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GooLED Heat Sink Story

Mingfa Tech-Find Large Copper Heatsink, Professional 4 Can Light Housing


Customer's country: Australia

Customer type: End Customer

Customer source: By Website

Quantity: About 80,000 a year

Order details: Since 2010, Efficient Lighting has been working with us for nearly 8 years.

Before placing an order, the customer has come to our factory to check the quality and production equipment of our products. From procurement, receiving, production, installation, testing, packaging to shipment tracking, we implement all aspects of effective control to ensure product quality. Our high quality has helped us earn the trust of customers, making customers to make repeat orders year after year.

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The order mainly involves products: Gooled-5850 products

Client: Lucent Lighting UK Ltd.

Customer type: Lighting design engineer

Where to contact customers: Internet, exhibition, email marketing

Number of products purchased by customers: 500pcs for Faisaliah retail mall lighting project

Total project value: $2,540


Order processing details:

Since 2015, Mingfa has provided this type to UK customers. In order to help our customers stand out from other competitors, we have accepted a minimum order quantity of more than 500 pieces. These radiators are delivered as quickly as possible to support the customer's emergency projects. After testing and using, they have placed another 1000 orders next month.

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