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by:Mingfa Tech     2020-07-06
Soft Lighting LED lighting is great for bathrooms, but can be overpowering when you want to create a relaxed and tranquil atmosphere. Make sure that your bathroom lights are compatible with a dimmer switch so you can create a softer environment for a relaxing spa experience. Another option is to use milder light bulbs, which provide a warm glow and are ideal for soothing the mind. Warm Colours A fluorescent pink bathroom may look incredible, but warm, neutral colours are much better suited to creating your relaxing spa experience. Avoid the use of bright colours and try to create a natural atmosphere with cream, brown, blue and green. These colours evoke the natural world and give the illusion of being in a forest, in a woodland or just sitting by the sea... perfect for creating harmony with nature. Getting Wet There are a huge variety of different baths available to suit every person and every bathroom. It's now more affordable than ever to invest in a luxury whirlpool bath with water jets or a deep, free standing tub as the main focus of your new spa. If you prefer a shower, create a wet room with plenty of space and a large shower head which gives the amazing feeling of standing under a waterfall! Keeping Warm Nothing ruins that relaxing spa effect like being too cold. Under-floor heating is the best way to keep your feet warm as you dance across the room and you can keep your oversized towels and bath robes hot and cosy by leaving them on a conveniently located heated rail. Final Touches Like many things in life, it is the small final touches that really finish off an interior design project. To create that relaxed spa environment, use natural materials such as stone, granite and wood and keep away from plastics where possible. Adding a large potted plant, something tropical or leafy, or even something more exotic like a bamboo to your bathroom strengthens the natural atmosphere and can give a great impression. For obtaining the ultimate relaxation area, you can install a built-in sound system for some relaxing music or sound effects which will help to put all your troubles behind you. Lastly, don't forget to purchase some high quality bath and spa products and essential oils to make your own spa experience as authentic as possible!
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