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Does MingfaTech have agents in foreign countries?
At present, MingfaTech Manufacturing Limited requires agents who work overseas. We believe that brokers can help promote and increase the popularity of our heatsink cooler . Due to the imperfect sales system in foreign markets, we are still striving to achieve this great goal. As overseas business continues to expand, we urgently need to find reliable agents to assist us.

MingfaTech differentiates itself by providing premium cob led heatsink in China. We continue to work hard to meet the needs of the industry. MingfaTech has created a number of successful series, and smd heatsink is one of them. Because of the high levels of heat produced by Mingfa Tech cob led heatsink, the aluminum PCB board that contains a thin layer of dielectric that allows quicker heat dissipation is attached to printed boards. Its material is smooth-surfaced and has a thermal interface. The complete quality control system makes sure that this product is of high quality. This product is extruded from highly conductive aluminum.

With great ambition, Mingfa Tech aims to become the most competitive heat sink compound for led supplier. Inquire!
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