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For hot tub owners looking for something to make

by:Mingfa Tech     2020-07-16
Scents There is a variety of hot tub accessories available to create therapeutic and aromatic scents while enjoying a dip in the spa. Several brands of salts and crystals are designed specifically for spa use to soothe sore muscles and help the body to relax. Fragrances and scents are typically taken from minerals and plant extracts or other sources that won't harm the machine. They are typically designed to work with a variety of hot tub chemicals without disrupting the balance. Lighting Part of what makes hot tubs inviting is the mystery and ambience, especially at night. Depending on the manufacturer and installation, there are different ways to make colored lights work. Some spas have colored lighting built into the spa panel that reflects through the bubbling water and changes while the jets are running. The spa panel settings can turn the lights on and off, or adjust which colors shine when. Separate accessories can provide LED lighting in the tub for wide or narrow bands or can be set next to it to project a light show. Toys Many of the spa accessories that are available have both a fun and a practical purpose. Ducks are popular as floating companions or as useful spa accessories. For example, thermometers come in a variety of shapes, style and sizes. Measure the temperature in the hot tub with a specially designed floating duck, dolphin or shark. Most floating rubber ducks have interesting hairdos or outfits. They are often sold dressed in different occupations, such as a nurse, sailor, chef, doctor or cheerleader. They are reliable conversation pieces, and make it possible for people to see from a slight distance whether the machine is turned on and that the water jets are working properly. Sounds Some spa systems come with integrated .mp3 players and sound. There is often a docking station located on the side of the hot tub so that music can be controlled without anyone having to leave the comforts of the tub. Some systems offer surround sound. Some systems come with wireless television and sound systems as well. Depending on the purpose, location and frequency of using sights and sounds, music and television are two ways to liven up a party or set the mood.
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