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giant mars rover blasts off

by:Mingfa Tech     2019-12-30
NASA\'s largest and most advanced Mars probe was launched Saturday from Cape Canaveral, Florida.
Curiosity is filled with 10 scientific experiments to determine whether Mars is suitable for life and to find clues about past life forms that may be preserved in rocks.
NASA says Curiosity can\'t answer age questions.
Old questions about life on Mars, but it will provide important information to guide future missions.
NASA says the search for life spacecraft on Mars signals after separation from the rocket.
NASA said the launch was scheduled for Friday, but it took the task force a day to remove and replace the flight termination system battery.
Curiosity is expected to roam Mars for about two years, looking for things that are vital to life\'s growth: liquid water, key chemicals and energy for biological use, the researchers said.
The rover lifted off on the Atlas V rocket on Saturday and plans to land at the Gale Crater on August 2012.
Curiosity is twice as much as the old Mars rover, Spirit and Opportunity, and five times as much as the old Mars rover.
Its scientific instruments weigh 15 times the scientific payload of its predecessors.
The mast of the rover can extend to 7 feet (2. 1 meters)
Put a high
Define the imaging system.
It also uses a laser.
Fully equipped camera, zap can be carried out on rocks to study the sparks of the launch and understand their composition. A 7-foot-
The long robot arm can hold the soil analysis instrument.
Unlike the early rover, Curiosity can collect rocks and soil in the lab for treatment.
The rover also has tools to find water under the surface, monitor the weather and measure natural radiation.
Curiosity is designed to roll on obstacles up to 25 inch (
About 65 centimeters)
Travel about 660 feet kilometers (200 meters)per day.
Its energy will be a radioisotope generator.
Landing will be tricky due to Rover size.
When it drops, the spacecraft will make S-
Like the curve maneuver used by space shuttle astronauts.
Three minutes before landing, the parachute and push back will slow down the speed of the spacecraft.
Then, a few seconds before touching the ground, the above stage will be like a sky crane, lowering the upright rover on the tether to the surface.
When Curiosity arrives on Mars, three satellites already in orbit will listen: NASA\'s Mars Odyssey and Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter and the European Space Agency\'s Mars Express.
The spacecraft will be positioned to receive information about the state of curiosity and pass the information to Earth.
NASA: The fact about the Mars Science Lab has brought us closer to the return of recyclers, and I can\'t wait to find quality relays!
The Obama administration has once again wasted taxpayers\' cash on a massive scale.
The planning and execution of these tasks will take years or even decades.
The Obama administration has proposed a mission on 2020 and 2035.
From an economic point of view, the biggest winner is a private company aligned with your party.
You should complain about welfare, foreign aid and the United Nations.
Continue this project!
Oh, I also complain about them, but the truth is that we will save money if he cancels the task today.
This is a fact, not an opinion.
Dell, if someone takes your life
Stopper, the Earth is saved from your carbon dioxide pollution, the water is saved and transferred to areas that are more needed, and we don\'t have to kill vegetables and animals to feed you, which is better and saves the earth.
This is a fact, not a choice.
But it is clear that this is a short-term fact.
Obviously, when you can obviously help find ways to cure cancer, killing potential people like you is a waste for humans, and a better energy system can solve our energy problems. not crisis)
Become a politician and transfer money to projects that you think are more necessary and likely to help millions of people.
Again, cutting projects now will save money to maintain this project, but you don\'t take into account any aspect --
The effect of doing so.
If the government decides to stop this task too early now or in the next few years, the intelligent engineers and scientists who really make a difference in our society will not have any confidence in the country and go overseas, we will have a lot of knowledge leakage to countries like China, the World Health Organization is still booming, and a large part of its GDP is used for technological development.
The aerospace sector is expected to continue to grow, and technology in terms of detection and launch capabilities is unique to the United States, and we certainly do not want to lose that knowledge and infrastructure.
Killing this project is a dull \"fact\" for many more reasons, but since I believe someone as capable as you are, the amount of this reasoning should be enough to move you in the right direction of thinking.
I firmly believe you have a lot of potential, but I think you have to move in the right direction. w00t!
Great launch, good luck on Mars.
Another great work of another wonderful work of JPL engineering.
The United States needs to invest more in such technology projects.
It\'s cool, and hopefully NASA will find answers to questions we\'re interested in science.
One day, we will be glad we went to space.
One day there may be life-threatening events on our planet.
By then, it will be a pleasure for mankind to know that it will continue.
One day we will figure out how to mine an asteroid, who will mine it, who will be the richest man on the planet.
I am happy that even if our government does not do so, Science in the United States is still moving forward.
Why do scientists always look for similar conditions on Earth?
Water, carbon, Earth temperature, etc. these things happen to create life on Earth, but are not universal necessary conditions for life elsewhere. Carbon-
Basic life is the only life we can guarantee.
At least we know what to look. . .
There may be others based on the creptonite or others, but the people on earth are the ones we understand.
Due to the action of the magnetic field, Mercury is slowly being sucked into the sun.
Other planets have been there before.
Before another planet is absorbed, Mars will replace the Earth.
Very few people will travel and all the others will die.
Steven Hawkins warned us that the Earth will last less than 100.
There is very little NASA gives us, and people are not open enough to see what really happens.
You can see what the astronauts really see on the moon.
All the plans and preparations have been going on for many years.
Hawkins is a little radical in his theory, some people think that this will not happen in 500 billion years, they can\'t find life, for humans, it will be another form of life that is perfectly launched! !
I like the data flow and simulation of NASA. TV.
During the burn, you can see changes in the distant and near locations. .
Yes, when the telemetry data is not cut off.
I was a little nervous there, but every time it flashed back in the ground control system, constant reporting of telemetry was nominal.
It was also great to see the live video of the ship\'s separation, which is great. Venus!
We should go to Venus!
Venus is not as hostile as the Martian!
Men should go to Venus.
Women heading to MarsHa Ha Ha! Good one!
The temperature of 800 degrees and the pressure of 800 psi make it challenging. . 800 degrees! Wow!
I bet it\'s in the shadows too!
Venus is a much more hostile planet than Mars, so the challenger who successfully landed there is much larger. Waste of money.
Our \"space\" program and NASA are just another welfare stream for the same company that has squeezed the country out of trillions of dollars through the military industry comprehensive welfare system.
United States, official
It\'s stupid of you to run a country.
Give your nuclear weapons to the United Nations for further instructions.
How do we know the existence of outer space?
What about planets?
It seems impossible for me.
Please tell me you\'re satirizing me.
Are you asking about the solar system or exoplanets?
When they finally inform us of what we have known for decades, pay attention to the blue beam.
Don\'t be fooled, my brothers and sisters.
Don\'t be fooled.
This is good news. we need more scientific knowledge.
Wasting the effort and money people spend on war and killing is a shame because we can learn and grow for a better tomorrow.
If it weren\'t for warmongers and death profiteers, we might be more advanced.
Here people who complain that it\'s a waste of money seem to be strangely like people who complain that \"Obama ended the shuttle!
\"Give up our space technology\" and so on.
Maybe some people want to find fault no matter what we do?
Actually, I think Big Debate (
Proportion of Engagement)
It was manned in space.
\"Unmanned space\"
The former is more exciting, but the latter is much cheaper and much faster.
Which one do we need? BOTH.
They should send it to Washington DC to look for signs of life in Congress.
Life is, wisdom is not. . . .
If your reply has anything in common with reality, your reply may be more interesting. it does.
You obviously want to pretend that the Bible content in the sixth grade book of CA is not from Democrats.
I haven\'t seen a reference to which book, which school district it uses, and who authorized it. I assume (
After a simple search online)
You are referring to a book by Joy Hakim, but other than that, I don\'t have enough information to evaluate your statement.
Oh, by the way, I am neither \"white\" nor \"liberal \".
\"I\'m not particularly a Democrat.
Minimize insults if you want to be taken seriously.
I clearly don\'t have a concept at all about \"free market.
A private partnership that is able to fund this type of research, which is able to develop the products I listed in my previous post.
As for the Internet-
It was developed by DARPA\'s Advanced Research Project agent network (
Bureau of advanced defense research projects).
With this government research fund, we still send messages through smoke signals, which were later adopted by the private sector to create the Internet that we now know and take for granted.
Broadband, which we now take for granted, allows for wireless connectivity and is able to communicate with others around the world.
There is no venture capital in the private industry or the so-called \"free market\" to start research and develop what we take for granted now.
Let the real people know that it is this study that makes America the greatest country in the world.
Taking your advice and cutting this minimal research spending will only make the United States quickly the Third World, as other countries in the world have surpassed the United States in basic research projects.
You obviously don\'t know anything about government corruption.
All prices are exaggerated by 1000 to 10,000 factors.
That\'s why missiles are so expensive.
But a fool like you, whatever propaganda politician says, will believe it.
In the absence of a government ban on the private sector to do so, adventure sports companies will do so without depriving those who are not interested in such things.
If you can specifically identify fraud or waste, you can report this on the hot line and get some savings as a reward.
On the other hand, if you\'re just a blow to the idea that you\'re preconceived without any facts, go ahead!
It\'s a waste of money.
I am not a \"rocket scientist\", but as a Christian believer, there are no other intelligent people in this solar system except us.
I\'m not sure about our intelligence either.
Read the Bible and you will find that there is a divine presence in the universe.
Jesus allowed several people to enter heaven. (
Elijah, Moses, and some Jesus went to heaven on their last trip to heaven). See Matt27/52.
I don\'t want to break your bubble, especially the Catholic believers, but most of the dead are still dead.
Jesus lives in science.
The former\'s religious competition won 1000-0.
You are no different from fundamentalist Muslims.
Li, you are not right as a Christian.
How do you know what God wants?
Where did you see us alone?
Maybe you\'re a member of Phelps church?
I was wondering if NASA would stop on Earth orbit to provide \"lift\" for Russian and Chinese probes \"(pun? )to Mars? ?
Hope we can help David.
This is an ambitious task.
Is that thing stuck or has it crashed?
I was worried about landing and it did look complicated.
Is there a hurricane on Mars?
I don\'t think it can be terminated once the landing sequence starts.
There is no option to cancel the landing sequence and restart under more appropriate conditions.
Also, do you know if there are any plans to transfer Martian rock and soil samples back to Earth?
Or this is the only task. Agreed.
Landing will be a terrible part for everyone.
It does seem unnecessarily complex on the surface, but my understanding is that just by the size of the rover (
The biggest ever
Had to implement a new-untested, unfortunately-landing system.
They have three satellites around Mars. 2 US, 1 EU)
They do weather forecasts, among other things.
Chris, there\'s no hurricane on Mars, but it does have planets.
Of course, a wide range of sandstorms can hinder or prevent landing.
But as others have said here, there are 3 working satellites running around Mars that can predict weather conditions with some degree of accuracy.
\"Or this is the only task. \"One way only.
IIRC has only one unmanned mission to enter space and return.
It landed in Utah with samples of some asteroids (? ).
The tasks returned are much more expensive (
Think about the towers and rockets that took off from Mars, not Canaveral)
Especially someone\'s.
Because the vehicle is one-off, the task is actually cost-effective.
Yes, this is a one-way ticket.
There\'s always a fear of dust-
Storms on Mars, but when they arrive, it\'s not dust.
So this is not a major problem.
Although, as others have said, they will use MRO and Odessey for weather assessments.
They will use this data to fine tune the entrance corridor.
Instead of going into Mars orbit at all, MLS went straight into the ground.
No suspension or waiting.
6 minutes after arriving at the top of the Mars atmosphere, curiosity (MLS)
Will be on the ground.
Entry, descent and landing (EDL)
For all involved, this is probably the most terrible part of the whole mission.
To survive, all parts of the process must work almost perfectly.
You should watch it on nasa TV in 1/2 months.
It\'s fun to watch scientists stare nervously at their screens, wait for the detectors to send a signal when each step is done, and then when they land safely, they end up with cheers and hugs.
It gets better when the first photo starts to come back.
The only problem with articles about space is that they attract a bunch of weird people.
Just scroll up and down. . .
Most people refer to those who watch Star Trek as \"a bunch of weird people \". ?
As long as there is a clear difference between science and fiction, I have no problem with hiking.
When we can\'t even feed people on our planet, why are we wasting billions of dollars to send things to Mars?
There is nothing to find there.
If there is life on other planets, I think we already know.
Wow, we can ask you, it\'s a shame you\'re waiting to say it out loud.
You must be the great oracle of knowledge.
It doesn\'t make sense to do more research on anything.
We have you now to do all our higher thinking. Thanks! really?
We know now?
Please let us know mr.
Internet commentator genius?
I bet you don\'t even know how many planets are in the solar system.
Also, I doubt you know this because you seem to have completed science education in the fourth grade, but no matter how simple, life can exist on satellites, asteroids and asteroids.
Science is cool, get to know it, teach it to your kids, and watch them grow up making a lot of money in very desirable, prestigious areas.
\"If there is life on other planets, I think we know it now. \"Yeap!
That\'s what they told Columbus in Italy.
No wonder he had to go to Spain for funding. . .
\"If you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day.
If you teach him how to fish, you feed him for the rest of his life \"or he will sit on the shore and drink beer all day long.
In fact, there is enough food and production capacity on Earth to support everyone easily.
Due to the failure of the world political and economic system, hunger has occurred from time to time.
There are enough people idling (unemployed)
Recording some of them building rockets will not have an impact on the world\'s reserve labor pool is enough in itself to make sure everyone gets good food.
Millions of human years have been wasted on facebook, TV, video games, and blogs, otherwise these years could have been used to improve national and political systems so that hungry people can feed themselves?
What did you do to hungry people?
Like most problems, it\'s just because there are enough people who don\'t care at all-they allow it to exist.
NASA\'s satellite observations of the Earth are more conducive to agricultural planning than cheap conversations and what strumans have done.
Pure intelligence! LOL. . .
We know now?
First, the universe is 14 billion years old.
We know now?
Perhaps in a supernova 4 billion years ago, life elsewhere disappeared.
Maybe there\'s life around the corner (
Relatively Speaking)
473 light years away, but they only found the technology, they sent us some radio waves 56 years ago, we haven\'t received it yet?
Or are they still swinging on trees?
Tell me, genius, how do we know if we still find species on our planet?
If you divide the cost of the Mars Science Lab program by the cost of every man, woman and child in the United States, you will end up with the cost of one movie ticket per person.
To be frank, sending the probe to Mars, with the capabilities it has, is worth a movie ticket.
I hope you realize that NASA\'s annual budget is actually less than the annual profit of the cosmetics industry.
NASA does a lot more good for the world than people do cosmetics.
I doubt if you have any idea of how much NASA has an impact on your life, or how many NASA-inspired technology interactions you interact with every day.
Believe me, there is a lot of return on investment.
When we can\'t even feed people on our planet, why waste billions of dollars sending things to Mars?
There is nothing to find there.
If there is life on other planets, I think we already know.
Good luck, curiosity hope best, I have been waiting for a long time.
More than 20 years ago, I thought we would send humans to Mars by 2011, and we would send a very expensive but powerful robot. 12.
The 5 micron is small enough to see about half of the bacteria on Earth crawling on Mars, and the microscopic imagers of the Phoenix lander can only see the largest microscopic life form.
Life may have been found on the red planet on Phoenix Landes micrograph, please see here :[
Youtube is the only planet we can get.
It\'s too hot to get closer to the sun, and outside Mars is gas.
There are solid planets further away, but the trip will last for centuries.
So, that\'s it, guys!
Large asteroids, though not planets (esp. Ceres)
Perhaps the moon of Jupiter and Saturn is also possible.
If liberalism and space travel are so incompatible, why is the only spaceship today carrying Americans into orbit with a name in Russian that is roughly translated into \"socialist union \"?
Relax on this issue.
We all know that after World War II, both the Soviet Union and the United States stole rocket technology from Germany.
This does not mean that we need Nazism for further science.
One is the political system and the other is science.
As for the Soviet Union, it opposed some branches of science, banned genetics, and arrested mathematicians such as Boris guedenko.
Do you have an English degree, I guess?
Is it women\'s research or political science?
Nevertheless, Russia has made progress in science, because even in the 19 th century, it already has a rich culture.
I like science.
People who use technology in the space age complain about why we don\'t need to go into space.
Thank you for your laughter!
It\'s easy to complain, especially when people don\'t know anything about the topic they complain about. ?
I\'m sure these people don\'t think it will cost anything to run the Internet.
Those who complain about government spending and waste, but can\'t even consider cutting military spending, are like fat chicks who want to lose weight, so they order a Diet Coke with an oversized 6-value meal.
Apart from the areas that really matter, they cut in every area. up.
The defense is meaningless compared to the entitlement.
Is the fact not as convincing as the wrong belief?
If you want to complain about the rights, go to your similar website (Iliketofukmamum. com? )
Leave this science blog to those who can form a persuasive point of view and like science.
In fact, nasa\'s budget is relatively small compared to defense spending.
I\'m not dating you anymore.
Did you conceive with weak sperm?
Maybe your dad was wearing a sock and in the last second your mom was sitting on it and the already weak sperm had to swim in a dirty sweat-stained gym sock, you are the end result.
Maybe that\'s how you are now.
But now I admit it\'s just a theory.
You can never find a life in Cleveland. give up. named.
It should be called Boondoggle.
This is a complete waste of taxpayers\' money. Really Sheila?
How is waste?
Do you want to elaborate?
Sheila said we should let the private company
Viva el capitalismo! ! BTW)
To the moon and Mars, shareholders will receive dividends as early as several centuries.
As far as I know, she is buying shares from private space travel.
NASAs budget is 0.
69% of the federal budget(
Or eight times less than the experts in the video say. )
Free markets will never go to the moon, cure polio or AIDS, create the Internet, etc.
Let alone keep the Earth\'s environment alive.
The free market will not feel the futile, evil reasoning behind the moon mission, yes, but the other things you mentioned are the 100% result of the free market.
For me, it is obvious that Sheila has no idea what a \"free market\" is.
A private partnership that is able to fund this type of research, which is able to develop the products I listed in my previous post.
As for the Internet-
It was developed by the agent network of advanced research projects under DARPA (
Bureau of advanced defense research projects).
With this government research fund and then adopted by the private sector to create the Internet that we now know and take for granted, we will still send messages through smoke signals.
Broadband, which we now take for granted, allows for wireless connectivity and is able to communicate with others around the world.
There is no venture capital in the private industry or the so-called \"free market\" to start research and develop what we take for granted.
It was this study that made the United States the greatest country in the world.
Accepting your advice will only make America the Third World.
The polio vaccine was invented by scientists, not free.
Economic company.
The Internet was created at the European nuclear research center and is a way for scientists to work with people from DARPA in the United States to share large amounts of data (
Ministry of Defense)
Not free. market.
Scientists once again realize that climate is free.
The market has repeatedly resisted attempts to control emissions, and AIDS has not yet emerged.
That\'s not fixed yet.
But you\'re clearly wrong in other assertions about freedom.
I bet it\'s not a free market to find out how to treat AIDS.
The free market has no interest in progress, they are interested in maximizing profits, which is why every time an iPhone is released, they add one or two new features to the iPhone.
They may be far beyond where they are right now, but that\'s the way you maximize your profits by releasing one piece at a time for everyone to buy again.
The free market is not equal to rapid development. Sorry.
The lunar lander was made by Boeing.
The lunar lander was built in 1960s by Grumman.
The free market will never establish a global positioning system in the United States.
However, market forces are working: look at the European Union Galileo system that competes with our GPS.
\"The lunar lander was made by Boeing. \". . .
And Ford\'s little rover.
Everything is built by a private company and every part is built by a private company.
Well, many of the science packages were built by NASA centers and some universities. . . . Indianinusa;
Please confirm all your statements. . .
Otherwise it\'s online chat.
Throw money into space or rush into the toilet of the Third World.
Don\'t spend anything on the people who need it here.
Not very satisfied with the concept of leadership? ?
If there is no space plan, we will have computer chips, Internet, mobile phones or Teflon.
Yes, we will have these things.
The government has nothing to do with any of them.
\"The government has nothing to do with any of them.
\"I want to say that the government has a lot to do with World War II, North Korea, Vietnam and the space race.
Without them, we wouldn\'t have personal computers, etc.
Do you know how much Uncle Sam gave Stanford (
They started to invent Google), to MIT (
Inventor of OSS and Internet), etc?
Hey Ralph, did you drive to KSC to see the facilities?
House, hotel, restaurant in Cocoa Beach supported by KSC?
And how many flights people takeS.
Airline to and from?
The money was spent here-in Florida, in the United States. S. Enjoy!
Or you can come to Texas and visit the Johnson Space Center in Houston! Or waste multi-
Billions of dollars in meaningless war and an inflated defense budget for the World Police.
The problem is that we spend too much on gifts and not enough on science.
Whether it\'s through government or private businesses, the science makes people employed.
Your post shows great ignorance of the subject.
Yet another person who doesn\'t have any understanding or concept of how much they use every day is inspired by NASA.
The money spent in space is a lucrative investment. Ten-fold or more.
GPS, small, aircraft, traffic safety, car design, manufacturing, mattresses, microphones, communications, agriculture, etc.
There are very few aspects of your life that have not been helped by NASA.
Man, it\'s a waste of money.
Who cares about Mars?
Instead of helping most Americans, they should spend their money on domestic projects.
Like the police department buying riot gear to clear so-
For the benefit of the people and workers of the world, it is called \"protesters \".
Mr. Sieg Heil easy to unload! ! yea i agree.
It is foolish to spend billions of dollars to hire thousands of American Scientists and engineers and other government employees, especially since the task is peaceful, it will only answer some of the most basic questions about solar energy.
We should have spent the money on pepper spray, riot gear, Taser guns and other weapons for SS brown shirts at all, I mean Republicans, I mean the police.
Go get a fascist bullet.
Please remove your damaged DNA from the gene pool.
I\'m not talking about communism, but don\'t let the facts stand in the way of your faith now.
What I\'m worried about is that Republicans never do this?
At least this is a waste that is more useful to the number of taxpayers in billions of dollars.
Yes, because drive people out of the public land that they are destroying, and let them go home like the Holocaust of the Jews, they are taken from their homes and sent to the death camp on the public land.
You can bet they can\'t find life, but it\'s not a waste of money.
The progress of technology is
The shooting of this adventure will benefit all of us.
Attached note: Life begins with conception.
Scientists, want to find life?
Look at the uterus.
Europeans found methane plume on Mars;
They seem to be seasonal, which may suggest something other than the geological process. . . .
It is true that NASA did not design the MSL as a mission for life detection.
The purpose of MSL is to discover what the early environment of Mars looks like in order to better understand where to look for evidence of life in future missions.
That is to say, your next point is a bit wrong.
Animal life begins in the womb.
Not all life is an animal.
Bacteria are creatures.
They were not born from their mother, nor were they born in the womb.
But they\'re still alive.
This is what scientists are looking for in life.
Simple, single cell example.
The fossil of this life is more likely to survive the horse\'s past, and it is unlikely that it is so complicated that multi-cell life evolved on Mars because it lost its magnetic layer and atmosphere a long time ago.
CNN make your facts clear.
NASA received about half a penny a dollar. Not 5 cents.
Who can say that life on Mars or other planets must come from the same chemical that causes life on Earth to appear?
We are looking for chemicals and liquid water. .
Maybe there\'s no form of life out there, and we missed the ship altogether.
Imagine how far our space plan would be if we gave it all the money we wasted on Iraq and Israel. . . .
Iraqi oil is used to power rockets.
We can now put space antennas in Iraq.
The Rockets did not use oil.
Usually they are the base and gas oxidation device of the ammonia or LH2 LO2, or solid propellant. SO!
To figure this out, a rocket scientist is really needed. . . . Venus. . .
Too close to the Sun. . . . .
Mars is too far from the sun. . . .
Earth, just right!
You were wrong.
Both Venus and Mars are in habitable areas.
However, there was a problem with both planets.
Venus has a runaway greenhouse effect in which too much sulfur is injected into the atmosphere.
The surface temperature and pressure will crush the iron and produce sulfuric acid.
With the appearance of Mars, the magnetic field stopped working, and the solar wind blew away the atmosphere.
We don\'t know why this happened.
These are all things that we are trying to learn and can happen here as well.
But at some point, both planets can give birth to life.
Close your eyes, you religious madman.
This is about science.
Look, go all the way, no one will go home. . . . .
To build a future economy, the United States needs to invest heavily in space travel and science.
Cutting innovation and research has never created a job or fed a hungry child.
The opposite is true.
Peter and the other leaders. in-the-
The sand individuals on this list will continue to be enslaved by our system of doing everything with the lowest common denominator.
This is the path to extinction.
Uneducated people seem to think it is a waste of time and money.
The government lied to us?
Science and space exploration have made great contributions to mankind.
John Kennedy and Ronald Reagan are politically opposed, and they all believe in what space exploration can do for humanity.
Today, Kennedy and Reagan are not opposed.
Fundamentalist wackos (aka baggers)
Those who take over the Republican Party will fire Ronald Reagan, calling him a liberal with blood.
The madman has taken refuge.
You obviously don\'t know anything about Reagan or the tea party. Nice try Lib.
Reagan spent a lot of money, heavily supporting education, not raising taxes, but supporting them at a much higher level than this day, etc.
The list continues.
He is the opposite of the Republican Party today, especially the Tea Party.
I\'m a Republican before you bash with tags instead of logical responses to factual information and comparisons.
I think this is a very exciting task and any information we can get to know about this mysterious planet will be an advantage.
In the end, the Earth will not exist forever. if there are resources, Mars may be a habitable planet.
Humans can introduce plants to produce oxygen and heat the atmosphere by introducing the necessary gas so that ice cream can melt and produce water on Earth (
Greenhouse effect.
I read somewhere that there are projects behind the scenes that are working to achieve this.
The Earth is much smaller than the Earth, and the gravity is much smaller.
It would be very interesting to see how the planet can become habitable and full of life through a bit of human transformation. I think one-
Shooting missions to other planets is a waste of time and money.
Its advantage is that there are too few people and too few companies that produce jobs.
How many people really care about the rocks and dust on Mars?
These types of tasks indicate
Long term vision only.
Let\'s think about it. term first.
Get people excited.
First, we made extensive changes to the internal space station.
We transformed it into a shipyard.
Now, there are only a few people who can actually work there, and there are 61 people here who want a chance.
We need to get more people up there.
Second, we launched the rocket there and slowly assembled a large car.
A person who can accommodate dozens of people, not all of whom have a PhD, nor is it a colonel in the air force.
This will be a test bed for propulsion, life support, navigation and other control systems.
Third, we launch and test in our own backyard.
We will not send it to Jupiter or Mars, and it will take a few years to travel there.
I\'m talking about driving on Sunday.
We drive many times on Sunday.
It\'s possible to even pull up the zipper around the moon and the moon, but not too far away.
Learn from our mistakes.
Make improvements.
Generate excitement.
While learning from mistakes, new technologies and methods have been accidentally created.
Fourth, when our International RV sounds big enough, then, and only then, will we send it out to collect rocks and dust, or do more wonderful things.
During this time, we made more irv.
I think this concept will generate more and more excitement among people.
Science will actually be considered as cool as it was in her 50 s.
Think about the jobs it will create.
Tell the kids that they can also go up, but only if they get A and B in science and math.
Watch their grades improve.
There are no other types of movies that attract people like good sci-fi movies. fi flick.
This is the result of this effort.
Now, forget the stone and the dust.
I\'m glad you\'re not responsible.
The NASA budget is closer.
I also note 5% of the national budget, not 5%.
Five cents out of $100.
They screwed things up.
In this country, all the stupid money we spend on useless things, I don\'t understand why some people have problems with the money they spend at NASA.
NASA is still one of the only beacons in the country that makes the country great.
For decades, NASA has done better than any other effort in history to train engineers, scientists and technicians.
It is almost foolish to question whether the money is spent well.
Waste time, money and resources.
With all the questions on Earth, what\'s the value of spending so much money exploring a dead planet?
If humans are destined to live on another planet, don\'t you think we will evolve there?
\"If man is destined to fly, will we have wings?
We evolve now.
Eastern Africa, then colonize the rest of the Earth.
The Earth is the cradle of human beings, and space is the next step for human beings.
Or should we stay in the cradle forever?
As a taxpayer, I cry for the huge waste of my hard-earned money.
NASA, the food voucher fund, the welfare fund, the energy and education department fund.
Reduce the corporate tax rate to zero.
Let the free market decide these things.
Is it tea or koolaid?
Don\'t steal my money anymore.
I don\'t want my money to be spent on stupid science.
When you become king and rule by decree, we can take your position seriously.
At the same time, in the real world, the money in the federal budget is not \"your money\", but \"all our money\", and most Americans support the space program.
I\'m sorry, you were rejected.
Of course, you have to do some bagging or delivery somewhere, don\'t you?
Pyramid, Eiffel Tower, polio vaccine, interstate system, Internet, etc. , etc.
It was built with public funds.
As soon as the Internet was profitable, the government withdrew from it.
Any government spending other than defense is immoral.
It is reasonable that Interstate highways make it easier to transport nuclear warheads.
It is reasonable to improve the transmission of long-distance data in the interests of those who formulate military strategies.
Everything else the free market should deal.
Any government spending other than defense is immoral.
As I said, when the king, then we can discuss your point of view.
Before that, the United States was a republic, and it seems that both our current Congress and the president did not agree with you.
\"Let the free market decide these things.
\"I bet you definitely support the construction of a border fence of $49 billion.
Hiring undocumented labor is the best competition for capitalism, demand and supply, market power and the best. I don\'t.
I don\'t believe in the original concept of \"race.
\"It\'s okay if people want to cross our borders.
Unless they have guns.
Then we kill them.
\"Unless they have guns.
I believe this is the so-called \"Second Amendment to selectivity \".
Then we will let you cure your illness first.
No, no, guys, he just said \"Stupid Science.
\"That means he can choose all the expenses.
We call it \"stop the current spending on science \".
Then there\'s only intelligent science.
I\'m still alive. why don\'t Mars come to me?
\"We have found it, but there is no sign of intelligent life . \"
Signing: MarsAt launches ATLAS 5 John Zurrella and T. J.
Holmes mentioned some questions, considering whether the money spent by NASA is worth itS.
Deficit and debt.
There is no doubt that the money spent over the years has not only benefited the entire human race, but also created new technologies that have contributed far more to the American economy than the cost. In the hospital. . .
\"Cool\" laser heart surgery no one thinks heart surgery is \"cool\", but thanks to NASA\'s technology, a \"cool\" laser provides an alternative to heart bypass surgery for thousands of patients.
It is estimated that about 5 million Americans suffer from \"hardening \"(As)
The biggest single cause of heart disease and related diseases.
Until recently, heart bypass surgery instead of blocking blood vessels was the main treatment for serious cases. A non-
Surgical alternatives for some patients are balloon angiography.
Through this process, a flexible catheter with a small balloon at the end is threaded into the blocked artery and inflated to widen the blood flow path.
On January 1992, the US Food and Drug Administration approved a new surgical method derived from laser technology pioneered by NASA\'s Jet Propulsion Laboratory for remote sensing of the Earth\'s ozone layer.
This laser surgery can help a wider range of patients than balloon vascular formation.
This process involves passing a small catheter through the coronary artery.
The laser is transmitted through the fiber bundle inside the catheter.
Another set of fibers glows at the tip, providing a video picture of the inside of the artery.
Watching the video picture, the doctor can find the blocked area and send out a short-time Beam to evaporate.
While other types of lasers are too hot for fine heart surgery, corneal lasers work at \"cool\" 65 °c, a temperature that human tissues can tolerate.
In the hospital. . .
Space telescope looking for cancer check (mammographies)
It is helpful to detect breast cancer.
Until recently, if the doctor is in x-
He or she will order a biopsy.
The biopsy procedure required to remove the breast and obtain a tissue sample.
Now, however, with the Hubble space telescope technology, a biopsy can be performed with a needle instead of a surgical knife.
Charged coupling device (CCDs)
It is a high-tech silicon chip that converts light directly into electronic or digital images.
The Goddard Space Flight Center led the development of an advanced ultra-sensitive CCD, which will be installed in the Hubble Space Telescope in 1997.
LORAD, in Danbury, Connecticut, uses a new CCD for breast biopsy.
As mentioned above, the patient faces down and one breast protrudes through the opening.
The device imaging breast tissue more clearly than the traditional x-rays.
This enables the system to locate the relevant areas precisely.
Doctors can then use specially designed needles to extract tiny samples.
Patients can then go out of the office and resume normal activity.
Compared to a traditional biopsy operation of about $850, the operation costs about $3500.
The new procedure also saves the patient time and pain, leaving only a small needle mark without a large scar.
In the hospital. . .
Middle body imagination
In 1960s, when NASA prepared for the Apollo Moon landing program, the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL)
Technology called digital image processing has been developed that allows computers to enhance lunar images.
The technology later became the foundation of NASA\'s Terrestrial satellite.
Doctors and hospitals are now using digital image processing to record images of human organs.
The two most widely used body imaging techniques are computers.
Auxiliary tomography (CATScan)
Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).
CATScan image data is collected by targeting the fanshaped x-
Light from many different directions around the body. A tomographic (slice-like)
Computers rebuild images from these multiple views.
MRI uses magnetic fields and radio waves to create images, not x-rays.
CATScan is used for bones in most cases, while MRI is used for soft tissue (
Liver as shown above).
These two methods are commonly used to obtain a complete diagnosis of the patient.
Doctors and engineers are working to combine the best features of MRI with CATScan.
One of their research tools is a computer program originally developed by NASA for distinguishing the surface features of the Earth in hospital Landsat image processing. . .
New artificial limbs for arms and legs are called artificial limbs in the medical profession.
This area also includes orthopaedic aids such as knee and neck support.
Hasberg prosthetic Correction Center Co. , Ltd.
Birmingham, Alabama, specializes in the production of these equipment (
An artificial arm is shown on the left).
Hasberg wants to improve the way it makes artificial limbs.
Plaster and corn starch materials needed to be replaced for making molds for new arms and legs and similar equipment.
The plaster mold is very heavy and easy to break (
Can\'t fix when they go bankrupt)
, Difficult to ship and store.
Hasberg asked NASA\'s Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC)
If they can help, in Huntsville, Alabama.
MSFC and Lockheed-
Martin is responsible for building the outer box of the space shuttle.
ET is covered with foam insulation.
It protects ET from heat and keeps liquid oxygen and liquid nitrogen at a proper low temperature.
ET insulation material is lighter and stronger than gypsum, and it is easier to work with a machine.
It is also important that the use cost of foam materials is lower.
Hasberg tried to make a prosthetic model with ET foam. It worked!
The company is able to reduce the cost of making artificial limbs, which reduces the cost of patients.
They can also be massive
Produce foam \"blanks\" used to make molds and start shipping them to prosthetic manufacturers across the United States.
In the hospital. . .
In the United States, the infrared thermometer, whether you believe it or notS.
A person, the temperature of about 2 billion times a year is someone else\'s.
Right in the hospital and doctor\'s office!
The 2 billion figure does not include parents who are anxious to check junior\'s fever.
If you think this is amazing, think about it: NASA\'s ability to measure the temperature of stars and planets makes it possible to have the latest thermometer technology --
Not off the ground!
It is possible to obtain the temperature of distant objects by sensing infrared radiation from stars or planets.
Diatek, San Diego, California, asked NASA to help them develop a manual sensor technology.
A thermometer that measures a person\'s temperature in less than two seconds.
The thermometer has a probe that plugs into the ear a little. (
Patients don\'t even have to wake up. )
The probe is thrown away after use and replaced by a new probe to prevent crossinfection.
Measuring someone\'s body temperature in two seconds can save nurses a lot of time!
In the hospital . . . . . . Lamp at the end of the tunnel of cancer LEDs (LED)
For plant experiments on the space shuttle for surgery in patients with brain cancer.
Photodynamic therapy for Small Business Innovation Research in MSFC (SBIR)
Cooperate with quantum devices to activate light sensitizers using LEDs (light-
Sensitive tumortreating drugs)
Already via intravenous injection.
Light activation enables the drug to destroy cancer cells, making the surrounding tissues almost unaffected.
After more than five years of research and experiments, the LED probe was approved by the FDA.
So far, cancer treatment trials using led have included patients with skin cancer and brain tumors, with promising results.
Chapter 2 of the partnership focuses on the ability of led wound healing.
Thematic improvements to wound healing will have a number of applications, including long-term applications
Space flight, military solutions and civilian medical care.
The LED for wound healing has been approved by the Navy Special Operations Command.
The transfer of LED technology from the space shuttle experiment to the medical world is just a hospital. . .
\"Smart\" composite ForcepsNASA X-
A new modified forceps was made using 33 composite materials.
These \"smart\" tweezers with embedded fiber will allow the doctor to measure the pressure on the head of the baby during delivery.
The elasticity of the composite and the ability to customize the thickness along the length of the tweezers will prevent the doctor from applying too much force.
Most doctors use tweezers for the first time in actual baby delivery.
These compound tweezers will be used to train medical students before they step into the delivery room.
Examples of how NASA\'s commercial space research can improve the quality of life on Earth.
In the hospital. . . Pill-
Larger-sized transmitters can monitor the fetus from within the uterus. Medical personnel can use a small pill to monitor fetal activity from the uterus
Formed transmitter developed by NASA\'s Ames Research Center in Field, California
Pill transmitters are used to measure blood pressure and temperature of astronauts on the international space station, but they are being studied for many applications on Earth.
The instrument can be implanted in the fetal uterus to monitor the fetal activity;
Monitoring intestinal activity by swallowing;
And is developing for monitoring athletes and high
Pressure professionals such as firefighters and soldiers. In the hospital. . .
Digital Breast photography provides clearer images and less radiation techniques for monitoring changes in the Earth\'s atmosphere are now being used for early detection of breast cancer.
The digital image detector, similar to the digital image detector found in the camera, was developed at NASA\'s Langley Research Center in Hampton, Va.
Compared to conventional mammograms, the system captures clearer digital images while exposing the breasts to lower radiation doses.
These images can then be digitally stored or sent in the hospital via a computer. . .
The camera on the chip used to diagnose osteoporosis may soon use the \"camera-on-a-
NASA\'s Jet Propulsion Lab in Pasadena, California, developed \"chip\" technology
The compact and lightweight camera chip originally developed to record images in space integrates all the electronic controls that typically require multiple chips into one chip.
By integrating controls onto one chip, these devices are smaller, lighter and use a fraction of the energy of multiple chipschip cameras.
For patients, this means lower doses of radiation
1% of normal x-doseray-
Lower cost. FOR SCIENCE. . .
If you look at home, you will see the role NASA plays in developing satellite television transmission technology.
But television signals are just a kind of data transmitted by satellites.
Telephone signals, computer data and computer images are also transmitted to the world via satellites.
Many American companies sell satellite data transmission services.
These commercial space communication systems are from high
NASA developed and tested risk technologies on track in the 1960 and 1970 s.
This technology base has led the US telecom industry in the construction and operation of communications satellites.
NASA series of application technology satellites (ATS)
Launched between 1966 and 1974.
These satellites (ATS-6 shown above)
Advances in communication technologies, such as the Earth\'s synchronous orbit (GEO)
-Orbit with the earth so that the satellite is always above the specific position where the ground satellite is stable-preventing the satellite from shaking in the orbit use of the digital computer
Large antennas that provide high-quality signals to small ground receivers (
Such as graphite composite materials)
Nasa also took the lead in using GEO satellites to \"overlook\" low Earth orbit (LEO)satellites.
GEO satellites transmit data between low earth orbit satellites.
The data is also transmitted from the LEO satellite to the ground via the GEO satellite.
The technology means that NASA and satellite companies can run their satellites under the least number of ground stations.
NASA has deployed six of its own tracking and data relay satellites.
TDRSS is a geographic satellite network that provides communication and tracking services for space shuttles and other low-level satellites
Spacecraft flying around the Earth
The latest in NASA\'s experimental communications satellite series is the advanced communication technology satellite (ACTS)(shown at left).
ACTS was launched in September 1993 and is \"the switchboard in the Sky \".
Industry, universities and the government are using act to develop new satellite services, including real-
Send a timed TV to the plane.
Today, commercial companies are leading the way in providing satellite services to the public.
However, NASA is still at the forefront in developing satellite and data transmission technologies.
For all mankind. . .
At the Land exhibition at Disney\'s EPCOT Center, ripe tomatoes are hung at the end of the boat to feed the world and the rest of the world.
They are not just for appearance.
NASA\'s Kennedy Space Center and Disney World are working on a new government and industry research partnership.
NASA and Disney are looking for ways to use human and industrial waste to provide the raw materials needed to grow edible plants.
This technology is needed to establish human colonies in other worlds.
Many vegetable farmers around the world are learning how to grow crops without soil.
This method, known as the water culture method, is increasing the food of the Earth.
Capacity is growing.
Wheat and soybeans have been planted in this way.
Future crops will include peppers, other kinds of beans, spinach, oats, barley, strawberries and herbs.
Growing food without soil is also good for long-distance space flights.
Astronauts will plant their own food without carrying heavy soil into space.
For the environment. . .
Oil spill control-no beeswax for you!
How do you clean up the oil spill?
Any more beeswax balls? !
However, these are not your usual beeswax balls.
These contain microorganisms (
Small animals that can only be seen under a microscope)that “eat” oil.
Gasoline REM company
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
Invented the idea.
NASA\'s Jet Propulsion Lab and the Marshall Space Flight Center helped design small beeswax balls (microcapsules).
The design of the beeswax capsule is for the water not to enter, but the oil can enter.
When the oil permeates from the shell, the internal microorganisms release the enzyme that digests the oil.
When the balls are filled with digested oil, they explode.
They release enzymes, carbon dioxide, and water, all of which are safe for the environment.
This mixture is even good fish food!
For all mankind. . .
The current positive campaign has raised awareness of the issue of mine explosions.
Mines kill hundreds of innocent people and children every day.
It is estimated that the number of active mines distributed in 70 countries exceeds 0. 11 billion, and the number of stocks around the world is equal, waiting for planting.
Thiokol Science and Engineering have developed a more effective approach
Use a solid rocket engine that NASA can reuse (RSRM)
Waste propellant.
The torch is simple and safe to handle.
It is simply placed next to an uncovered mine and lit by a battery from a safe distanceTrigger match
The torch burned a hole in the box of the mine and lit the explosives inside.
The explosives are burned and the mines are invalidated to make them harmless.
Because the use of waste propellant is free, the ability to diffuse mines is more likely.
Waste propellant is not only useful for the elimination of mines, but also recyclable. AT HOME. . .
Do you use cordless drill or Bush trimmer?
How about cleaners? ®?
Do you know that the technology that makes these products possible comes from NASA\'s Apollo program?
Astronauts need a way to drill to 10 feet deep on the surface of the moon to collect core samples.
Like all the other things on the moon, this drill must be small, light and battery --powered.
To develop the drill, NASA chose a company known for its cordless products: Black and Decker.
A key technological advance has made the battery
Possible power drill
Design the motor of the drill bit using a computer program to use with as little power as possible.
The computer program, as well as the knowledge and experience gained in developing drill bits, provides a strong technical foundation for developing battery-driven tools and equipment.
Now, Black and Decker sell cordless charging products worth about $0. 4 billion a year. AT HOME. . .
Hope you \'ve never been woken up by a smoke detector in the middle of the night.
It\'s bad enough in your home, but imagine that your spaceship is on fire!
On 1970s, NASA needed smoke and fire detectors from Skylab, the first space station in the United States. Honeywell, Inc.
Developed the device for NASA.
The law now requires smoke detectors to be placed in all new homes.
They saved countless lives.
So, the next time you\'re woken up by a smoke alarm, remember that the situation can be worse.
Try to run outside the spaceship in pajamas! AT HOME. . .
Home Clean Water homes are buying water filters for their homes.
A model is a household guardian filter made by Western water International (WWI)
Foster Ville, Maryland
The filter is installed under the sink (
As shown in left)
Or in the \"dead space\" between the sink and the wall.
This filter uses the technology developed by WWI, combined with NASA\'s technology.
During the Apollo program, NASA developed a system to disinfect astronaut drinking water.
This method includes the use of ions (
Atomic or atomic groups with positive or negative charges)
As part of the filter system.
H2OME remove lead, chlorine, bad smell and other bad things.
WWI also sells filtration devices that can handle large amounts of water.
The water is used in large buildings and even in the entire town of the contaminated country. AT HOME. . .
Have you ever wondered why your electricity bill is so high?
Even after you have installed the insulation roll, or the insulation is blown to the attic, or have the window filled in?
Home insulation has not been a precise science until recently.
But do you believe that there is now a company that will install insulation and then guarantee that your House will only use the specified number of kilowatt hours per year?
This is true, thanks to the aluminum shield developed by the Apollo spacecraft.
The shield is designed to block the barrier of heat or cold, or to bring our astronauts into and out of the spacecraft on the moon.
In order to ensure that Wawa festival electric Festival SystemTM is a guarantee System Co. , Ltd.
Charlotte and Smart, North Carolina
Housing consultancy
In the city of orrama.
They combine space technology with other high-tech concepts, providing significant savings on home heating and cooling costs. Their NASA-derived Smart-
The design of the radiation barrier of the House can reflect the solar radiation energy of 95%. Pretty cool! AT THE AIRPORT. . .
Lightning weather is bad news for planes.
One of the most unpredictable factors of the storm is lightning.
NASA\'s Langley Research Center has played a leading role in the Lightning investigation. year (1980-86)
Storm hazard research program
The project used a research plane that flew into a storm hoping to be hit by lightning!
They are very successful.
The plane was hit more than 800 times!
NASA found that lightning would inject a lot of current into the plane.
These currents can cause problems with the aircraft\'s electronic system, including incorrect reading of the instrument.
These and other findings led to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)
It is required to protect key aircraft electronic systems from lightning from 1987.
Lightning Technology Co. , Ltd.
Mass in Pittsburgh
Work with NASA on a storm hazard research project.
They now sell lightning protection systems to aircraft manufacturers around the world. AT THE AIRPORT. . .
Another dangerous situation of the plane is the wind shear.
Wind scissors have caused more than 30 aircraft accidents in the United States. S.
Hundreds of people lost their lives.
After a serious wind shear accident in 1985, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)
NASA began to work together to find a way to predict the wind shear and give the pilots enough warnings to take precautions.
Wind shear is a sudden shift in wind direction and speed.
Micro-explosion is the most dangerous form of wind shear.
The micro-Storm is a column of cold air that creates a strong sinking air flow and a strong rotating wind near the ground.
If a slow-moving aircraft, especially the one taking off or landing, goes through a micro-explosion, the wind will cause it to lose control and fall to the ground.
The first system to become an aviation service is a Doppler microwave radar.
It sends out radio waves in front of the plane, \"bounces\" the raindrops in a thunderstorm, and then returns to the instrument.
Measurement of Doppler Displacement by computer (
The wavelength frequency difference between the outbound wave and the return signal)
Tell the pilot the speed is in the wind.
The pilot can then avoid the area or adjust the speed and/or height of the aircraft.
The flight test of the system began on 1991.
Like the Lightning protection project, NASA\'s mission is to fly into thunderstorms --
To be exact, 131 thunderstorms. (
Anyone looking for an interesting NASA career? ! )
These tests show that the forward-looking Doppler radar can provide 20-
The upcoming micobursts warning for 40 seconds.
In November 1994, a continental airline flight was first equipped with a new wind shear detection and early warning system.
NASA helps passengers and crew around the world to make air travel safer.
Many American airlines are using the system. Switzerland), Alitalia (Italy), Iberia (Spain)
Kuwait Airlines. AT THE AIRPORT. . .
It is no fun to encounter thunderstorms on the plane.
But it must be worse to hit another plane!
The sky in the United States is crowded with planes, especially around the airport.
Even in the middle
In 1950s, the airline group began looking for ways to warn pilots if they were too close to the other plane.
But only after the 80 s did more advanced technology allow a system that is reliable and cheap enough to be installed on thousands of aircraft.
Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)
Leading the development of traffic reminder and collision avoidance system (TACS).
NASA\'s Ames Research Center is responsible for testing the human performance factors of the system.
This means they want to make sure that the pilot is able to use the system accurately and quickly.
How did NASA test this collision avoidance system?
Giant chicken in the air? No! (Thank goodness! )Using ground-
Based on the flight simulator, NASA tested how well the airline pilots understood the TACS and how long they responded to various situations.
The software of tacs was then modified to make it easier and faster to use.
Now there is a TACS on any passenger plane you take.
After NASA helped prepare the system, the FAA requested that TACS be installed on all passenger planes with 10 or more seats by 1995. IN THE MUSEUM. . .
On 1948, the Dead Sea Scrolls were found in a cave in Palestine.
The ancient gathering contained many Bible-related materials in the Bible.
These scrolls have recently been seen by experts around the world.
One problem, however, is that many scrolls are completely destroyed in the eyes of the naked eye.
The black ink is invisible on the black parchment in ancient times.
Some of these parts are provided to NASA\'s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL)
Responsible for the research team
JPL used technology earlier to monitor the documents of the National Archives, as described in the above historical document article.
They checked the debris wi
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