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germany : polyone and mars otomotiv launch metal replacement solution for led automotive lighting application.

by:Mingfa Tech     2019-12-10
PolyOne Corporation, a leading global supplier of professional polymer materials, services and solutions, today announced that MarsOtomotiv, a global supplier of advanced lighting systems in the transportation industry, chose Therma-
Technology thermal conductive polymer used to replace metal in LED lighting radiators for building vehicles, heavy trucks and trailers.
The transition from metal materials to polyketone materials helped Mars Otomotiv significantly reduce the total cost of parts, reduce weight, and optimize manufacturing and logistics.
Mars Otomotiv is an industry leader and we have to continue to innovate in order to stay ahead, explains Abuzer Binici, director and board member of Mars parent Ayfar Otomotiv.
Working with polyone gives us the opportunity to replace metals with advanced polymer formulations that simplify our manufacturing processes and are on the market without compromising the performance of the parts
Bright LEDs (HB LED)
The lamp is much more efficient in converting power to light than incandescent lamps, but it also generates considerable heat.
HB LEDs are sensitive to high temperature, so radiators are often used to ensure optimal performance over time.
Metal radiators usually made of aluminum are common.
However, the manufacturing of aluminum parts is heavier and more costly compared to the special polymer solution.
Hb led radiator made by using Therma
Compared to aluminum, the technical solution of Mars Otomotiv reduces the weight of parts by more than 30%.
The daily output increased by 50%, the secondary operation required for aluminum parts was canceled, and the cost per unit was reduced by more than 20%.
In addition, with PolyOne\'s technical support, existing molds for casting aluminum parts can be modified to mold polymer radiators, eliminating the cost and delay of building tools from scratch.
Experts on Mars soon realized Therma\'s innovative potential --
Holger Kronimus, European vice president of PolyOne and general manager of professional engineering materials, said that Tech polymer solutions worked closely with us to complete the project in less than four months.
This success clearly shows that close cooperation and technical strength can lead to different outcomes.
This is another example of PolyOne helping customers maximize performance and simplify manufacturing operations while reducing total system costs.
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