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Here is How to Choose the Best LED Heat Sink


A lot of people now prefer LED lights over traditional bulbs for their lighting needs. Efficiency, longevity, affordability, etc are a few of the perks associated with these lights. However, some people are able to make the most out of LED lights compared to others. So how these folks manage to enhance the life of their lights? The best answer is a LED heat sink. Heat sinks placed at the back of LEDs increase the life of your lights directly. If you wish to lengthen the lifespan of your lights, you ought to choose the best heat sinks. However, the main question is how you can pick the best heat sinks for LEDs.


Tips to choose the best LED heat sink


When it boils down to buying heat sinks, you’ve numerous choices. While this lets you choose sinks from various models, it makes your job equally difficult. Instead of assessing numerous models, you may want to check heat sinks in view of the below points to get the right ones.






A majority of sinks are made of aluminum. Do you know why? Great mechanical characteristics make aluminum suitable for manufacturing heat sinks. In general, pure metal features better thermal conductivity compared to an alloy. Yet, most of the manufacturers use aluminum alloys due to their mechanical characteristics. Plus, aluminum is quite cheaper than many other metals, which reduces the cost of production. Additionally, aluminum is light in weight compared to copper and other metals.

  Although copper has twice the thermal conductivity of aluminum, it isn’t used widely in heat sinks. The reason is the performance of the LED heat sink doesn’t solely depend on the material’s thermal conductivity. Also, copper isn’t ideal for extrusion (a preferred production method for sinks). Most importantly, the cost of copper is pretty high, which makes it unsuitable for commercial production.



Obviously, you wish to buy efficient (coherent) heat sinks for your LEDs. Such a model will perform better and save energy in the process. So how do you figure out a coherent sink? You can ascertain the efficiency of the model in two ways. Firstly, the surface area of the model should be bigger. Secondly, the model should be designed in such a way that it facilitates a maximum amount of airflow throughout the sink.


In order to find an efficient sink, your best bet would be to concentrate on bigger models that come with a powerful fan. Another option would be to have a sink that comes with fine fins. Also, the model should feature a smart design that enables the flow of air from the fan to travel effortlessly through the sink



You’ll find heat sinks in a variety of shapes. Some shapes are so intriguing that you may want to pick them at first sight. However, don’t go after shapes on their lovely looks. Instead, look for a LED heat sink that comes with an ergonomic shape for lighting. Such a model should have a shape with a large surface area for thermal heat transfer. Also, the shape should provide space for more fins for effortless transfer of heat.



It’s rightly said that size matters in many cases, and this applies to heat sinks too. The bigger the size of the heat sink, the better its performance will be. As heat transfer from LED lighting to the surroundings take place in the sink, it should provide ample area for heat transfer. If the size is small, the heat transferring area will be smaller. This, in turn, will affect the performance of the sink.



The surface of the heat sink has a direct and positive effect on thermal conductivity. A painted surface will work better than an unpainted one. In fact, the amount of heat dissipation is improved to a great extent if you use a LED heat sink with a well-painted surface. Such a surface will decrease thermal resistance and enhance the heat dissipation amount. The outcome is even better when heat transfer takes place by radiation of heat.




Many folks think that black sinks are better than others. Their assumption is based on the point that any black object radiates heat in the best manner. However, this doesn’t apply to heat sinks. So newer base your purchase decision on this assumption.


A major portion of heat is dissipated with the use of forced convection. For this effect, the color of the sink is irrelevant. In fact, the color has nothing to do with heat dissipation. Heat sinks are available in various colors such as black, blue, silver, gold, green, and red. As far as performance is concerned, color has no role to play. Instead of choosing a black color sink, look for a sink that dissipates heat efficiently.



The price of the LED heat sink is another important thing that should be considered when checking numerous models. You can find heat sinks in all pricing points. However, don’t just go for cheaper models. They won’t last long and perform inefficiently. Rather explore top-quality heat (LED) sinks that come with an economical price tag.



Of course, you don’t wish to end up with heat sinks that wear out quickly. Although heat sinks are likely to get damages, you may want to ensure their usage for a particular time before replacing them. This is where the warranty period and terms step into action. Make sure that the sinks you’re considering are backed by some warranty for defects and performance. That will make certain you’ll get a replacement for defective products.


Concluding words

A LED heat sink directly affects the life of your lights. The better the heat sink, the better the life of your LEDs will be. This is why it’s advised to select the right sinks in order to enjoy the services of your lights for a long time. To do that, just stick to the above tips on what to look for in heat sinks. With useful info in your hands, you can pick the best sinks for LED lights without putting in much effort.

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