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by:Mingfa Tech     2020-05-28
DNF Security, which is one of the subsidiaries of Dynamic Network Factory, is available in the tower chassis platform which can also be used as a 4 unit rack mount chassis as well. The installation and set-up of this whole video center workstation can take place, within a matter of few minutes and in case the video station needs some additional software, it can be done through the integrated drive of DVD R/W. In order to evaluate it on a perfect note, let us go through its standardized features. DNF Security VC9300 video workstation has a 300GB storage volume, which is RAID certified and is available in the form of two hot swappable SATA disk drives, which run with 10,000 RPM and offer faster data access to the users. There is a 2GB high speed video cache on this storage system, which enables faster IO access of videos. If the data access is done through the storage systems, it can take some time in this process, but if the regularly accessed videos are available in cache, then they can be rendered in fast way. Supporting this feature is the 2 Gigabit memory of video cache, which offers good memory support for the access of high end applications. There is a dual gigabit Ethernet controller on this storage system, which offers high grade connectivity to the internet and also can support local file transfers on this system. A VGA card and DVI card is available on this platform and also a HDMI video card of 1GB is offered to sync with the laptops. Windows XP professional operating system is available on this platform. Going through the technical specifications, DNF Security VC9300 video workstation is available with the facility of two fans, which act as cooling solutions. There is a facility of two exhaust fans, which push out the heat generated in the IP Storage Calculatorsystem. If necessary, an optional front side thermal fan can be fitted in place of an exhaust fan, to keep the processor heat under control. Coming to the indicators, there is a power LED to notify about the hard drive activity and another LED which informs about the network activity. Other LED indicators, offer information related to system overheat and also power failure. There are a total number of 12 USB ports on this platform, which offer support for external and internal devices connectivity and are also 2.0 compliant. Realtek audio ALC883 7.1 HD audio and S/PDIF digital output is offered on this platform, which offers the feature of listening to conversations of people captured in the security surveillance videos. The operating temperature of the DNF Security VC9300 Video Workstationis, in between 10 degrees and 35 degrees Celsius i.e. in between 50 degrees to 95 degrees Fahrenheit.
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