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heat transfer and flow analysis of al2o3-water nanofluids in interrupted microchannel heat sink with ellipse and diamond ribs in the transverse microchambers

by:Mingfa Tech     2019-11-23
A three-
In order to study the pressure drop and heat transfer properties of the nano-fluid flow, the dimension numerical simulation of the interrupted micro-channel radiator was carried out.
The first part studies the effects of two different rib shapes on the flow properties to find the best design.
Water is used as working fluid in this part.
In the second part of this work, alumina/water nanofluids with different volume fractions are modeled as working fluids and their properties are compared with water.
The analysis shows that using elliptical ribs can improve the performance of micro-channels better than using diamond ribs and no ribs.
It is also shown that at least 2% of the bulk fraction of nanoparticles is required to achieve heat transfer enhancement.
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