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Graphene-polymer alloy Heatsink--A new generation of revolutionary LED radiator


Before a new material appeared, the aluminum heat sink has been occupying the top position in the radiator field with the advantages of light weight, long life, mature thermal performance. Now it comes –Graphene-polymer alloy, it will a new round of material blowing in the LED lighting industry.


First, what is graphene?

Graphene is a two-dimensional carbon nano-material with hexagonal honeycomb lattice composed of carbon atoms in sp²_hybrid orbits. In 2004, Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov of the University of Manchester first discovered graphene and won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2010. It is an almost perfect planar prototype discovered by human beings.

It has extremely high thermal conductivity, which is 22 times as high as that of aluminium. Moreover, it is very compact and has superior weatherability, and its hardness exceeds that of diamonds.

Mingfa Tech-Graphene-polymer Alloy Heatsink——a New Generation Of Revolutionary

Graphene-polymer alloy is a kind of graphene high thermal conductivity composite material developed by Jitao Optoelectronics. It is composed of graphene and polymer materials. It has the same heat dissipation effect as aluminium. It can quickly export and radiate heat source to external media. And the forming process is simple, without secondary processing. Moreover, plus light weight, excellent flame retardant, heat resistance and weather resistance. It will replace aluminum as the first choice for all kinds of heat sink and radiator materials.


At the forefront of the development of the lighting industry, Mingfa Tech combines traditional heat sink with graphene-polymer alloys . In the next month, it will launch two LED lighting housing of graphene-polymer alloys for LED streetlights. Solving the problem of heat dissipation, LED streetlight products show higher luminous efficiency, energy saving rate and non-destructive replacement advantages, which will subvert the traditional LED streetlight concept and attract the attention of the LED lighting industry.


Start a new round of heat sink revolution, please look forward to June SGT series of new products!

Mingfa Tech-Graphene-polymer Alloy Heatsink——a New Generation Of Revolutionary-1

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