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home improvement : tap into earth to heat, cool house

by:Mingfa Tech     2019-12-27
Question: I need to replace the old central air conditioner.
It\'s new super.
Efficient geothermal heat pumps that use the energy on Earth to cool and heat the house, very efficient, how do they work?
A: Geothermal Heat Pump (
Often called the ground
Source or land-coupled)
One of the most efficient central air conditioners
Air conditioning and heating system are provided.
Geothermal heat pump can reduce your air compared to your old air conditioner
Adjustment costs up to 50%.
They are also very effective in heating in winter.
Using the Earth as a heat source, the geothermal heat pump can provide 4 BTU heat for every 1 BTU you pay on your electricity bill.
In a cold climate, it can eliminate the need or greatly reduce the use of backup heating devices. The new super-high-
The latest technology is used for high-efficiency geothermal heat pumps.
Some use very quiet and reliable rolling compressors.
Others use moreand variable-
Fast blower for better control of heating and cooling to improve comfort.
You can also choose a thermostat that produces free hot water in the summer.
The ground temperature remains fairly stable-round (
From 50 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit)
Depending on your area.
Pump heat from your house to 55-
90 degrees above ground
Outdoor summer air.
In winter, heat pumps absorb heat from the warm ground more easily than from the cold outdoor air.
There are several ways to use the Earth as a heat source (winter)or heat sink (summer).
If there are lakes or wells near you,
Temperature water can be directly cycled through a heat pump.
Another way to use geothermal closure
Note the ring pipe with water and antifreeze.
This heat exchange solution flows through small plastic pipes buried underground.
There it either emits heat in the summer or absorbs it in the winter.
These pipes can be buried underground horizontally or vertically.
For horizontal pipes, a few-foot-
The trench only needs 6 inch wide.
During installation, the damage to your landscape is minimal.
Because the geothermal heat pump is used to transfer heat from lake water, groundwater or heat.
Swap solution, it can be completely located inside your house.
Like a standard air conditioner or heat pump, it does not require a condenser fan with a lot of noise.
This is also an advantage for repairing and reducing opportunities for damage and corrosion.
You can write to me at the address below for the utilities update number
388 display list of name, address and phone number of super manufacturerhigh-
High efficiency geothermal heat pumps and specifications of several models.
Please include $1 and a self.
Address stamp businesssize envelope.
Although geothermal heat pump is one of the quietest and most efficient air conditioners on the market, geothermal heat pump can be located indoors and not affected by damage and weather factors.
Evaporator coil hot water heat exchanger high-
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