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by:Mingfa Tech     2020-07-16
40 to 70% of your overall indoor grow costs go to electricity. There's the actual wattage costs to operate your bulb, but also the additional costs of venting heat out, and pumping A/C in. Not to mention high amp and current draw which can lead to expensive new transformers as your operation expands. IMPROVED YIELDS & GROW TIMES Initial test data is back and reports are showing faster grow times and improved yields - in part because induction lamps can be placed within 4 to 6 inches of the plant leaves with no burning.This means greater plant light absorption rate and a decreased inter-nodal gap.. Plus - the gas based technology allows you to 'tune in' to the full color spectrum and enhance the red and blue energy which is vital to plant growth. 12 YEAR BULB OPERATING LIFE Imagine the cost savings over time if you replaced your grow bulb once every decade instead of once every year. Induction grow lamps use gas-based induction technology. There is no filament to burn out. This means they can provide an operating life of 100,000 hours - that's nearly 25 years when in operating 12 hours a day - or almost 12 years at 24/7. LOW HEAT = REDUCED VENTING & A/C REQUIREMENTS LVD lamps emit significantly less heat than your existing HID or HPS. This means there is a greatly reduced requirement for venting, heat removal, and introduction of A/C. The surface temperature of induction lamps can be 400 degrees cooler than an HPS or MH bulb. ONE LAMP FOR BOTH VEG AND BLOOM No need to move plants, lamps or rooms. Our technology provides the full color spectrum, uvA and uvB and peaked red and blue spectral energy which are vital for both veg and bloom stages of growth. No need to change bulbs or location - just change your cycle time. ENERGY SPIKED REDS & BLUES Induction grow light manipulates the red and blue spectral energy in lamps to ensure that your plants received the maximum amounts of red and blue spectral rays which are vital for growth in both vegetative and grow and bloom phases.move plants. Plus - unlike most LED lights, LVD grow lamps provide uvA and uvB spectral energy - just like the sun.
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