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giant mars rover blasts off

by:Mingfa Tech     2019-12-29
NASA\'s largest and most advanced Mars probe was launched Saturday from Cape Canaveral, Florida.
Curiosity is filled with 10 scientific experiments to determine whether Mars is suitable for life and to find clues about past life forms that may be preserved in rocks.
NASA says Curiosity can\'t answer age questions.
Old questions about life on Mars, but it will provide important information to guide future missions.
NASA says the search for life spacecraft on Mars signals after separation from the rocket.
NASA said the launch was scheduled for Friday, but it took the task force a day to remove and replace the flight termination system battery.
Curiosity is expected to roam Mars for about two years, looking for things that are vital to life\'s growth: liquid water, key chemicals and energy for biological use, the researchers said.
The rover lifted off on the Atlas V rocket on Saturday and plans to land at the Gale Crater on August 2012.
Curiosity is twice as much as the old Mars rover, Spirit and Opportunity, and five times as much as the old Mars rover.
Its scientific instruments weigh 15 times the scientific payload of its predecessors.
The mast of the rover can extend to 7 feet (2. 1 meters)
Put a high
Define the imaging system.
It also uses a laser.
Fully equipped camera, zap can be carried out on rocks to study the sparks of the launch and understand their composition. A 7-foot-
The long robot arm can hold the soil analysis instrument.
Unlike the early rover, Curiosity can collect rocks and soil in the lab for treatment.
The rover also has tools to find water under the surface, monitor the weather and measure natural radiation.
Curiosity is designed to roll on obstacles up to 25 inch (
About 65 centimeters)
Travel about 660 feet kilometers (200 meters)per day.
Its energy will be a radioisotope generator.
Landing will be tricky due to Rover size.
When it drops, the spacecraft will make S-
Like the curve maneuver used by space shuttle astronauts.
Three minutes before landing, the parachute and push back will slow down the speed of the spacecraft.
Then, a few seconds before touching the ground, the above stage will be like a sky crane, lowering the upright rover on the tether to the surface.
When Curiosity arrives on Mars, three satellites already in orbit will listen: NASA\'s Mars Odyssey and Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter and the European Space Agency\'s Mars Express.
The spacecraft will be positioned to receive information about the state of curiosity and pass the information to Earth.
NASA: the fact about sulfur mustard gas in the Mars Science Laboratory is an example of the general toxicology principles familiar to all organic chemists: Pro-electric molecules (
Compound with local Positive Electricity)are poisons.
Your body is full of pro-nuclear elements (
Compound with negative electricity locally)
It\'s like DNA and enzymes that react with electrophonics.
Forming \"foreign\" chemical bonds with these basic molecules is the cause of death and destruction.
You can fund the US Geological Survey for 2 years.
The cost of this mission is 5 years.
Its cost is one quarter of the internal annual budget.
It\'s beautiful, but is it worth it?
Sarah Palin opposes space exploration because she feels that God pokes her eyes every time a rocket is fired.
I\'m doing well now, as Bill Clinton did when he was president.
I will vote for PresObama again.
He will be 69 on the day of his inauguration, and Romney will be 66.
Too old to cope with the president\'s pressure.
If they get two terms, they will be \"ancients\" by then \"!
Hopefully their wife is young enough to be the \"Nancy Regen\" and when the old boy\'s brain slowly collapses, they secretly take over the presidency.
I hope they can stop the real estate market and stop these crazy NSP projects. .
They just took huge investment opportunities from those investors who immediately created jobs, and instead, these properties are vacant, destroyed, growing molds, just a few months or years later with taxpayers\' money, the value of the property in the area was killed due to mold and vandalism.
I\'m not a Republican or a Democrat, and neither side seems to know how to fix this.
Sorry, it\'s off topic. . .
The Rockets look familiar.
Was it not originally designed to carry a nuclear warhead?
As the Earth\'s temperature rises, water (
70% of the Earth\'s surface area is water)
Evaporate faster.
When more water vapor enters the atmosphere, it absorbs more heat (
Greenhouse effect.
As the heat increases, the temperature rises faster.
In addition, more water vapor in t has technology and infrastructure to carry out manned missions, not to mention large
Scale mining operations.
But I can imagine that such a discovery will be a huge driving force for technological invention and a driving force for achieving this goal!
I am not an American, and I can tell you from the outside that America is shaken by such things.
You should be as proud as hell. Thank you. ?
Many of us are proud.
Most of us are also worried about other things (
As you guessed, the economy
Sometimes worry about rearranging your priorities.
Then there are always a few trolls nearby. . . .
Medical research is science.
Some basic things about cells are still not understood.
The complete molecular chain including the cancer process is still not fully articulated.
Without these basics, the current scientific institutions will never understand any microorganisms found on Mars or anywhere.
I\'m sorry, this is obviously ridiculous.
If we find life on Mars, will we know everything about it? Of course not.
But the two examples you give and the assumption that life exists on Mars are likely to be different, so that the examples you list will not be a prerequisite.
Another point: if we don\'t push into a new science before we fully grasp the old science, we will never do anything new.
No field of human knowledge is \"fully articulated \".
\"But even without the ridiculous standards that you seem to stick to, we do have a solid foundation.
OK, but keep in mind that many of the biggest advances in medicine are done outside of the medical field.
In order to find out the cause of the acid change in the drink and ultimately advance the prevention of the disease, chemist bath was paid.
While studying radiation, physicist lunqin created the first X-ray photo.
Are you the kind of chatbot that speaks like English?
The \"cancer process\" is not made up of \"molecular chains\", even if a normally smart person can guess what you mean, it has nothing to do with the theme here.
\"Humans\" are not interested in the exact composition of Mars.
Only a few scientists and students with scientific minds are interested in the subject.
For most people, moving from subsidized housing to a separate house is more important than a planet.
As mentioned earlier (
I believe in this discussion.
More Americans support and endorse NASA than oppose it.
Science, technology, engineering, mathematics)
Then you can move to a better home.
Move out of subsidy [sic]
\"Essentially, you ask the rocket scientist to give you his/her home.
It won\'t happen.
Those who think it is a waste of money.
Let\'s look at it from a spending perspective.
NASA\'s budget is 17 billion, and you can get inspiration, science, technology, the desire and motivation of the next generation.
Ministry of Education 75 billion, you will get the excess beauracrats at the federal level, repeating the work at the local and state levels.
Washington knows that it sets the rules for teachers or astronauts, which is even more motivating for the next birth? (
End the Department of Education and double NASA\'s budget and you still have £ 50 billion to improve life on this rock. )
The National Science Fund budget for all sciences is almost 8 billion;
The Ministry of Education is ten times the production of this department. what? ? ?
My school is funded locally.
What exactly has the Ed department done to prove its existence?
As this poster points out, NASA has done at least a few things at 17 billion.
The topic is vague.
Read: Is Expected to August 2012 landing?
Didn\'t it take more than two years to travel to Mars before?
I think space technology is improving after all.
Depending on the location of the planets, they move!
It may depend more on the orbital relationship between Earth and Mars. .
If Mars and Earth are opposite the sun, it will take 2 years to travel.
If they stand on the same side for six months.
Speed of chemical reaction
Engine-based restrictions cannot be exceeded.
Unless you cheer up!
Then you can burn more during acceleration/deceleration. Great! !
More space.
Don\'t leave our own track and make a photo cell. . . .
So we can get out of the woods for cheep.
That\'s what I need.
Not more space junk.
Not only is FiscalSanity uneducated and ignorant, it actually seems to be proud of it as well.
He/she is a typical Baker.
I suspect Fin is a member of the Tea Party, most of whom are educated and want the government to spend less on valuable projects.
He/she just seems to want to spend more on \"human\" needs than on science.
Here are a few good links that can be used to count beans, sommelier, tea bags, and also to connect people and dreamers who don\'t have nonsense: people who think it\'s a lot of money.
NASA\'s budget is 17 billion, providing jobs for the best and brightest people, inspiring young people and admitting that there is something more important than me and me.
At the same time, the budget of the federal Department of Education is 75 billion, which will not inspire, frustrate teachers, irritate parents, and create jobs for the Bears.
Each teacher has a department head, a principal, a school district administrator, a state education department-and then Washington thinks it needs to be on the same teacher, so there is a federal Department of Education (
Talk about excess and waste. )
Ending the Department of Education, doubling NASA\'s budget, you still have 50 billion pounds to do \"good things\" on Earth \".
What inspired a child who died of hunger?
Seriously, your space geek/nerd needs to get a life!
Go and pick other areas that waste huge amounts and there are a lot of better goals for your complaints. .
> How exactly did a child who died of hunger get inspired?
Disney and NASA are working on edible plants that can grow in space.
If we learn how to make food in space, can you imagine how much easier it would be to make food on Earth?
Ramon, give you a clue. . .
Learn to grow food on Earth first.
Geeze, you really don\'t have a clue, do you?
\"Learn to grow food on Earth first.
\"Unlike you, some of us can walk and chew gum at the same time.
By the way: what crappy Community College did you attend?
They did a terrible job. Ramon;
Not all community colleges are lame.
Due to the rising cost of higher education, CC tends to educate more than 50% of new college students in the first two years after graduating from collegehigh school.
In that flight, if there were manned crew members, a robitic rover would never inspire children or demonize the power of human achievement.
Joseph: When I took my child to the Great Lakes Science Center in Cleveland this morning to watch the live broadcast of the launch, your \"never\" was shattered, and some accounts and Q & A from NASA delegates. . .
Do your kids want to talk to people who have been to Mars? They\'d love it.
However, this did not disappear from the fact that they were inspired by robots.
I told my daughter that she could be an astronaut to Mars!
The boy interested her!
If your kids are hungry, do they want a good meal?
Thanks to the space program, quote Wikipedia: the commercially available rich baby food infant formula now contains a nutrient-rich ingredient that goes back to NASA-
Sponsored research on algae as a long-term recycling agent
Space travel.
This substance is formulated into life\'s \'sdha and life\' sara products and based on algae, more than 90% of infant formula milk powder sold in the United States can be found, added in infant formula in over 65 other countries.
The founders and leading scientists of Martek Biosciences acquired expertise in this field in the NASA project.
On 2009, the marine algae food supplement program officially entered the Space Technology Hall of Fame of the Space Foundation. [19]
We need to send the machine first, just like a Russian dog (Laika)
The United States is a chimpanzee.
In fact, the production of air and water on Mars will be done in advance by robotic equipment.
It will take a few years for them to reach the required quantity.
A lot of work must be done before the first human (
Hope is American)
On this red planet.
Don\'t miss the fact that sending rover is much cheaper than sending humans!
For some, chewing hot wings on the couch while watching the replay of the dangerous Duke is enough.
For others, space exploration is a gift for future generations of scientists and dreamers.
In this conversation, Beverly was most concerned about her observations.
There is no doubt that for the security and stability of the United States, the most obvious and dangerous thing at present is the Republican right and its corporate supporters.
In terms of climate change, evolution, stem cell research, they are Neanderthals-their series of ignorance is infinite and a cornucopia for late-night comedians!
Where are the rational, rigorous and honest people (if prickly)
For example, a Republican like the late Bill Buckley?
Are the rest of the party so skinny that they can\'t refute the Tea Party\'s sheer nonsense?
Barkley will kill them!
For the few critical thinkers in Lincoln\'s party, this must be a huge embarrassment.
All of this is directly related to today\'s launch-there is no educational funding, and if there is no cultivation of students with intellectual talent-regardless of their financial situation, and even what the immigration situation is-we end up being the garbage dump of history.
In terms of the number of new students in the field of technology, our science education has been declining-especially in Asia and China, more than 3 and 4 times the level of undergraduate and graduate students! !
Republican education cuts will only accelerate.
If you don\'t believe me, go to the NSF site or Google DARPA and \"drop significantly \".
This kind of thing that happens today-launching absolutely cutting-edge technology precisely into deep, relentless deep-space abyss-is impossible without billions of dollars of government propaganda, government projects, the government-funded science graduate program is carried out on the premise of doing the right thing for the country, which is worth it for mankind.
You will have to try to find in a selfish, profitable crowd --
Motivated, introverteddirected, mean-
Before you find anything close to this prior approach, active Tea Party Republicans.
Instead, look for the less conceived invasion that is most important, rather than strengthening the security of the country and spending us in poor houses.
In fact, it is surprising that anyone with ideas these days will not be too embarrassed to be part of the Republican Party.
I am a \"right wing\" conservative who thinks spending too little money on space projects.
If we spend a lot of budget on donations and union protection, we will have more money for space and infrastructure.
NASA\'s budget is 17 billion, providing jobs for the best and brightest people, inspiring young people and admitting that there is something more important than me and me.
At the same time, the budget of the federal Department of Education is 75 billion, which will not inspire, frustrate teachers, irritate parents, and create jobs for the Bears.
Each teacher has a department head, a principal, a school district administrator, a state education department-and then Washington thinks it needs to be on the same teacher, so there is a federal Department of Education (
Talk about excess and waste. )
Ending the Department of Education, doubling NASA\'s budget, you still have 50 billion pounds to do \"good things\" on Earth \". Occupy Mars!
The rover will camp on Mars 2-
A few years of protest against Wall Street greed.
Do as well as those occupiers on Earth.
How much does it cost taxpayers?
Seriously, I would rather spend the money to blow up a few terrorists and then waste the money to find out if there is life on Mars.
The cost of space planning is much lower than that of technology (
Profits from technology)has brought in.
In fact, it can be said that on the whole, space technology and space research are making money for the government and the economy as a whole.
Juniis: I\'m not against you at all, but do you have some facts/stats to support?
The areas with the greatest impact so far are as follows: 1.
Direct R & D for military use.
Even though our liberal friends might belittle the military --
\"Almost all of NASA\'s early work was directly applied to military technology-and because NASA did not have manufacturing capabilities, these projects were directly used in industry.
NASA\'s contract is simple and clear, a huge economic stimulus to industry and the economy as a whole. 2.
Civilian application of military technology.
Both NASA and DARPA have long-standing records of releasing any technology to the public that is not restricted by military applications.
Although DARPA\'s most famous project is the Internet, there is very little publicity from NASA (
Don is often misquoted as a NASA derivative-this is not the case)
NASA has an impressive track record in civil industrial applications.
A comprehensive but not exhaustive list can be seen in applied science.
Advances in meteorology, navigation, communications, satellite imagery, \"Earth Science\", Medicine, and general technology can be attributed directly to NASA.
Maybe some of our more cynical friends can reconsider their doubts the next time they get weather forecasts, GPS or Google Maps. 4.
\"Pure Science\" research.
Perhaps the most economically difficult field to quantify.
Think about the classification above-think about how much these areas affect our lives every day.
Think about areas that we don\'t even realize could affect our lives.
From mine safety to species conservation, from plumbing to computer simulation, from industry to food preparation, NASA\'s progress has affected everything.
It is not possible to fully quantify the positive economic impact NASA has already had, but simple and honest consideration of the derivatives mentioned above will let any Inquirer know the current state of economic balance.
Space exploration nourishes the soul and inspires.
There is no price tag on it.
Filing (
NASA budget 17 billion and Federal Department of Education 75 billion).
In a bloated and redundant educational institution, which institution inspires more children to enter the field of science and mathematics-astronauts or beauracrats?
At the launch of ATLAS 5 John Zurrella and T. J.
Holmes mentioned some questions, considering whether the money spent by NASA is worth itS.
Deficit and debt.
There is no doubt that the money spent over the years has not only benefited the entire human race, but also created new technologies that have contributed far more to the American economy than the cost. In the hospital. . .
\"Cool\" laser heart surgery no one thinks heart surgery is \"cool\", but thanks to NASA\'s technology, a \"cool\" laser provides an alternative to heart bypass surgery for thousands of patients.
It is estimated that about 5 million Americans suffer from \"hardening \"(As)
The biggest single cause of heart disease and related diseases.
Until recently, heart bypass surgery instead of blocking blood vessels was the main treatment for serious cases. A non-
Surgical alternatives for some patients are balloon angiography.
Through this process, a flexible catheter with a small balloon at the end is threaded into the blocked artery and inflated to widen the blood flow path.
On January 1992, the US Food and Drug Administration approved a new surgical method derived from laser technology pioneered by NASA\'s Jet Propulsion Laboratory for remote sensing of the Earth\'s ozone layer.
This laser surgery can help a wider range of patients than balloon vascular formation.
This process involves passing a small catheter through the coronary artery.
The laser is transmitted through the fiber bundle inside the catheter.
Another set of fibers glows at the tip, providing a video picture of the inside of the artery.
Watching the video picture, the doctor can find the blocked area and send out a short-time Beam to evaporate.
While other types of lasers are too hot for fine heart surgery, corneal lasers work at \"cool\" 65 °c, a temperature that human tissues can tolerate. In the hospital. . .
Space telescope looking for cancer check (mammographies)
It is helpful to detect breast cancer.
Until recently, if the doctor is in x-
He or she will order a biopsy.
The biopsy procedure required to remove the breast and obtain a tissue sample.
Now, however, with the Hubble space telescope technology, a biopsy can be performed with a needle instead of a surgical knife.
Charged coupling device (CCDs)
It is a high-tech silicon chip that converts light directly into electronic or digital images.
The Goddard Space Flight Center led the development of an advanced ultra-sensitive CCD, which will be installed in the Hubble Space Telescope in 1997.
LORAD, in Danbury, Connecticut, uses a new CCD for breast biopsy.
As mentioned above, the patient faces down and one breast protrudes through the opening.
The device imaging breast tissue more clearly than the traditional x-rays.
This enables the system to locate the relevant areas precisely.
Doctors can then use specially designed needles to extract tiny samples.
Patients can then go out of the office and resume normal activity.
Compared to a traditional biopsy operation of about $850, the operation costs about $3500.
The new procedure also saves the patient time and pain, leaving only a small needle mark without a large scar. In the hospital. . .
Middle body imagination
In 1960s, when NASA prepared for the Apollo Moon landing program, the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL)
Technology called digital image processing has been developed that allows computers to enhance lunar images.
The technology later became the foundation of NASA\'s Terrestrial satellite.
Doctors and hospitals are now using digital image processing to record images of human organs.
The two most widely used body imaging techniques are computers.
Auxiliary tomography (CATScan)
Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).
CATScan image data is collected by targeting the fanshaped x-
Light from many different directions around the body. A tomographic (slice-like)
Computers rebuild images from these multiple views.
MRI uses magnetic fields and radio waves to create images, not x-rays.
CATScan is used for bones in most cases, while MRI is used for soft tissue (
Liver as shown above).
These two methods are commonly used to obtain a complete diagnosis of the patient.
Doctors and engineers are working to combine the best features of MRI with CATScan.
One of their research tools is a computer program originally developed by NASA for distinguishing the surface features of the Earth in hospital Landsat image processing. . .
New artificial limbs for arms and legs are called artificial limbs in the medical profession.
This area also includes orthopaedic aids such as knee and neck support.
Hasberg prosthetic Correction Center Co. , Ltd.
Birmingham, Alabama, specializes in the production of these equipment (
An artificial arm is shown on the left).
Hasberg wants to improve the way it makes artificial limbs.
Plaster and corn starch materials needed to be replaced for making molds for new arms and legs and similar equipment.
The plaster mold is very heavy and easy to break (
Can\'t fix when they go bankrupt)
, Difficult to ship and store.
Hasberg asked NASA\'s Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC)
If they can help, in Huntsville, Alabama.
MSFC and Lockheed-
Martin is responsible for building the outer box of the space shuttle.
ET is covered with foam insulation.
It protects ET from heat and keeps liquid oxygen and liquid nitrogen at a proper low temperature.
ET insulation material is lighter and stronger than gypsum, and it is easier to work with a machine.
It is also important that the use cost of foam materials is lower.
Hasberg tried to make a prosthetic model with ET foam. It worked!
The company is able to reduce the cost of making artificial limbs, which reduces the cost of patients.
They can also be massive
Produce foam \"blanks\" used to make molds and start shipping them to prosthetic manufacturers across the United States. In the hospital. . .
In the United States, the infrared thermometer, whether you believe it or notS.
A person, the temperature of about 2 billion times a year is someone else\'s.
Right in the hospital and doctor\'s office!
The 2 billion figure does not include parents who are anxious to check junior\'s fever.
If you think it\'s amazing, think about it: NASA has the ability to measure the temperature of stars and planets and never leave the ground, making it possible for the latest thermometer technology!
It is possible to obtain the temperature of distant objects by sensing infrared radiation from stars or planets.
Diatek, San Diego, California, asked NASA to help them develop a manual sensor technology.
A thermometer that measures a person\'s temperature in less than two seconds.
The thermometer has a probe that plugs into the ear a little. (
Patients don\'t even have to wake up. )
The probe is thrown away after use and replaced by a new probe to prevent crossinfection.
Measuring someone\'s body temperature in two seconds can save nurses a lot of time!
In the hospital . . . . . . Lamp at the end of the tunnel of cancer LEDs (LED)
For plant experiments on the space shuttle for surgery in patients with brain cancer.
Photodynamic therapy for Small Business Innovation Research in MSFC (SBIR)
Cooperate with quantum devices to activate light sensitizers using LEDs (light-
Sensitive tumortreating drugs)
Already via intravenous injection.
Light activation enables the drug to destroy cancer cells, making the surrounding tissues almost unaffected.
After more than five years of research and experiments, the LED probe was approved by the FDA.
So far, cancer treatment trials using led have included patients with skin cancer and brain tumors, with promising results.
Chapter 2 of the partnership focuses on the ability of led wound healing.
Thematic improvements to wound healing will have a number of applications, including long-term applications
Space flight, military solutions and civilian medical care.
The LED for wound healing has been approved by the Navy Special Operations Command.
The transfer of LED technology from the space shuttle experiment to the medical world is just a hospital. . .
\"Smart\" composite ForcepsNASA X-
A new modified forceps was made using 33 composite materials.
These \"smart\" tweezers with embedded fiber will allow the doctor to measure the pressure on the head of the baby during delivery.
The elasticity of the composite and the ability to customize the thickness along the length of the tweezers will prevent the doctor from applying too much force.
Most doctors use tweezers for the first time in actual baby delivery.
These compound tweezers will be used to train medical students before they step into the delivery room.
Examples of how NASA\'s commercial space research can improve the quality of life on Earth. In the hospital. . . Pill-
Larger-sized transmitters can monitor the fetus from within the uterus. Medical personnel can use a small pill to monitor fetal activity from the uterus
Formed transmitter developed by NASA\'s Ames Research Center in Field, California
Pill transmitters are used to measure blood pressure and temperature of astronauts on the international space station, but they are being studied for many applications on Earth.
The instrument can be implanted in the fetal uterus to monitor the fetal activity;
Monitoring intestinal activity by swallowing;
And is developing for monitoring athletes and high
Pressure professionals such as firefighters and soldiers. In the hospital. . .
Digital Breast photography provides clearer images and less radiation techniques for monitoring changes in the Earth\'s atmosphere are now being used for early detection of breast cancer.
The digital image detector, similar to the digital image detector found in the camera, was developed at NASA\'s Langley Research Center in Hampton, Va.
Compared to conventional mammograms, the system captures clearer digital images while exposing the breasts to lower radiation doses.
These images can then be digitally stored or sent through a hospital computer. . .
The camera on the chip used to diagnose osteoporosis may soon use the \"camera-on-a-
NASA\'s Jet Propulsion Lab in Pasadena, California, developed \"chip\" technology
The compact and lightweight camera chip originally developed to record images in space integrates all the electronic controls that typically require multiple chips into one chip.
By integrating controls onto one chip, these devices are smaller, lighter and use a fraction of the energy of multiple chipschip cameras.
For patients, this means lower doses of radiation
1% of normal x-doseray-
Lower cost. FOR SCIENCE. . .
If you look at home, you will see the role NASA plays in developing satellite television transmission technology.
But television signals are just a kind of data transmitted by satellites.
Telephone signals, computer data and computer images are also transmitted to the world via satellites.
Many American companies sell satellite data transmission services.
These commercial space communication systems are from high
NASA developed and tested risk technologies on track in the 1960 and 1970 s.
This technology base has led the US telecom industry in the construction and operation of communications satellites.
NASA series of application technology satellites (ATS)
Launched between 1966 and 1974.
These satellites (ATS-6 shown above)
Advances in communication technologies, such as the Earth\'s synchronous orbit (GEO)
-Orbit with the earth so that the satellite is always above the specific position where the ground satellite is stable-preventing the satellite from shaking in the orbit use of the digital computer
Large antennas that provide high-quality signals to small ground receivers (
Such as graphite composite materials)
Nasa also took the lead in using GEO satellites to \"overlook\" low Earth orbit (LEO)satellites.
GEO satellites transmit data between low earth orbit satellites.
The data is also transmitted from the LEO satellite to the ground via the GEO satellite.
The technology means that NASA and satellite companies can run their satellites under the least number of ground stations.
NASA has deployed six of its own tracking and data relay satellites.
TDRSS is a geographic satellite network that provides communication and tracking services for space shuttles and other low-level satellites
Spacecraft flying around the Earth
The latest in NASA\'s experimental communications satellite series is the advanced communication technology satellite (ACTS)(shown at left).
ACTS was launched in September 1993 and is \"the switchboard in the Sky \".
Industry, universities and the government are using act to develop new satellite services, including real-
Send a timed TV to the plane.
Today, commercial companies are leading the way in providing satellite services to the public.
However, NASA is still at the forefront in developing satellite and data transmission technologies.
For all mankind. . .
At the Land exhibition at Disney\'s EPCOT Center, ripe tomatoes are hung at the end of the boat to feed the world and the rest of the world.
They are not just for appearance.
NASA\'s Kennedy Space Center and Disney World are working on a new government and industry research partnership.
NASA and Disney are looking for ways to use human and industrial waste to provide the raw materials needed to grow edible plants.
This technology is needed to establish human colonies in other worlds.
Many vegetable farmers around the world are learning how to grow crops without soil.
This method, known as the water culture method, is increasing the food of the Earth.
Capacity is growing.
Wheat and soybeans have been planted in this way.
Future crops will include peppers, other kinds of beans, spinach, oats, barley, strawberries and herbs.
Growing food without soil is also good for long-distance space flights.
Astronauts will plant their own food without carrying heavy soil into space.
For the environment. . .
Oil spill control-no beeswax for you!
How do you clean up the oil spill?
Any more beeswax balls? !
However, these are not your usual beeswax balls.
These contain microorganisms (
Small animals that can only be seen under a microscope)that “eat” oil. Gasoline REM company
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
Invented the idea.
NASA\'s Jet Propulsion Lab and the Marshall Space Flight Center helped design small beeswax balls (microcapsules).
The design of the beeswax capsule is for the water not to enter, but the oil can enter.
When the oil permeates from the shell, the internal microorganisms release the enzyme that digests the oil.
When the balls are filled with digested oil, they explode.
They release enzymes, carbon dioxide, and water, all of which are safe for the environment.
This mixture is even good fish food!
For all mankind. . .
The current positive campaign has raised awareness of the issue of mine explosions.
Mines kill hundreds of innocent people and children every day.
It is estimated that the number of active mines distributed in 70 countries exceeds 0. 11 billion, and the number of stocks around the world is equal, waiting for planting.
Thiokol Science and Engineering have developed a more effective approach
Use a solid rocket engine that NASA can reuse (RSRM)
Waste propellant.
The torch is simple and safe to handle.
It is simply placed next to an uncovered mine and lit by a battery from a safe distanceTrigger match
The torch burned a hole in the box of the mine and lit the explosives inside.
The explosives are burned and the mines are invalidated to make them harmless.
Because the use of waste propellant is free, the ability to diffuse mines is more likely.
Waste propellant is not only useful for the elimination of mines, but also recyclable. AT HOME. . .
Do you use cordless drill or Bush trimmer?
How about cleaners? ®?
Do you know that the technology that makes these products possible comes from NASA\'s Apollo program?
Astronauts need a way to drill to 10 feet deep on the surface of the moon to collect core samples.
Like all the other things on the moon, this drill must be small, light and battery --powered.
To develop the drill, NASA chose a company known for its cordless products: Black and Decker.
A key technological advance has made the battery
Use the power drill bit as little as possible-use a computer program to design the motor of the drill bit.
The computer program, as well as the knowledge and experience gained in developing drill bits, provides a strong technical foundation for developing battery-driven tools and equipment.
Now, Black and Decker sell cordless charging products worth about $0. 4 billion a year. AT HOME. . .
Hope you \'ve never been woken up by a smoke detector in the middle of the night.
It\'s bad enough in your home, but imagine that your spaceship is on fire!
On 1970s, NASA needed smoke and fire detectors from Skylab, the first space station in the United States. Honeywell, Inc.
Developed the device for NASA.
The law now requires smoke detectors to be placed in all new homes.
They saved countless lives.
So, the next time you\'re woken up by a smoke alarm, remember that the situation can be worse.
Try to run outside the spaceship in pajamas! AT HOME. . .
Home Clean Water homes are buying water filters for their homes.
A model is a household guardian filter made by Western water International (WWI)
Foster Ville, Maryland
The filter is installed under the sink (
As shown in left)
Or in the \"dead space\" between the sink and the wall.
This filter uses the technology developed by WWI, combined with NASA\'s technology.
During the Apollo program, NASA developed a system to disinfect astronaut drinking water.
This method includes the use of ions (
Atomic or atomic groups with positive or negative charges)
As part of the filter system.
H2OME remove lead, chlorine, bad smell and other bad things.
WWI also sells filtration devices that can handle large amounts of water.
The water is used in large buildings and even in the entire town of the contaminated country. AT HOME. . .
Have you ever wondered why your electricity bill is so high?
Even after you have installed the insulation roll, or the insulation is blown to the attic, or have the window filled in?
Home insulation has not been a precise science until recently.
But do you believe that there is now a company that will install insulation and then guarantee that your House will only use the specified number of kilowatt hours per year?
This is true, thanks to the aluminum shield developed by the Apollo spacecraft.
The shield is designed to block the barrier of heat or cold, or to bring our astronauts into and out of the spacecraft on the moon.
In order to ensure that Wawa festival electric Festival SystemTM is a guarantee System Co. , Ltd.
Charlotte and Smart, North Carolina
Housing consultancy
In the city of orrama.
They combine space technology with other high-tech concepts, providing significant savings on home heating and cooling costs. Their NASA-derived Smart-
The design of the radiation barrier of the House can reflect the solar radiation energy of 95%. Pretty cool! AT THE AIRPORT. . .
Lightning weather is bad news for planes.
One of the most unpredictable factors of the storm is lightning.
NASA\'s Langley Research Center has played a leading role in the Lightning investigation. year (1980-86)
Storm hazard research program
The project used a research plane that flew into a storm hoping to be hit by lightning!
They are very successful.
The plane was hit more than 800 times!
NASA found that lightning would inject a lot of current into the plane.
These currents can cause problems with the aircraft\'s electronic system, including incorrect reading of the instrument.
These and other findings led to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)
It is required to protect key aircraft electronic systems from lightning from 1987.
Lightning Technology Co. , Ltd.
Mass in Pittsburgh
Work with NASA on a storm hazard research project.
They now sell lightning protection systems to aircraft manufacturers around the world. AT THE AIRPORT. . .
Another dangerous situation of the plane is the wind shear.
Wind scissors have caused more than 30 aircraft accidents in the United States. S.
Hundreds of people lost their lives.
After a serious wind shear accident in 1985, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)
NASA began to work together to find a way to predict the wind shear and give the pilots enough warnings to take precautions.
Wind shear is a sudden shift in wind direction and speed.
Micro-explosion is the most dangerous form of wind shear.
The micro-Storm is a column of cold air that creates a strong sinking air flow and a strong rotating wind near the ground.
If a slow-moving aircraft, especially the one taking off or landing, goes through a micro-explosion, the wind will cause it to lose control and fall to the ground.
The first system to become an aviation service is a Doppler microwave radar.
It sends out radio waves in front of the plane, \"bounces\" the raindrops in a thunderstorm, and then returns to the instrument.
Measurement of Doppler Displacement by computer (
The wavelength frequency difference between the outbound wave and the return signal)
Tell the pilot the speed is in the wind.
The pilot can then avoid the area or adjust the speed and/or height of the aircraft.
The flight test of the system began on 1991.
Like the Lightning protection project, NASA\'s job is to fly into a thunderstorm-131 thunderstorms, to be exact. (
Anyone looking for an interesting NASA career? ! )
These tests show that the forward-looking Doppler radar can provide 20-
The upcoming micobursts warning for 40 seconds.
In November 1994, a continental airline flight was first equipped with a new wind shear detection and early warning system.
NASA helps passengers and crew around the world to make air travel safer.
Many American airlines are using the system. Switzerland), Alitalia (Italy), Iberia (Spain)
Kuwait Airlines. AT THE AIRPORT. . .
It is no fun to encounter thunderstorms on the plane.
But it must be worse to hit another plane!
The sky in the United States is crowded with planes, especially around the airport.
Even in the middle
In 1950s, the airline group began looking for ways to warn pilots if they were too close to the other plane.
But only after the 80 s did more advanced technology allow a system that is reliable and cheap enough to be installed on thousands of aircraft.
Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)
Leading the development of traffic reminder and collision avoidance system (TACS).
NASA\'s Ames Research Center is responsible for testing the human performance factors of the system.
This means they want to make sure that the pilot is able to use the system accurately and quickly.
How did NASA test this collision avoidance system?
Giant chicken in the air? No! (Thank goodness! )Using ground-
Based on the flight simulator, NASA tested how well the airline pilots understood the TACS and how long they responded to various situations.
The software of tacs was then modified to make it easier and faster to use.
Now there is a TACS on any passenger plane you take.
After NASA helped prepare the system, the FAA requested that TACS be installed on all passenger planes with 10 or more seats by 1995. IN THE MUSEUM. . .
On 1948, the Dead Sea Scrolls were found in a cave in Palestine.
The ancient gathering contained many Bible-related materials in the Bible.
These scrolls have recently been seen by experts around the world.
One problem, however, is that many scrolls are completely destroyed in the eyes of the naked eye.
The black ink is invisible on the black parchment in ancient times.
Some of these parts are provided to NASA\'s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL)
Responsible for the research team
JPL used technology earlier to monitor the documents of the National Archives, as described in the above historical document article.
They checked the debris with high-sensitivity electronic cameras and computer image processing techniques.
JPL is able to increase the contrast between ink and parchment paper.
A series of Hebrew letters revealed by NASA technology were translated into \"he wrote Noah\'s words \". \"IN THE MUSEUM. . .
People looking for hidden master works working in museums often find evidence of the second painting under the paintings they are looking.
Old Painters often draw on other people\'s works or their own works.
In most cases, artists cannot afford to buy new oil paintings.
The \"cross\" on the left of the picture above was created by an unknown 17th-century Flemish painter.
When the head of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA)
Looking at it, he saw a trace of another painting below.
Is the covered painting an unknown masterpiece? how do you judge it?
Usually the picture is x. rayed. But x-
The light shows only a blurry double image that does not have enough detail to tell the subject or creator of the underlying painting.
LACMA asked NASA\'s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL)
Help to see this covered painting.
Using techniques used to process images from spacecraft, JPL developed a separation of two x-ray images.
These computer programs \"subtract\" the painting at the top from the bottom, so you can see the hidden painting in more detail.
In the case of \"nailing the cross\", a 17th-century painting was discovered.
If you look at the picture on the right, you can see the face of a man (to the left-
Center of painting).
On the left of the man is a woman sitting on the table with her right arm supported.
Although hidden masterpieces are not found in this case, the art museum now has the option to decrypt the work that was covered up by yesterday\'s artists. FOR SCIENCE. . . Laser Sharp!
The laser emits a narrow and strong beam.
Beams can be used for drilling, cutting or melting materials.
As you can see in the hospital, the laser can be used to remove the sick body tissue.
Laser can also be used to transmit communication signals.
Small solid laser
Provides state lasers with better performance than conventional lasers.
Amoco laser company in Neville, Illinois is the leader in micro-laser technology (
One of their models is shown above).
In medical instruments, color graphics and printing, advanced TV projection, telecom, data storage and semi-
Conductor processing.
In developing microlasers, Amoco combines their technology with the progress of NASA\'s Jet Propulsion Laboratory.
JPL\'s work focuses on using lasers to communicate between the Earth and the spacecraft millions of miles away.
Amoco uses the JPL method of using a micro diode (
Providing current)
\"Pump\" solid laser.
This method is very effective electronically and produces very narrow and precise laser beams. Wow. . .
I know there are a lot of other benefits, thanks for copying and pasting from anywhere.
\"Thank you for copying and pasting from anywhere.
\"I found it in the previous pages (
How about Timespace? )? Yawn.
Perfect example of wasting time and energy.
Thank you. Ramon proved my point.
If the funds were to be used directly to solve problems in the world rather than to get a by-product, what a big difference would be.
Ramon, do you really think anyone will read all the cut paste crapola?
Please do something productive with your time.
In other words, you are not looking for an answer to your question or rebuttal. . .
You\'re just hanging out
Thank you for playing.
Have a good day.
I think exploring life on other planets is a challenge, not only for NASA, but also for all mankind living on Earth, after 100, I think we need more resources because of the decreasing population resources on Earth.
I suggest that the US government and NASA establish an international organization to get joint funding and scientists from other countries and engage them.
We need more advanced, faster travel tools to explore planets quickly, which requires a lot of science, engineering, and money.
NASA should not monopolize operations at this point. I know there are some secrets and races, but I think we should work globally due to the world economic crisis and future needs.
More countries, more scientists, more money, more ideas, more progress, what a huge waste.
Your ignorance is even greater.
Not only do you know nothing about science and technology, but you don\'t know anything about economics and history.
What a huge waste of education! !
Even though we have so many problems now, it is a complete waste of time and money to determine whether life exists on Mars.
Seriously, think about all the education and brainpower wasted on this project, for what?
Satisfy the curiosity of others
Satisfy one\'s curiosity
What you don\'t understand is that \"someone\" is human nature.
More powerful than the tea party, the tea party is expected to be extinct.
No, Ramon, actually these people are just a hands full of nerds and don\'t know anything about the whole content of real life.
How sad it is to be you.
You have my mercy and prayers. Ah!
There is a baker in our audience!
CNN reporter John Zarella has managed to make some comments on the very small amount the space program is taking up from the federal budget.
\"Five Cents a dollar\" is how he expressed it.
5% of the $2 trillion budget is $100 billion! ! !
How many percentage of the voting population are really interested in investigating rocks and dust on this completely useless planet? 5%.
You idiot, throw away this stupid space plan now.
Second-rate countries will not waste hundreds of billions of dollars on such things. Mr.
Zarella is not correct, so are you. The current (FY2011)
Nasa\'s budget is $18. 724 billion.
My last budget for the federal government is FY2010, which is $3. 456 trillion.
The actual percentage NASA receives from the federal government is about.
54%-slightly more than 1/10 of the amount you quoted.
As for public support for NASA, support is much higher than what your post says.
As of 2008, 71% thought NASA had done \"well\" or \"very well\" in \"maintaining its leadership in space exploration \".
\"52% support or strongly support NASA to increase its budget.
Source: 2nd.
Economic strength. They are 11th.
GDP is below Spain\'s in Italy and Brazil.
Compared with the United States, it would be interesting to compare the percentage of GDP they spend in space.
This is a good article on space spending: NASA\'s budget is 17 billion.
For the Ministry of Education (federal)
75 billion is completely unnecessary.
Why we need beauracrats in Washington to decide how states should educate their citizens is something I cannot understand.
Which one has inspired more progress in science and math, astronauts or bears?
I think what the title says is that it\'s \"natural\" for ROV to travel to Mars, and I think karrov is looking for a planet Dick Cheney is very popular or respectful. .
The book is to be read, not to be burned! (
Sorry, anyone who doesn\'t understand my analogy. . . )
There is no doubt that there are other civilizations outside.
Billions of them.
Some in the same block (solar system)
Like Columbus, they found each other.
Sadly, we don\'t have neighbors?
The possibility of traveling to another star is basically zero.
The time involved is unimaginable.
Correction: I just read about the recent solar system (Small Eridani)
It\'s only 10 light years from here.
This distance is feasible.
Even Epsilon Eridani could not meet our current level of technology.
At the maximum speed of Helios 2, 10 light years will still take more than 44,000 years.
\"Epsilon Eridani is not feasible at our current level of technology.
\"I was thinking about the photon or plasma propulsion they showed in the history/Science/Discovery Channel.
Then there is distortion of time and space. ?
I didn\'t see that episode, so I didn\'t know what they were saying about ability or speed.
However, I must assume that the propulsion methods discussed are not practical yet, otherwise we will use them in the current task.
Don\'t get me wrong, of course I hope they are practical! ?
May curiosity be as outstanding as its sisters, Spirit and Opportunity, and further broaden our understanding of the magical universe! At what cost?
Please explain to the hungry children of the world why you think this is the best use for spare cash.
NASA budget 17 billion
Life is inspired, countless thoughts are opened, priceless.
The Ministry of Education has a budget of 75 billion for the pointless excess beauracrats in Washington, creating regulations and spending money, completely wasting cash.
Why are the children starving?
Because of space exploration? ! No.
Because when they can\'t afford it, their parents have them.
Or because their father ran away from his responsibility.
Or because both parents made the wrong choice, they dropped out of high school.
But that\'s not because we have a budget of less than 1% on NASA. Ramon F.
Herrera wrote: \"Economic activity is the only way out of recession. \"Duh.
This is a foolish statement because the definition of recession is weakening economic activity.
What you really mean is government-led artifacts.
Activities leading to the awarding of contracts to pro-credit and non-pro-creditprofit (so-called)
Are you a group?
Obviously you are being instilled in the mind because tarp and the stimulus failed.
According to Paul Kruger (your hero)
So far, we should have a boom, with unemployment falling back to 6% after peaking in 2010.
He wrote it in 2009.
Junius gallio wrote: \"Sorry, but Damrell is in favor of CAPEEM (
August 2006 and March 2008)
Not against them.
Capeham later reached an agreement with California.
Check out the CAPEEM press room section on their website.
\"Very interesting, thank you for pointing out the website as it has a document listing the details instilled in the textbook!
Look for the kumar statement in the legal documentation section of capeem dot org!
Thank you for your discovery.
Although not familiar with this website, it is enough to say that I have friends with people who know capeem, I am also Indian and Indians are involved in the lawsuit.
The judge ruled in favor of capeem on various issues, but avoided the idea of instilling (
It is widely believed that this is because this claim requires publishers to reprint the books and spend millions of dollars).
So even if he was in favor of capeem, the books still exist.
Generally speaking, Indians feel betrayed because of this and generally believe that Democrats are very corrupt.
The other idea is that the ruling would be different if white people were involved.
All those who helped pass these books were Democrats.
Indians put forward the perspective of indoctrination when adopting.
All Democrats in California, the elected education office must be non-partisan.
Frankly, at this point I would rather you insist that they are Democrats because it is appropriate to insult you with the word.
I am not interested in insulting-the person they devalue insults is far more than the recipient who devalues expectations.
I have no choice but to despise the way you convey your opinions, but I will note that when there is a message that is contrary to what you have stated, you have corrected yourself.
I salute you for this, but I implore you to give up using insults and demeaning in your argument. Namaste. [
Youtube = have I ever been exposed to so many wayward dummies in my life.
I now fully understand that \"you can direct a prostitute to a culture, but you can\'t let her think.
\"I swear, as I read the comments posted here, my IQ dropped by 2 points.
The great technological achievements of NASA will be ignored by so many people. . .
The truth is that if God does not kill all of us first and save the rest of creation morally, humanity will go into space. . .
I remember when the Martian sent the flying saucer to Earth. Spoiler!
There is life on Mars.
Seriously, in this solar system, the world with the greatest opportunity
Very similar to Earth
Europa is one of Jupiter\'s moons.
The problem is that liquid water may be a few miles underground, or I should say it\'s under the ice.
Ganimid and Calisto are also likely candidates for Jovi.
But the radiation from Jupiter itself must be taken into account. . . . . To NASA.
Sayers: This technology will help us avoid the coming planets of size.
There will be a close call in 2037.
What are the priorities? Great point!
The only difference between Muslim and religious rights is that a person is studying a book all his life (the Quran)
When another person gives it to another book (the Bible).
That\'s it.
Herman Kane tried to figure out whether Obama was in favor or against Mars before he stated his position.
Yes, we do need to spend billions of dollars looking for another planet that we can destroy.
Debb, your offspring may have to move to Mars.
But we need to heat it up first.
Fortunately, we already know how to warm the Earth!
It is estimated that the temperature of Mars can rise to 32 degrees in the middle of 100.
I guess the way to do this is to hand over $1 trillion to Gore\'s investment and trade carbon credits with each other.
Next, some of you will want to fire the science teacher.
You should read the Bible earlier.
One of them wrote that he was sure there was no (intelligent)
Life in the solar system (which is true)
Not based on scientific research and exploration, but because the Bible says so. (
I want to know what chapters NASA has written specifically)
Next, some of you will want to fire all the science teachers. As for -. ----
It\'s so cool that you\'re so insecure about yourself that you don\'t even have an ID card attached!
never the less.
A movie is the same as your review. . . . .
Called a contact person.
About a girl who grew up and worked in seti, when you say false security, maybe you should also learn the lesson.
My suggestion is that you look at it at some point.
I believe it will explore Mars for two years after the lube Goldberg rocket lifts off
The crane landing system works.
This seems to be much more complicated than falling to the surface of the water in the beach nest :-).
Speak as a man with M. S.
This is an incredible, very cool technological feat in aerospace engineering.
Saturn V itself is amazing and the information I have read about ground vehicles is fantastic.
Orbital mechanics is not easy, and this is far beyond that-congrats to NASA and JPL for doing a good job (
There are still a lot of things that can go wrong at least at this point).
Let\'s keep up with the pace of education and make sure it\'s us, America, that constantly breaks the boundaries of scientific research-it\'s very important and gives us most of the technology we enjoy in our normal lives.
Wish you a happy holiday!
I agree with the pirates!
Continue the great work!
Technology may disappoint humans, but it is also likely to be something that will save us!
The meek will inherit the Earth and the rest of us will escape to the stars! God speed.
I believe in America.
This is one of the articles explaining the idea of people paying 50% zero taxes.
Just glad it didn\'t explode on the elevator.
Or we will be out.
5 billion beauty yuan in Florida around have 8 pounds of plutonium 238.
Does anyone want to build a pool for the evidence that Curiosity will find life on Mars?
Curiosity will not find \"evidence of life on Mars\"-this is not the purpose of its design.
It will assess the applicability of Mars to possible life, but does not have the ability to detect life directly.
Do you really think the scientific community will pay the price?
5 billion for the rover, in the absence of sending anything to detect \"evidence of life on Mars? (
This is different from saying \"there is evidence of life on Mars\" or suggesting that the probe cannot detect life directly, which means there is still life on Mars).
Don\'t give me a mistake next time.
If I copy and paste your exact words, it\'s not a \"misquote\", John.
No, curiosity is not used to find evidence of life.
Curiosity has eight scientific goals (
Reference from Wilipedia to JPL):1.
Determine the nature and inventory of organic compounds. 2.
Take stock of the chemical components of life we know: carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, phosphorus and sulfur. 3.
Identify features that may represent the effects of metabolic or biological features. 4.
Study the chemical, isotope and mineral components on and near the surface of Mars
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