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heaters and heating elements.

by:Mingfa Tech     2020-04-07
Product Line reviewed by coollab Co. , Ltd.
Isopressure heat pipes and plates for optimizing heat sleeve and rubber forming.
The Isopress line, together with steam, water, or electric heaters, allows the distribution of heat evenly on the surface of the core and cavity, thereby speeding up the cycle time and uniform curing.
Atkinson heat, INC.
Heating element, professional for highwatt-
Electronic Infrared quartz radiation heater, ceramic heater, resistor coil heater, thermocouple, temperature controller and accessories.
US catalytic technology flame-free catalytic gas heaterand roll-
Fed heat forming.
The system converts propane or natural gas to long-
Wave infrared energy in the flame-free oxidation process, when replacing the electric infrared element, the energy cost can be reduced by up to 80%.
Heater size (60)zones)
Range from 12x12 in. to 24 x 72 in.
Manual or automatic pressure control.
Surface temperature of heater from 450-900 F.
BBC Industrial
Electric red outer panel-
Type heater for thermoforming, powder coating and paint curing.
The fiberglass surface emits heat evenly across the entire surface.
Production series model, using ordinary glass fiber surface.
Industry and UL
The approved Thermazone series has stainless steel
The steel mesh on the surface can concentrate heat and isolate it from the natural convection flow.
The maximum operating temperature of the unit is 1000 F.
Heater surface area from 12-18 in. wide and 12-60 in. long. BESSAM-AIRE INC. Direct gas-
Fuel heating equipment and evaporation cooler. Make-
Lift the air heater from 4000 to 50,000 cfm using the ETL list.
Evaporation cooling increases the effective temperature to 80 degrees F.
Reducing the ambient temperature around the injection mold can reduce the sweat. A 40,000-
There are 50 Cooler coolers-
The Financial Times threw in four directions.
Blue M Electric General Signal Company
Electric ovens in compliance with ASTM and UL specifications for laboratory and production.
Temperature/humidity and temperature-
Cycle room for environmental testing.
Temperature of extruder barrel and conveyor line, custom fitting, fiberglass heated jacket with optional coated fabric to prevent dripping water and drooling.
Available voltage up to 480 v, up to 12 w/[wattage]in. sup. 2]
Exposure temperature up to 1000 [degrees]F.
In addition, trace cables, silicon rubber pads, drum heaters and high temperature heating tape can be heated. CASSO-SOLAR CORP.
Electric and Gas infrared ovens, dryers and heaters.
Type C fused quartz, Fiat panel, EB Fiat quartz infrared heater, gas premix and catalytic panel heater, ultra-high strength heater, unitube tubular quartz infrared heater with the product by sending the emission wavelength of the heating element to provide peak efficiency by matching the absorption wavelength (
Wavelength selection method.
Typical systems include profile heating for orientation, annealing, lamination and stretch PET, PE and PP Films;
Heating standard and glass
Reinforced thermoplastic sheet for molding;
Dry and cured paint.
Heater configuration includes multiple
Closed optical focus meter field hole area Module
Custom shapes and sizes, and self-protectioncleaning faces.
Retrofit pre-wiring/pre-wiring components of existing equipment.
Conveyor belt system, index system and fixed drawer system before stamping heat-enhanced composites and other plastics
Including optical thermometers, multi-area heater sets and computerized self-
Teaching control.
Emerson Electric LimitedIn-
Inventory and customization
Engineering heating products include high
High temperature-watt-
Density swaged cartridge heaters with long life, impact resistance and vibration.
Can be in lead
Wiring and installation configuration.
Mica, ceramics and minerals
Oxide insulation tape and nozzle heater-and two-
Workpiece structure with several clamping and termination options at a temperature of 1500 FCast-
Aluminum and Aluminum
Bronze heaters and barrel heaters for various diameters and lengths of airand fluid-
Cooling application. Available pre-
It is designed with Square, circular or rectangular plate structure. Radiant-
Heater style includes straight, hairpin, quartz, infrared, oven section, ceramic and wide-
Area Panel and reflector.
Cleveland process
Electric immersion heaters from 500 w to 36 kw for all stainless steel tank sizes
Steel, titanium, quartz and Teflon.
Construction Technology Division
Investment Holding Group Limited
Microwave and radiofrequency (
Heating utilization of a magnetic control system with on/off time
Proportional control or amplitude modulation.
Comply with safety standards and FCC regulations.
In amplitude modulation, the current power is adjusted to control the instantaneous magnetic tube output.
The remote sensor measures the temperature of the material inside the microwave chamber or RE electrode arrangement and adjusts the power output of the magnetic control to maintain temperature control.
For materials with minimal direct microwave and re-heating response, the \"susceptor\" additive converts EMW energy into heat in the body of the material.
The advantages can be obtained using renewable energy and special sensitive additives compared to microwave.
Dalton Electric, INC. Watt-Flex split-
A sheath cartridge heater with a continuous coil provides a uniform temperature distribution and generally does not require a distributed wattage.
Since the unit does not have typical coil segments and cold points for conventional heaters, it is especially suitable for packaging and bag sealing rods. Hot-
The tip function is achieved by passing the coil through the tip of the beating machine, improving the performance of the sheet extrusion mold or the thermoforming mold
By placing a more sensitive heat on the mold of the probe or on the lip of the tip, the runner-up gate probe.
The Independent, bilateral expansion of the two legs affects the contact between the two sides of the sheath and the drilling, providing better heat transfer, thus providing the cooler-running coil (
Longer heater life).
Since the heater is de-
After powering on, it will shrink, making it easier to remove the heater and eliminate the drilling blockage.
Groove heater external hold needle
The type of thermocouple that monitors the temperature of the process, not the internal coil temperature.
The design allows the replacement of the thermocouple or heater independently.
Delta Manufacturing Ltd.
Customized and standard sizing machine products for injection molding, extrusion, blow molding, packaging and thermoforming.
The motherboard and ceramic heater bands in stock, cartridge heaters, cloud and ceramic strip heaters, flexible heaters and immersion heaters.
Main large mold-
Head heaters and packaging for pipes and pipes-around mica-
Insulated drum heaters for special products such as polymer and oil.
Shipping industry laboratory, batch and continuous oven for various applications (including annealing.
Temperature/humidity and temperature circulation chamber for environmental simulation test. DIEBOLT & CO.
Electric heating, highpressure (5000 psi)and high-temperature (650 F)
Hoses, pipes and pipes.
Applications include co-extrusion, stripping, melting-
Pipe replacement, quick extruder connection, product transfer and viscosity control. D-M-E CO.
Heater and heating elements include a box heater with heater, thermocouple, square-
Coil nozzle heater.
Six models with heaters with operating temperatures of 900 degrees FahrenheitD.
From 3/4 to 8.
From 75 W to W at 950-120and 240-v models.
Box heaters in general and Highwatt-
Density configuration with operating temperature of 450 F and 120-and 240-v models.
Traditional heater for Diam.
From 1/4 to 3/4.
, Length from 2 to 16.
And from 40 to 1250 watts. High-watt-
Unit of density: 1/4-to 3/4-in. diam.
, Length from 1 to 14.
, And Watts from 100 to 2200. Square-
The power density of the coil nozzle heater is 106 w /[in. sup. 2]
Working temperature is 1200 F. A 0. 750-in. I. D.
125 and 250 w and the version with and without thermocouple in 0. 875-in. I. D.
Version 125 or 250 w
Two versions of 240v high-watt-
High density thermocouple single head electric heat pipe
Temperature Application of 1500 degrees FahrenheitOne has 3/8-in. diam.
, Length from 3/4 to 8.
200 to 775 w.
1/2 others-in. diam.
, Length from 3 1/2 to 7 1/2.
420 to 975 w.
There is also a square conventional and thermocouple box line
Coil and rectangular heater for internal and external heating of the run-free edge forming system.
Durex industries
Aluminum bronze heater for extrusion equipment.
Standard configuration includes liquidand air-
Cooling structure.
Installation options include bolts-on and strap-on design.
As a cooling pipe, there are many termination options for the heating element. EZ HEAT CORP.
The electric heating elements include the cloud master belt, nozzle heater, Cloud master belt, rectangular mica furnace heater, box heater and bolt heater. FAST HEAT INC. Swaged Hi-
Temporary box heaters for rapid heat transfer, high operating temperature, shock resistance and long life.
Standard, square and holes are also available-punch design.
Better belt heater, providing excellent heat transfer in sealed better belt to prevent contamination.
The economical cloud mother belt has many Terminal Options and extruded or cast aluminum.
There are also ceramic and value belt heaters.
All with heaters have various diameters and terminals.
Bar heaters designed for efficient heat transfer and easy installation.
The Ultima belt heater is capable of operating at a temperature of 1200 F.
Many sizes and better belts in terminal style, better belts for sealing and fin strip heaters.
Custom tube heater
Made of various lengths, sizes and configurations.
Foster Leah industries
Electric infrared oven for preheating material before molding.
Glen electric heater
Complete production line of electric heating elements and related accessories.
The product includes a Starflex band heater, an extruded aluminum strip that uses a fire-resistant insulated tubular heating element. Low-
The expansion clamping band provides a comfortable barrel fit and ensures heat transfer to a maximum heater temperature of 600 F.
The motherboard heater is also provided.
These two products are usually used for injection molding and extrusion of barrels, heads and molds.
Starflex strip and mother bands are also used for molds, platforms, and molds.
Tubular heating elements manufactured by Diam. of 0. 200, 0. 260, 0. 315, 0. 375, 0. 430 and 0.
475 for thermoforming applications.
Firebrand high-watt-
Low density cartridges and standardwatt-
Density heater.
Plug and flange heaters for liquid applications as well as cycle heaters.
The standard size can be provided for all heaters, and the design can also be customized. GLENRO INC.
Infrared and engineered air systems for extrusion profiles, films, hoses, and medical and automotive pipelines.
Applications include heating
Shrinkage, sintering, curing, heating, drying and melting.
Accurate temperature control.
The oven can be configured vertically or horizontally. HEATRON INC. Custom-
The heating elements designed include MAX2000 high-
High temperature-watt-
The density band and belt heater are a combination of inorganic Masterbatch insulation material designed to improve the life and durability of the heater.
The Ceramax ceramic insulated heater provides a higher working temperature (1600 F)
Longer service life and lower energy costs.
The patented non-stick cartridge heater eliminates the need to apply a mold release before installation, eliminates downtime and reduces damage to equipment and tools.
Standard size, no need to be particularly boring.
Lightweight Heatflex flexible heaters insulated from materials such as silicone rubber and pi, which can be used in the process of heater working below 500 F with unlimited shape and sizeAlso cast-
Aluminum bronze heater with integral cooling pipe (
And air cooling).
The Heat uheat extruded aluminum strip provides an excellent radiator for rapid transfer and temperature uniformity.
Specializing in the production of heater or OEM replacement parts for OEM specifications.
ISO 9001 is registered. HOTSET CORP. High-watt-
The density cartridge heater of the standard size is from 1/8. to 1 in. diam.
Unintentional grounding sheath provides [diameter tolerance]+ or -]0. 0008 in. Medium-watt and low-
The Watt density cartridge heater for applications that require less than 38mm diameter.
In all outlet configurations, the thermocouple is built in or not.
Coil heater for Fiat, square, 0.
13 round, Mini and Maxi designs.
The line length of the custom molding is available.
High availability Maxi or cast heater
Performance application.
Flat, square, 0.
13 and maxi are available with or without a built-in thermocouple.
Band heater in cloud and ceramic style, plastic-
Proof building and high
Performance in Europestyle bands.
Standard outlet changes and locks
Provide up configuration. HOTWATT INC.
Precision electric heating elements include ink cartridges, tubular and fin-like tubes for a variety of applications, air treatment, immersion, belts and fins, belts, foils, flexible glass ropes and ceramic heaters. IMS CO.
Heater band range of standard cloud chip-core to low-Key lock for configuration file; and from super-high-watt-
Plastic density-
Expandable ceramic-Insulation type. Also metric-size, mica-core bands.
Standard and built in
The thermocouple box heater for the connection and use of the heater, the heater and the thermocouple wires and other accessories.
Trading base Div.
Stock common size 120-and 240-
With alloy outer sheath, ceramic core and 24-
Lead for internal connection.
Industrial heaters
Replacement belt heaters in stock or custom designed for injection molding and extrusion include cylindrical, flat and rectangular types. Also air-
Cooling and water
Cooling heater for extrusion. Also cross-
Head heaters and ovens for wire and cable, box heaters for various applications, including molds and molds, tube heaters for special air heating, radiation heaters for thermoforming, box heaters and coils for Thermoforming
Mold system.
Infrared direct company
Distribute ceramic and quartz infrared transmitters from Ceramicx, Ireland.
Support products and services include high
Temperature wire, tape, terminal and insulator;
Part or all of the oven; custom machine-
Hot shop work
Process equipment;
Custom oven manufacturing;
And PLC control system.
Infrared international ceramic infrared heater for Salamander fish in North America using one-
Clip with easy installation and temperature-
Indicates decals or appear in full size
Color temperature sensitive element. Special large-
The slot element provides uniform Watt density in a large area.
Three of these oversized elements are combined together to form 12x12. (CRP)
Pre-wired and fully insulated aluminum-plated steel panels.
Distributed by MOR Electric Co. INFRA-
Red Technology Co. , Ltd.
Flame-free infrared Catalytic heaters supplied with natural gas are reported to reduce energy costs by 80%
Electric heater in thermoforming. Gas-
The working temperature of the Cat heater is lower than that of the electric device.
CGA and FM are approved.
Infrasource inc.
Vulcatherm ceramic quartz infrared transmitter U. K.
Available in all sizes and shapes, 75-
1000 w, 120 v to 480 v.
Thermocouple, reflector or mounting equipment and ceramic junction boxes are also embedded. INSUL-VEST, INC. Insul-
Watt custom insulated heater with energy saving and running at low watt density.
The LED light indicates the heater belt function at a glance.
There is also a modular and custom insulating blanket for barrels, molds and molds.
High non-conductive insulation
Temperature material with non-stick fiber appearance, anti-plastic cleaning.
And sound-proof blankets.
Heating elements of the Italian Trade Commission provided by Italian manufacturers.
Maytag clarence, for component heat lines of tubular electric heaters for applications including curing, drying, preheating, finishing and thermoforming.
The heater prevents moisture and contaminants through metal sheaths of various alloys.
Watt density is determined by the customer\'s specifications. Sheath diam. available in 0. 200, 0. 260, 0. 315, 0. 375, 0. 430, and 0. 475 in.
Length to 200.
Maximum sheath tem-
The temperature shall not exceed 1500 F.
The Heatube series includes suitable for aluminum extrusion, circulation, soaking, air-
Pipe, round flange and vacuum forming applications.
Modin Manufacturing Co. , Ltd.
Unit heater, pipeline furnace, manufacturing production line-
Air Group, Air turnover group and other heating products.
NICKERSON\'s mechanical heating elements include a cloud chip and a highheat mineral-
Insulated nozzle belt, cartridge heater, Mica furnace and ceramic barrel heater.
Norun Products Co. , Ltd.
Noren hot needle thermal conductor (
Similar to heat pipes)
Quickly and evenly transfer heat from one part of the mold to another.
Usually used for mold cooling to extract heat but can also convert heat into hard heatto-
Reach the Mold area in thermoforming.
The unit cooling core and mold are faster than water to reduce cycle time and absorb heat from the plastic and transfer it to the waterway or mold base.
Uniform heat transfer eliminates heatspot pulling.
Only one water line is needed.
Hot needle to eliminate small-scale and blockage
The diameter of the water channel enters the core, reducing maintenance, and when there is a penetration or leakage problem, the old or damaged mold parts can be isolated from the coolant.
In blow molding, the hollow unit evenly cools the end of the blow molding pin and evenly cools the neck of the blow molding bottle.
More than 380 sizes in stock.
Ogden Manufacturing Company
Powerful wattage and powerful wattage cartridge heater.
The powerful Watt Plus allows the shipment of thousands of combinations of sizes, ratings, and lead configurations from stock.
SST and QST split-
The sheath insertion heater provides improved conductive heat transfer, which is easy to remove from holes with wear or poor drilling.
The belt heater includes powerful Miser ceramics, powerful-Tuff high-
Temperature, alumni
Elastic aluminum and cloud chip type.
Replacement heater for injection, extru-
Sion, blow molding, Thermoforming and auxiliary equipment shipped from stock.
Resin dryer and mold.
Temperature control heater;
Metal sheaths, ceramic, flat
Panel and quartz-
Tube type infrared heater for heating in radiation process.
Omega Engineering Limited
Heating cables and belts, ink cartridges, tubular electricity, immersion and belt heaters, as well as laboratory and professional equipment.
Accessories include heat
The Couple, RTD, and thermal resistance sensors, as well as related wires, connectors, and hardware. Also heating-
Controller, instrument, computer interface and other system instruments.
The oven series, ceramics and other oven heating elements can be used as replacement parts or to build a custom oven.
Omega heater Limited
Heater belts and belts for ceramic and cloud chips;
And ink cartridges, channels, ceramic air-cooled, cast-aluminum (liquid and air-cooled)ceramic-fiber, radiant-
Panel and roller heater.
Heater accessories, instruments, controllers and thermocouple.
Cloud female tape and ink cartridges in stock.
Custom Products of Thixomolding and new ultra-high temperate zone.
Directly or prefabricated tubular heating elements and swing highwatt-
Box heater with high density
Temperature leads with or without thermocouple.
Patented plate heaters, for use in a thermal manifold with replaceable tubular heating elements that are pressed into slots and fixed in place through a fixed heater cover.
Osram in West, the companyRange of high-
Temperature air and infrared ceramic heaters, controllers, blowers, complete systems and accessories.
The air heater reaches 1600 degrees Fahrenheit. Hot-
The air system adopts heater and control technology and can cut off the power supply if the element is overheated.
Infrared ceramic heater with Watt density of 40 [w/in. . sup. 2]
It can run at a surface temperature of 750 F for more than 5000 hours.
When approaching the working temperature, the glaze coating on the surface of the heater changes the color.
Plastic Processing Equipment Company
The complete range of heaters includes the mother band and strip, the mineral insulation band, the ceramic band and strip, the extruded aluminum band and strip, the spiral heater and the flexible and box heater.
A variety of styles and sizes of the motherboard and ceramic belt heaters in stock, as well as some OEM specifications of the heater. Custom-
The heater belt was ordered in just seven days.
Box heaters of various sizes, voltages and power, including models with internal thermocouple.
Process thermal dynamics
Infrared heaters, heaters and controllers for various ap and oven systemsplications.
Products include:stress relief)
Injection and blow molding parts for PC and other materials, heaters for preheating plastic before thermoforming, drying or curing heaters and ovens for plastic adhesive groups
Or combine, and plastic.
Related heat treatment. Q-
SOURCE infrared product sheet and double quartz tube infrared (IR)
Transmitter and oven hardware. Quartz-
Tube IR transmitter of standard and fast response model. Each single-and twin-
The tube IR transmitter can be built and run on a horizontal or vertical plane.
The optional overall gold reflector is solidified on a quartz tube and does not require cleaning and helps to orient the infrared energy of the transmitter to the substrate.
Radiation Energy Systems Ltd. Heat-
Processing equipment, heaters and ovens for forming parts such as annealing;
Stress relief for welding and prefabricated parts;
Laminate, hot stamping and other reinforced plastic heating. ;
Warm-up fiber before pulling and squeezing;
Drying/curing of coating and ink on film, paper, etc.
Main 5-annealing
Gal water bottle. RAMA CORP.
Box heater in Incoloy sheath with temperature of 1600 F, and stainless steel
Steel in a more gentle temperature range of 1200 F
Continuous nozzle heater with surface contact of more than 1000%, high temperature connection, internal
Thermocouple and proportional distribution heating.
The Rama Flex heater provides moderate heat and uniform distribution on an irregular and smooth surface.
The Rama belt and the Rama belt heater are computers-
Design and Verification.
Tubular heating elements built from high
Quality materials that meet strict application requirements. (See also Hot-
Runner components and systems. )RESEARCH, INC.
Production line of modular infrared heating device (
SpotIR, LineIR, StripIR, PanelIR, ChambIR, HI
Tempreir, SimulateIR)
Generating heat flux (-3 watts/[in. sup. 2]
Over 900 w /[in. sup. 2])
And radiation geometry (from 0. 25 in. diam.
Attractions in the large area of 38x144. ).
Some heaters can heat the target to more than 2000 F in a few seconds.
In addition, the controlllr series SCR power controller for heaters provides an integrated heating system. SHUMAN CO.
Suppliers provide their own quartz-
Tube infrared heater panel.
Completely enclosed elements on the side and back with a galvanized housing; 2-in, ceramic-
Place the fiber insulation directly behind the quartz tube.
All the energy is reported to be radiating to the sheets.
The elements range from 8 x24in.
An area to 24x24 in.
Nine tubes can be divided into one, two or three areas.
Tube can be replaced separately.
Solar Products Company
Standard and special electric infrared heaters in various configurations.
Options include panel heater design as well as quartz tube, furnace, infrared/forced convection combined heater, unique heater and custom design. Also cost-
Effective transformation solution.
Steel industry LimitedBurn-
Oven for heating
Clean screws, molds, mixers, fixtures, tools and scrap to ensure that the parts do not overheat.
The oven runs at low cost and fast processing time without chemicals, brushes or flashlights.
A baking/processing oven for thermoforming, baking, preheating and drying, with temperatures ranging from 500 F to 850 F.
Can be used with power, natural gas or LPG Services.
Tianke Electric Heater Company
Electric heating elements, thermocouple, RTDs, temperature control and related accessories for injection molding, extrusion and auxiliary applications. HiDensity (swaged)and low-
Density box heater for Heat
Runner, compression and injection mold for extrusion molds and welding equipment. Eli-
Density cartridge heater termination lead conversion program guarantee 24-
26 custom terminals shipped from 65,000 in-48 hoursstock Hi-
Density cartridge heaters in excess of 1000 standard sizes and electrical ratings. Cast-
Mi-aluminium or bronze heater/cooler unit
Plus mineral insulation tape for injection molding and extruder barrels, heads and molds, Duraband mother tape, ceramic insulation tape, aluminum channel Maxiband and tubular nozzle belt heater.
Cloud chips, Maxistrip and channel belt heaters for molds, templates and molds.
Tubular heating elements and electronics
Inclined ceramic infrared heater for thermoforming.
Standards and minerals
Fused insulated thermocouple
Bolt thermocouple, RTDs, protection tube, thermocouple and extension cord.
Melt pressure sensor and gauge.
Complete Series of screw plugs and flanges-
Immersion and circulation heaters for liquids
Temperature controller used in Mold
Temperature adjustment, and heavy-duty-duty ASA-rated flanged-
Soak and cycle heater with power/temperature control panel.
Works/manufacturing from stock or custom.
Many products certified by UL/CSA. (See ad p. 234-Tab. )
Hot innovationQuartz-
Infrared electronic tube and 【:P. sup. 3]
Transmitter System for metal processing, Thermoforming and paper market curing and drying applications.
Infrared energy is provided by gas or electric infrared. THERMA-TECH CORP.
Infrared process heaters from components to the entire system and controller.
The heater can be used in a wide temperature range with an accuracy of 2 [degrees]F.
Energy efficient conversion to infrared, 1-
9 micron wavelength, temperature 2500 F, heating time is 8 seconds. through 4 min.
The module is compact, durable, easy to install, easy to operate and maintain.
Standard and custom sizes are available.
The equipment is easy to maintain and can withstand the impact of water splashing, dirt-free or warping.
Suitable for processes that require clean room conditions and have no environmental pollution.
Engineering services and custom designs are available.
Simulation Products CompanyCoil and mini-
Coil heater for heating
Runner app with mini features
Coil design in Diam. of 1/2 to 1 in.
Length from 3/4 to 4.
Power ranges from 125 to 600 w at 240 v.
Sealing structure with long service life under harsh conditions. Low-
Axial fixture with automatic profile
The locking function allows easy installation within the smallest nozzle hole.
Standard Allen-
Head screw fixture.
Standard flexible leads of any length are available, allowing bending to 0. 1-
In an environment of up to 900 F, the radius.
Valard electric heating company
Hot plates in sizes from 6x12 to 36x36.
All hot plates are made of 1/2 stainless steel cabinets.
Top plate with machined aluminum surface.
All units are certified by ansi etl ul 499.
VULCAN catalytic system for rolling flame-free catalytic gas heater paneland sheet-
Fed thermoform uses median to Long
Wave infrared energy and help reduce the cost of electric infrared.
The system catalytic oxidation of propane or natural gas to obtain a complete Btu content without flame. Manual or PLC-
Control based on touch screen area.
The median wave energy of the heater is suitable for static electricity or other paint-
Oven equipment.
Waken Electric Power Company
Thunderbolt series includes cartridge heaters, heaters, cast-
In heaters, immersion heaters, and tube-type heaters. In-
Inventory and customization
Engineering products.
VAG Electric
With and with heaters, tubular metal sheath elements, immersion heaters, flange immersion heaters and heat-
Transmission system with overall cooling. Also forced-
Duct heater and heat-
Hot Plate seal.
Warren Electric
Custom and standard flanges, screw plugs, loops and passesthe-
Side electric immersion heaters, housing and accessories for new applications and replacement requirements.
Grade steel or stainless steel flanges from 150 to 1200 psi.
Plugs of steel, stainless steel or bronze.
Terminal case options include standard, weather-
Resistant, high-
Temperature extension head for high temperature
Temperature application to reduce the ambient temperature inside the wiring housing.
Heating elements of 321 or 316 stainless steel, steel or Incoloy can be welded or welded to the flange.
The casing and Pressure Vessel Assembly also provides ASME \"u\" and \"u\" stamps for pressure vessel construction, as well as national Boiler and Pressure Vessel board \"r\" stamps for pressure vessel repair and renovation
Services include engineering and design for custom designs.
ISO 9001 is registered.
WATLOW Swaged with high-
High temperature-watt-
Density capability.
Lead adapter programs with patented lead connection technology allow the same-
Daily shipment of more than 150,000 Firerod variants.
The belt heater includes the MI Band, a hightemperature (1600[degrees]F max. )
Units with special mineral insulation materials, providing a long heater life;
With heater, flexible design, easy to install and replace on barrel, fast heatingup and cool-down.
Thin belt heater with quick fixture, easy to install.
When the heater expands at startup, the spring load remains in contact with the barrel.
Also includes radiation heater, quartz tube element, heater with heater, ceramic fiber heater, cable and nozzle heater, casting-
In heaters, flexible heaters, multi-chamber heaters, tube heaters, immersion heaters and cycle heaters.
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