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exercising in the heat? cool down for better performance

by:Mingfa Tech     2019-12-23
NEW YORK (Reuters Health)-
According to a new review, using cold water, ice bath or ice vest before or during a hot workout helps athletes perform better.
Research author Dr. says a way to think about this problem
Thijs M. H. Eijsvogels believes that cooling technology may reduce the energy required for the body to keep cool and leave more energy for the movement itself.
\"More blood will be used to deliver oxygen to the motor muscles, which makes the exercise better,\" he told Reuters Health Channel via email . \".
\"Therefore, the energy and energy of the heat dissipation mechanism are reduced.
Eijsvogels, department of physiology, medical center, Radboud University, Netherlands, and his colleagues included 28 studies in their review of previous studies on cooling techniques.
All the studies focused on the methods used by male athletes when they were above 86 degrees Fahrenheit, and 20 of them studied the \"cooling\" techniques used before exercise began.
Before exercise, athletes used methods such as wearing a cooling vest or a cooling backpack, dipping in cold water, drinking cold water or ice paste, or a combination of these methods.
During exercise, these methods are the same except for dunking in a cold pool.
Overall, based on the results published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, the use of cooling techniques before or during exercise can improve athletic performance and combine the two to work best.
The most effective method is the combination of the ice vest during exercise and all the techniques before exercise.
Eijsvogels said that on average, athletes who use cooling technology perform nearly 7% better than athletes who don\'t use cooling technology, which may mean a difference between winning and losing.
\"Keep in mind that the difference between the first and fourth places is insignificant in many elite sports, so improve your performance with 6.
7% due to the application of appropriate ecological technology, it may have a great impact on the results of the competition, \"he said.
Even ordinary athletes will notice this.
New Zealand physiology manager, Auckland high performance sports Paul Lawson.
\"If performance is important to you, then it\'s worth it,\" Lawson told Reuters Health Channel via email . \".
He was not involved in the review.
The authors warn that most of the studies they analyzed were small, including an average of 9 people, and there may be other studies that found that no published effects or no effects would affect their results.
Games increase core temperatures, which can hurt performance.
The review found that, starting at 102, preheating reduced the peak of core body temperature.
4 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit6 degrees.
\"In general, the exercise
The induction of core body temperature may lead to heat-
Related diseases such as heatstroke, \"said Eijsvogels.
Cooling strategy can not only improve performance, but also reduce heat-
Related diseases, he said.
At present, only a few elite athletes use cooling technology, mainly for sports such as racing, cycling, cross racing, football and hockey, he said.
He said that the ice vest was heavily worn during exercise and that most leisure practitioners were unable to access the ice slurry during the competition.
But he advocates wider use of these technologies outside of elite athletes, and new developments in cooling fabrics and gadgets may change this in the near future, he said.
\"The message to take home is that you want to know what you\'re doing-first of all, testing things that make sense based on science, and once you\'re sure that these are useful to you, you can succeed in real competition, \"said Lawson. SOURCE: bit.
British Journal of Sports Medicine, April 19, 2014.
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