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by:Mingfa Tech     2020-07-04
Gun Violence Control is a debate neither Republicans nor Democratic leaders would object to in light of 14th December 2012 mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary school. 20 innocent children and six adults killed by actions of a single gun man with access to a legally acquired weapon. Let's not forget the Virginia Tech shooting on 16th April 2007 that led to the death of 32 people and wounding of 17 at the hand of one single student. In both mass shootings, the perpetrators were young males under 30 years, socially inapt with access to rifles, guns and ammunition. It's also imperative to note that these were single-handedly planned shootings by individuals socially accepted as having relational problems or medical problems. In these circumstances the Community always first looks to blame the parents, teachers, or medical staff in contact with perpetrators. However as recently manifested by actions of Adam Lanza, the blamed adults are sometimes victims of these crimes. I don't believe any individual knowing that a child or young adult is susceptible to committing such violence would close their eyes. My logical conclusion is, some human depravity can never be spotted before occurrence, if the psychic's or future teller cannot predict human depravity degeneration, non-perpetrator should not be held liable for actions of sick individuals. However, action needs to be taken to control identifiable similar identifiable elements leading to grave public exposure to weapon violence crimes. In my humbled opinion, congress can't control sick selfish individualist actions, nor can a mother or teacher foretell the evil within a student. Congress must revise laws on nature of weapons legally availed to home owners and the public i.e. either rifles verses specifically identified guns to reduce mass deaths, Congress must also adopt measures to protect the public against actions of perpetrators with easy access to legally authorized guns and public places. Not only is the killing of many of innocent people in public places unconscionable, but easy access to such places by heavily armed person is sickening and should be unacceptable. As a country, public and private places must be protected against actions of violent individuals. Let's not put all work on congress, the schools through school districts, the movies theaters through leadership and others venues should adopt measures to deter such mass violence. Congress should spear head the standards for adoption in the country. It's not the Weapon by itself that's dangerous, other factors must be reevaluated for freedom and safety to be enjoyed in schools and other places. Political bickering or fear of addressing the problem by both political parties does not help in keeping the public safe. A unanimous comprehensive policy must be adopted with the goal of protecting the public in public places at the fore front. Selling one weapon manufacturing plant to another is not the solution, that's a clean hand public stunt not likely to reward and avail safety in public places. Discussions must be stirred in the right direction to achieve the safety for our children and innocent adults in public places as well us in private homes.
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