, Note 8, Asus Xenfone AR, LG V30, Motorola Moto Z, Moto moto Z2 Force, ZTE Axon 7, Huawei Mate 9 pro and Porsche Design Mate 9.
Just like smartphone compatibility, Daydream View 2 and the original version are no different in terms of available applications.
They include sports apps such as Netflix VR, Jaunt VR, Youtube VR, Hulu, HBO Go VR, Sky VR, and nba vr and nfl vr experience.
There are also independent games and experiences such as DominoVR, small war, toy conflict, chicken killer and dangerous goat, and the new compatible app is available at any time.
Because the underlying hardware of the Daydream platform depends on the smartphone that runs it, it seems unlikely that there will be any type of generation separation in the software.
The original Daydream View has an advantage in pricing.
$80, $20 cheaper than its younger brother and sister.
It can also be used now, and Daydream View 2 will not be released until October 19.
If you haven\'t seen a view yet, like the look of the new version, the wait time is not long.
Daydream View 2 should be a premium Daydream VR headset, although it is largely an evolution of the original device, not a revolution.
Given that it has been less than a year since the release of the first generation of Daydream views, this can be expected.
This means that the original view is still a viable entry --
The focus of mobile virtual reality, especially if you plan to buy or already have one of the expanded lists of compatible smartphones.
However, View 2 is definitely a premium headset, so it will be a better option unless you really need to save $20.
Whether it is worth upgrading is completely another matter.
There are not enough major changes to really suggest spending another $100 just to improve comfort, especially when the original view benefits from growing software libraries and smartphone compatibility like its successor.
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