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Hair loss is one of the biggest problems that

by:Mingfa Tech     2020-07-16
Laser combs were invented in the beginning of the 20th century and it has been proven to be completely safe. Laser lights that are used for other medical purposes are usually very strong and harsh. However the laser light used for these combs is of much lower level and hence completely safe. Currently they also follow FDA guidelines for hair loss treatment. This device was created to be a miniature version of the salon laser treatment for hair re-growth. Most laser combs have 17 diode lasers that reach the scalp through conical shaped bristles. These perfectly crafted bristles ensure that the beam is directed at the exact location on the scalp. As a customer you must be aware that the best quality combs contain four rows of diode lasers which provide the exact amount of light energy required. However you must not get duped by buying combs that have LED's or light emitting diodes fitted on them. These are not at all effective for hair re-growth treatment and will only result is disappointment. Advantage of using this comb This is an established and safe way of treating hair loss and is known to produce thick and healthy hair. The laser therapy induces hair growth once again. Both hair brushes and combs are available in this treatment. As a user you can also purchase nutritional products and hair supplements that can be used along with this therapy. This process is simple and portable. This makes it easy to use it at home and see results within weeks. The other benefit is that you can purchase this right from home, by ordering them online or over the phone. This product can be used by both and men and women to achieve good results. You can also purchase rechargeable batteries to run this comb effectively and for a longer duration. One of the best places to find more information about laser combs is http://www.surethik.com
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