EtraLED-4880 Modular Passive LED Star Heat Sink Φ48mm

by / Monday, 18 May 2015 / Published in EtraLED, LED Passive Heat Sinks, LED Star Heat Sinks

*Mechanical compatibility with direct mounting of the LED modules to the LED cooler and

thermal performance matching the lumen packages.
*For spotlight and downlight designs from 500 to 1800 lumen.
*Thermal resistance range Rth 3.6°C/W.
*Modular design with mounting holes foreseen for direct mounting of a wide range of LED modules and COB’s:
Zhaga Book 3: Tridonic,Stark SLE, Osram,PrevaLED Core Z3, LG,LEMWM, Philips Fortimo SLM, Vossloh-Schwabe LUGA Shop
Zhaga Book 11:LED holder: Citizen CLU024,Osarm SOLERIQ,……
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