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Hand touch heat sink, is it hot or not?


Now everyone is using LED lights, and those who have carefully observed will find that LED lights have a feature: the rear of the lamp body often has a heat sink. A luminaire with reasonable heat dissipation design and fine manufacturing has a corresponding relationship between heat dissipation capability and power. The volume and weight of the heat sink determine the heat storage capacity, so the heat sink is generally relatively large. The area of the heat sink determines the final emission capacity, and in order to increase the area, it is generally made into various shapes such as columns, nets, and slices.


Radiators account for a large portion of the cost of luminaires. In order to save costs, some factories that cut corners will be refilled and replenished. So the question is: How do we judge whether the radiator of a fixture is doing well?

Of course, the most straightforward method is to measure the junction temperature of the LED chip when the luminaire is working.

Sometimes when choosing a fixture outside, it is obviously not possible to measure the junction temperature with professional equipment. The easiest way is to touch it by hand... So, the mold is hot? Still not hot?


Hand touch the heat sink is not hot, not necessarily good

When the LED luminaire is working properly, a good heat sink must have a lower temperature, but a lower temperature heat sink may not be good. The problem is mainly caused by the heat conduction. When the heat generated by the heat source cannot be smoothly transferred to the film, the heat accumulates in the vicinity of the heat source, and the heat is transmitted to the heat sink by the high temperature difference, so the touch temperature is not high.

If there is impurities under the substrate, there is no good contact with the heat sink, the heat cannot be transmitted, and it is concentrated on the chip. The outside is not hot, in fact, the chip inside is already hot!


Hand touch radiator is very hot, certainly not good

If the hand touch radiator is very hot, the heat dissipation system must be bad, or the heat dissipation capacity of the radiator is insufficient, or the effective heat dissipation area is not enough, so that the heat cannot be quickly exchanged with the ambient air, resulting in the heat dissipation of the lamp and the air at a high temperature difference. So the hand feels very hot.


Some radiators look very large, but the "effective heat dissipation area" is not enough. A set of heat dissipation system, in which part of the heat sink area that can fully contact the ambient air and the air can quickly leave freely, can be called the "effective heat dissipation area". Other materials that cannot be freely contacted by air are at best considered to be heat-sensitive materials or areas of heat radiation.

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