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Here comes another notebook, this one is from HP

by:Mingfa Tech     2020-05-19
This newest HP Pavillion employes HP CoolSense technology, intelligent cooling software and advanced hardware that reportedly makes the notebook feel 'noticeably cooler' to the touch. This HP Pavillion employs an 11.6-inch HD HP BrightView LED display at 1366 x 768 pixel resolution, carries a 1.60 GHz AMD Dual-Core Processor E-350, and has a 320 GB hard drive with HP ProtectSmart hard drive protection. Inside you'll find 2GB DDR3 RAM, Wi-Fi 802.11 along b g and n, and a total of 3.52 lbs of weight in the whole device. There's a VGA webcam with integrated digital microphone up front on top, a multi-format media card reader on the side for both SD cards and other multimedia cards as well. This latest laptop from HP is really cool. This HP Pavillion will be available online at verizonwireless.com on Thursday for $599.99 and customers will have the choices of two of Verizon's new 4G data plans: $50 for 5GB a month or $80 for 10GB a month. The $30 for 3GB plan appears to be missing, but perhaps Verizon knows that 3GB on a laptop would be madness, that amount of data being used up by people like you and I in less than a week, no problem. This latest laptop from HP has good offer. Does this laptop look like something you'll be thinking about picking up? An LTE laptop, what a trip! Now there's no need for the LTE hotspot or USB stick, it's all built in! Seem like the situation for you, or will you be sticking to the separate gear?
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